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Blog log from R11 of 2023: Gold Coast vs Western Bulldogs

Blog log for Gold Coast vs Western Bulldogs, R11 of 2023

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Ulge-Hagan roves on the HFF, turns and spots up English 30m out on the flank with Witts five yards off. English kicks across the face. (Q1 1:46)
Duryea forces a turnover in midfield, Williams passes to Scott 45m out on a slight angle and slots the first goal of a hot night in Darwin. (Q1 2:50)
Ugle-Hagan catches an off-balance Powell HTB 15m out in front, he converts. (Q1 4:52)
Williams sails through a snap from 45m on the flank, the Bulldogs have the jump in Darwin. (Q1 7:16)
Nine Suns have touched the footy and the Dogs are already three goals up. Ominous signs early. (Q1 9:38)
Davies’ dump kick to half back is roved by Dale who blazes wide. (Q1 10:25)
Powell is pinged for a block at a stoppage 25m out on the flank, Naughton shanks the kick OOTF. (Q1 13:35)
The Suns rebound coast to coast, Berry passes to King at the top of the square for the Suns’ first major. (Q1 14:02)
Swallow wobbles through a snap from a stoppage 20m out for a rare goal. (Q1 19:05)
Rowell hits the hotspot after the next bounce, Casboult provides the crumb for Ainsworth who snaps across his body for a fine goal. (Q1 20:33)
Ugle-Hagan bombs to the top of the square, Lobb taps down to Arthur Jones who gives outside to Smith, he does the rest off the right from 20m. (Q1 23:22)
Naughton gets a very lucky contact free on Ballard 45m out on a slight angle, that one misses. (Q1 26:32)
Lukosius has a moment on the wing after Duryea slips and coughs the ball up, he sees King in a two-on-one, he marks with Holman blocking Liam Jones, but misses from 25m. (Q1 32:07)
Repeat inside 50 from the kick in by Ballard is a short pass to Holman 40m out on a slight angle just before the QT siren. Holman does his late mum proud with a big goal. (Q1 33:12)
Humphrey kicks blind off the left from a stoppage on the HFF, the ball pitches behind King and sits up for Lukosius to volley home the go-ahead goal. (Q2 3:42)
Lobb clunks a contested grab in a pack with four big men 30m out on the flank, but his set shot skews right and OOTF off the behind post. (Q2 5:42)
Casboult hits the left goalpost with a very long soccer kick. (Q2 6:24)
Anderson fires a lovely handball from a pack on the HFF to Swallow who feeds Ainsworth for a kick to the square, O’Brien overcommits to leave Lukosius to kick the easiest of goals. (Q2 9:42)
Bontempelli runs inside from a stoppage on outer wing and delivers a lovely long pass over Andrew to his man Ugle-Hagan in the pocket 25m out, but the set shot is wide left. (Q2 15:07)
Long’s dump kick is intercepted by O’Brien, he goes to the pocket for Ugle-Hagan to mark in front of Collins 35m out… and miss again. (Q2 17:16)
O’Brien turns the ball over by foot on the rebound, Ainsworth is on the boundary 20m out and tries a soccer-style cross, Lukosius volleys home from the line for his third! (Q2 23:18)
Humphrey kicks long to the wing from the hotspot where Lukosius juggles the mark in front of his man O’Brien. He shoots for his fourth of the quarter… it’s good! (Q2 26:08)
The Suns go from zero free kicks for the game to two in the space of ten seconds, ending with King 40m out on the flank who misses. (Q2 28:43)
Lobb misses a long set shot. (Q3 1:30)
Daniel catches Powell HTB at the hotspot with a spinning tackle and delivers a straight set shot. (Q3 3:40)
Ainsworth marks just inside true CHF and kicks OOTF. (Q3 5:55)
Naughton marks a long Scott ball from the HFF over Ballard in the square for his first goal, Ballard appealing for a free but no dice. (Q3 10:36)
Holman kicks from a pack in the pocket to the corridor for King to mark 20m out for his second goal. (Q3 15:31)
Atkins feeds Rosas for a quick snap from 20m in the pocket that helicopters into the left goalpost. (Q3 17:32)
Anderson dumps a kick up the wing but King has two on him, Liam Jones intercepts and delivers a quick, long pass to Ugle-Hagan 45m out in front for the counter-attack goal. (Q3 20:11)
Berry misses a tough snap from the boundary 20m out. (Q3 21:34)
Lukosius gives forward to Holman who tries to outrun the Dog defenders from 55m, gets caught as he grubbers from 30m and would have got a free but the goal skids through anyway. (Q3 25:18)
Two Dogs fall over at half back to allow Fiorini to crumb with ease, he goes to the hotspot where Lukosius marks over Gardner for goal number five. (Q3 27:56)
Weightman has been very quiet since returning from injury let alone tonight, but he marks a Lobb pass 30m out on a slight angle just before the 3QT siren and goals. (Q3 31:31)
Weightman feeds Arthur Jones for a snap from deep in the pocket 20m out which is narrow. (Q4 0:24)
Holman feeds a flat-footed Rowell 40m out on a slight angle, Rowell has been BOG so far and he cements his credential with a fine snap for a goal! (Q4 4:17)
Anderson feeds Holman from a pack at CHF but his snap is OOTF to the left. (Q4 7:25)
Scott feeds Smith for a snap off a step from 45m in the corridor that flies wide right. (Q4 11:28)
Lots of activity in this game as there often is in Darwin, but not much in the way of clean skills with humid conditions and a very slippery ball. (Q4 11:28)
Weightman misses a long snap from the HFF. (Q4 12:46)
Ainsworth is pinged very harshly for encroachment to bring Williams from forward of the wing to the top of the square for a charity goal. Classic #freekickbulldogs. (Q4 15:27)
Powell is pinged very harshly for contact on Weightman as they chase a loose ball on the wing, kick goes to Ugle-Hagan 40m out on a slight angle who converts. (Q4 19:28)
Weightman simulates to draw a simply wrong free kick for nothing against Long 25m out on the flank, he kicks the goal. Dogs being given this game. (Q4 21:48)
5:46 to go and the Bulldogs are a point behind. Enough time for some more rubbish free kicks to win it. (Q4 22:18)
Farrar jets ahead of a tired Dale to the HFF and tries to kit Lukosius running to the square but misses him for a point. (Q4 26:46)
Kick in to the square comes straight back in for the Suns, Humphrey roves King’s contest in the pocket and delivers a Daicos special from 20m, the kid is legit! (Q4 26:46)
2:31 to play and Gold Coast deserve this game, they might just hold on at this rate. (Q4 27:28)
Naughton roves Bontempelli’s kick to half forward and snaps across his body very high, bounces in the square with a huge off break and into the flag on the goalpost, review, point! (Q4 29:18)
The umps may be against them but the footy gods are blowing trumpets for the Suns. (Q4 30:05)
The Suns play tempo to burn the clock for a massive win! (Q4 31:18)

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