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Blog log from R6 of 2023: Carlton vs St Kilda

Blog log for Carlton vs St Kilda, R6 of 2023

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Wood hooks a high ball inside 50 from the flank, and it’s Membrey who rises to take the mark 20m out in front. His kick is off to the right though (Q1 3:50)
Umpire pings Battle for a jumper hold on Charlie Curnow, with the Carlton tall lining up from 40m out on an angle, he also sprays it right (Q1 5:50)
Owens dumps Pittonet in a tackle up at a forward stoppage which allows Clark to grab the ball and snap through the first goal of the game! (Q1 7:00)
Honey puts a great tackle on Stocker and it’s Silvagni who is there to collect and snap a response through from the pocket! (Q1 9:48)
McKay marks in the pocket but kicks back to Hewett on a favourable angle, he decides to give to Silvagni on the run, and he blasts it wide from 45 out (Q1 14:01)
A downfield free kick is awarded to McKay who out-marks Howard regardless 45m out on the flank. He starts the kick out right but it curls back through the big sticks! (Q1 20:41)
Honey feeds a handpass to Fisher who snaps around the body instantly, it’s on-line but Wanganeen-Milera is able to get a hand on it (Q1 22:44)
Gresham spots a double lead by Membrey and Marhsall, but it’s Marshall who gets in front to mark 30m out in the pocket. He slices the kick through the middle! (Q1 23:31)
Battle is pinged again trying to stop Curnow and this time Charlie makes no mistake as he pops it through from 25m out! (Q1 25:56)
Crouch flicks a handball out to Wood who throws it on his left boot and snags himself a goal! (Q1 27:31)
Charlie Curnow tries to dribble through a goal but the bounce is unkind and it’s handled over (Q1 29:46)
Gresham dumps the ball on his left boot in a rush and it floats off to the left for a point (Q1 30:41)
McKay pulls out of a contest which allows Cripps to run in uncontested and mark 25m out on a slight angle, but he slides it out left (Q2 1:24)
Butler roves a forward contest to pounce on the crumb and pinch a goal! (Q2 6:18)
The Curnow’s combine as Charlie cops high contact after an entry inside 50 by Ed. Curnow snaps it through from 25m out in the pocket! (Q2 8:34)
Ross feeds the ball to Butler as he runs past, Butler dribbling through a bouncing goal for his second in the quarter! (Q2 9:53)
Battle gives away a silly 50m penalty on the wing and Charlie Curnow rolls forward to snap through his second goal of the quarter as well! (Q2 11:18)
Steele having a horror show against Cripps as he catches him high 45m out. Thankfully for him Cripps can’t convert as his kick hangs out to the right (Q2 13:55)
Membrey wears the contact from Acres to drag a mark down on the goal-line. Membrey snaps it through! (Q2 18:18)
Steele slashes a high ball towards goal, it slides across the face and Byrnes takes it over trying to mark (Q2 22:15)
Durdin roves a McKay contest and has plenty of space in front to burst forward and snap a bullet through the middle of the goals! (Q2 25:54)
Newman places a ball out in front of McKay and he takes a strong mark. His kick is unconvincing though and it wobbles out left (Q2 27:30)
Gresham pinches a Cowan handpass and snaps blindly at goal, but it soars right through the middle to kick off the second half! (Q3 1:30)
Motlop snatches up the loose ball and spots Cerra running from midfield. Cerra marks and plays on to get the lead back with a goal! (Q3 3:07)
Charlie Curnow snaps at goal with a low grubber, but it rolls wide for a point (Q3 3:46)
Butler plays on from the flank to centre the ball down to Membrey. It goes to ground and Owens gets the barest of touches on the ball to jag a goal! (Q3 6:31)
Silvagni draws a 50m penalty against Wilkie and walks to 20m out in front as a result. But the ball don’t lie as he shanks it out left! (Q3 10:28)
Sinclair pops a short kick in the direction of Cordy who takes an easy mark 30m out. He guides it home to extend the lead! (Q3 13:07)
Sinclair and Cordy combine again inside 50, but this time the angle is not favourable to Cordy and he slices it wide as it’s handled over (Q3 16:09)
McKay deals with Howard again to take an unlikely mark in the pocket, but his set shot cannons into the post (Q3 18:31)
Cowan is pinged for dragging it in and Butler gets the free kick as a result. He lines up from 35m out, but his kick slides past the post for a behind (Q3 21:30)
Hill kicks cleverly to Higgins and Cordy who are somehow both in space, and it’s the small forward who takes the mark. He sneaks this one past the post for a goal! (Q3 22:32)
St Kilda are away out of defence and there’s acres of space for the forwards to run into. The ball ends up in the hands of Butler who slots his 3rd goal from 35m out in front! (Q3 25:07)
Wilkie ends up on the forward flank and takes a mark 45m out. A rare chance for the defender, but he sprays it wide (Q3 29:32)
Silvagni receives a free kick for holding as Carlton move out from the middle, A must-kick goal, and Silvagni converts from the pocket! (Q4 1:07)
Wood and Owens combine on the wing, Owens spots a vacant goal-square and smashes a ball in that direction from 55m out, one bounce and it’s through for a goal! (Q4 4:41)
Membrey snaps at goal from near 50m out, but it slides across the face for a point (Q4 6:18)
Silvagni wears a high one from Crouch and gets another free kick deep in the pocket. Silvagni bends it back too early however for a behind (Q4 9:59)
Kennedy gives away a silly 50m penalty that allows Marshall to kick from 55m out. He opens the angle, but hooks it wide in the process (Q4 17:15)
Acres concedes an unlucky out of bounds call which allows Windhager to line up in the pocket. His snap slams into the post though (Q4 21:14)
Honey’s set shot falls short and it’s tapped over for a behind (Q4 23:53)

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