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Blog log from R4 of 2023: Essendon vs Western Sydney

Blog log for Essendon vs Western Sydney, R4 of 2023

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Daniels roves a Hogan contest inside 50 and handballs to the passing Kelly who dribbles through a bouncing goal to kick off proceedings! (Q1 2:00)
Daniels marks on the 50 and quickly kicks to Hogan in a 1 on 1, Zerk-Thatcher takes Hogan out of the contest, but the ball rolls through for a goal anyway! (Q1 4:00)
Draper takes a tumbling pack mark 45m out on a slight angle, but his kick is a weird reverse banana-checkside hybrid that goes to the pocket! (Q1 6:04)
Stringer lurks outside a forward stoppage and a slight tap from Caldwell gets the ball to him, Stringer snaps, and Stringer goals! (Q1 6:41)
The Bombers burst out of the middle and the ball gets to Weideman, he handballs quickly to Caldwell who runs forward and snaps through a behind (Q1 7:49)
Jones takes a strong contested mark, but the umpire calls play on as everyone stops, Jones quickly handballs to Caldwell who snaps again, but it thuds into the post (Q1 8:30)
Weideman combines with Caldwell again who wastes another chance, blowing it wide out on the full (Q1 9:14)
Stringer quickly gets the ball from the contest and snaps instantly, the ball floating high, but to the right (Q1 12:14)
Davey collects on centre wing and takes a bounce as the noise from the crowd rises, he kicks from 40 out, but it falls short and is handled over (Q1 16:00)
Langford kicks low and strong to Setterfield who marks 35 out on a slight angle, but he can’t complete the set shot (Q1 16:59)
McGrath tunnels the ball inside 50 and Phillips takes a strong mark against two! But Phillips kicks as ruckmen do, spraying it wide from 15m out in front (Q1 20:00)
Shiel puts a move on at half forward, running inside 50 he sends it to the pack, but it’s spoiled over the line (Q1 21:00)
Ward jabs a short kick to Coniglio who marks on the lead 45m out. His kick is good and he knows it as he runs back to the middle! (Q1 23:57)
The Bombers dash along the wing through Menzie who gets it to Martin who in turn spots Stringer in a good position. Stringer fumbles, fends off, and dribbles through a point (Q1 26:26)
Davey collects a loose ball up forward, he darts around before passing to Martin on the run who snaps through a much needed goal for the Bombers! (Q1 28:13)
Greene pumps a long ball to the square, Himmelberg lurks in the pocket and drops Laverde to then rise and take a strong mark at the top of the square. A simple kick and goal! (Q1 30:27)
Riccardi invents a weird dribbler to Hogan who then taps it to Ward, to Daniels and back to Hogan who kicks it into the post (Q2 1:40)
Buckley roams forward to find Ward inside 50. Ward kicks from 40m out, but he misses (Q2 2:39)
Redman receives on the wing and has it all to himself as he sizes up the entry inside 50. His kick to Stringer is still poor though as he gathers the spilled ball and snaps a point (Q2 7:39)
Greene takes a sliding mark that is initially called as touch before being overruled. Greene runs in from 35 out, and misses badly to the right (Q2 9:06)
Greene spots Daniels in space inside 50 and heads that way. Daniels marks, and hits the post (Q2 12:43)
Redman’s handball to Ridley is cut off by Ward in contentious fashion, but Ward pounces on the error and dribbles through a goal from nothing! (Q2 13:04)
Lloyd thumps a long one to the pack, Draper rises but fumbles the mark and Greene is there to pinch the goal from the spilled ball! (Q2 16:22)
Setterfield kicks inside 50 after a messy centre bounce and it finds the chest of Langford who has moved forward. Langford’s kick gets home by the skin of it’s teeth! (Q2 18:40)
Jones takes a sliding mark to grab a Phillips kick on the 50. Jones starts the kick left, but it bends back to the right for a behind (Q2 21:55)
Draper gets in his stride and GWS can’t stop him as he takes a powerful mark! The kick belies the effort though, as he misses left (Q2 22:49)
Ward gives it everything from 50m out but it falls short and goes through off hands for a behind (Q2 25:41)
Perkins recovers after an errant handpass to intercept and shovel it to Jones who marks 45 out. He kicks to Menzie in the pocket who marks before snapping the ball out wide (Q2 27:23)
Parish kicks to Menzie deep but Idun is there to thump it over for a behind (Half Time)
Menzie gets a handball away to Merett as he’s tackled, Merrett snaps and goals to kick off the second half! (Q3 2:02)
Draper pumps it to the square and the ball spills, Draper and Menzie try to soccer it through, but it ends up rolling over for a point off Menzie (Q3 3:20)
Draper and Redman both go for a mark and neither can hold onto it, it’s Greene who gathers and then cops it high from Laverde. Greene lines up from 45, but misses right (Q3 4:59)
Josh Kelly misses the lot from 40 out on the run (Q3 6:48)
Langford powers through a tackle to get the ball to Stringer who just snaps wildly, adding another behind to his tally (Q3 7:45)
Shiel marks and tries to sell some candy as he gets it to Caldwell who just blasts it at goal ignoring Stringer, who has his arms up as Caldwell misses left (Q3 11:04)
Davey gathers a loose ball inside 50 and pokes it to Stringer who is waiting outside the goal square. Stringer marks, steadies, and finally gets that second goal! (Q3 13:17)
Rowston and Stone combine on the wing, Stone kicking to no one inside 50, but Ward slides through to make the kick look good. Ward slots the goal from 35 out to retake the lead! (Q3 15:02)
Menzie puts in some good work at half forward to enable Martin who runs to 50 and kicks to the square. Langford applies the shepherd and the ball rolls over for a goal! (Q3 16:45)
Draper taps it to Perkins who breaks through the tackle and snaps at goal, but ends the small run of goals with a behind (Q3 18:14)
Greene scans inside 50 and spots Himmelberg with the mismatch on Kelly. Himmelberg marks and goals from 30m out in front (Q3 21:13)
Zerk-Thatcher can’t get a clean handball away and Himmelberg snatches it and gives to the running Josh Kelly who streams into an open goal to kick his second! (Q3 22:43)
Kelly blasts from range this time, but he sprays it wide and Zerk-Thatcher handles it over (Q3 23:11)
Martin tries to sneak through a goal with a dribbler, but it misses to the left (Q3 25:02)
Draper pumps it to the pocket and the ball goes to ground. Davey tries to invent something, but can’t under pressure and kicks a behind from close range
(Q3 26:15)
Ash finds himself on Draper and all he can do is grab the arm of the Essendon ruck, giving away a free at the top of the square. Draper converts and the scores are somehow level! (Q3 27:48)
Durham and Merett combine on the forward flank and it’s Redman who roams forward to collect the handpass and kick a big goal from 50! (Q3 30:03)
Caldwell pounces on a lazy handball from Idun and gets it to Perkins who is streaming past. Perkins slots the goal to start the final term! (Q4 2:18)
Redman weaves through traffic and starts the attack from defence. Menzie lopes down the wing and kicks to Stringer who dominates Cumming to mark. Stringer converts for his third! (Q4 3:48)
Stringer gets it from Perkins and lets loose the barrel from 55 meters out! It’s an ugly thing but it soars through the big sticks as Essendon surge! (Q4 6:24)
Heppell runs onto a spilled ball and gets it to Stringer who is feeling it so far this quarter! he snaps at goal and Davey lets it go, but it hits the inside of the post (Q4 8:19)
Lloyd takes a strong diving mark, but his kick fades to the left and hits the post as the home crowd jeers (Q4 11:15)
Merett marks and turns onto his left peg from 50m out, it slides past the goalpost, but after a review EDGE overturns the goal
(Q4 13:21)
GWS surge down the wing through Hamilton, Hogan marks well on the 50 and then kicks to Riccardi in the pocket. Riccardi has to kick this goal, but he curls it wide for a behind (Q4 15:54)
Hamilton’s kick for Ward is too heavy, Caldwell screens for Stringer who just wobbles the ball goal-ward for another behind (Q4 20:33)
Kennedy gathers in the pocket and hooks it back inside 50 where Greene takes a tumbling mark. He plays on quickly knowing time is the enemy and goals! (Q4 22:19)
Lloyd and Greene provide the slick movement and get the ball down to Himmelberg in the square who marks and goals quickly! (Q4 23:57)

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