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Blog log from R7 of 2023: Melbourne vs North Melbourne

Blog log for Melbourne vs North Melbourne, R7 of 2023

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Petracca squares it up for Chandler who has space on Hall to stop, prop and slot the first goal of the game!
Oliver handballs forward to Fritsch who plays on around the body to slot another goal for the Demons!
Fritsch outmarks Logue and slots his second goal of the quarter as things already look bad for the Roos! (Q1 7:52)
Pickett gets on the end of an underground handpass and spots his chance as he boots it goalward from 50! Max shepherds it through as it’s 4 straight for Melbourne! (Q1 11:17)
Sparrow beats out McDonald to mark about 35m out on a slight angle. He puts through goal number 5 for Melbourne! (Q1 13:24)
We have a break in play as Charlie Comben is stretchered off after a nasty leg injury (Q1 15:37)
Grundy gets a holding free which becomes a 50m penalty after Cunnington kicks after the whistle. He walks to 15 out and pops it through to continue to carnage in the quarter! (Q1 27:22)
Zurhaar takes a strong grab in the square and finally gets North on the board with a goal! (Q1 30:22)
Schache sends the ball down towards Fritsch who marks in the pocket. His kick soars high above the posts, necessitating a review but eventually it’s deemed a goal for his third! (Q1 35:22)
Pickett slots his second goal, and the eighth goal for Melbourne in the first quarter! (Q1 36:23)
Gawn dumps a ball forward and it gets past everyone as it rolls over the line! But a review is called and it’s called a behind after the ball comes off Van Rooyen’s hair! (Q1 38:55)
Stephenson catches Sparrow high on the wing, but pleads his case to Rayzor Ray. He’s having none of it and calls for 2 50m penalties, as Sparrow pops through a goal! (Q2 2:59)
Viney is caught high by Hall 40m out on the flank, his kick is online but drops short and is punched over (Q2 10:29)
Petracca intercepts in the middle of the ground and Melbourne work it to the pocket where Chandler is waiting. A simple set shot and Kade has 2! (Q2 12:05)
Tucker wears the body contact from Lever as he marks 40m out in front, but he hangs the ball to the right for a behind (Q2 18:07)
A quick turnover sees the Roos pounce through Goldstein, as the ball ends up with Larkey who has enough time to take a step and put through the second goal for North (Q2 19:20)
Sparrow hits up Petracca on the lead 45 out in front, he hangs it out left but it bends back right and he slots the goal! (Q2 21:29)
McDonald is caught slacking by Neal-Bullen on the last line of defence, stripping him of the ball and slamming through a goal with passion! (Q2 24:28)
Scott sends it towards the goal square on the outside of his boot, but it’s easily tapped over for a behind (Q2 27:45)
Zurhaar tries to snap through a goal, but misses right (Q2 29:15)
Pickett blasts forward from the centre square, dumping a kick forward from 55 out. Fritsch is able to put the shepherd on as the ball bounces through! (Q2 30:00)
Petracca inexplicably has space after a forward stoppage and snaffles up the loose ball before slamming through a goal! (Half Time)
Van Rooyen kicks to the pack inside 50, where Fritsch’s mark is spoiled by Hall, there’s no follow up though as Fritsch is allowed to gather, snap and goal for his fourth! (Q3 7:31)
Larkey kicks a nice goal from the pocket on a tough angle, as he snags his second! (Q3 9:46)
A free kick is plucked out by the umpires which allows Zurhaar to pop through his second goal of the game! Back to back goals for North (Q3 14:07)
Petracca emerges from congestion with the ball and tries to snap through a high goal, but hooks it left for a behind (Q3 18:47)
North get a slingshot counter attack going through Logue, who hits up Zurhaar with a loopy handball. Zurhaar runs to 35, but misses to the left (Q3 21:47)
Chandler’s sweeping kick finds Van Rooyen in the pocket, who nails the difficult drop punt and gets his name on the goal sheet, bringing up the ton for Melbourne! (Q3 22:47)
Goldstein tries to snap one from a set shot in the pocket, but keeps it really skinny for a point (Q3 26:31)
Stephenson squares it up from a set shot deep in the pocket, but it’s tapped over easily for a behind (Q3 28:20)
A Petracca smother on a Hall kick rolls through for a behind (Q4 0:34)
Petracca hits up the lead of Gawn and he marks 35 out, but misses to the left (Q4 4:10)
Pickett pops a ball inside 50, 2 Demons go for it, but it’s Petracca who marks, and Petracca who goals! (Q4 6:28)
Viney snags himself a goal as the space opens up inside 50, getting his name on the board (Q4 9:28)
Larkey marks a Shiels kick as he looks for his third goal, but misses badly to the left (Q4 11:07)
Melbourne rush forward and there’s just too much space out the back. Pickett kicks to Chandler who is allowed to run around on the mark and goal! Someone say witches hats? (Q4 15:08)
Schache wins a free kick against Goldstein who didn’t make a meaningful attempt to dispose of the ball. It’s truly junk time, but he kicks his first goal as a Demon nonetheless! (Q4 15:38)
Jake Bowey has at least 10m of space around him on the forward 50 arc, and receives the ball before running inside and helping himself to a goal! (Q4 15:38)
Grundy stands tall as everyone falls down in the square, cashing in with his second goal! (Q4 15:38)
Zurhaar cuts the margin back to 102 points as he slots his third goal after Gawn gives away a high free kick! (Q4 25:29)
Shiels marks and goals to bring the margin under 100! Just over a minute left for Melbourne to get it back (Q4 28:14)
Cunnington completes the comeback as he slots a goal on the siren! Last 3 goals for North to cap off a shocking night. (Full Time)

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