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Blog log from R2 of 2023: Brisbane vs Melbourne

Blog log for Brisbane vs Melbourne, R2 of 2023

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Bailey snaps the first goal of the night from a ball in to 20m out. (Q1 1:28)
Harmes passes to McDonald at the hotspot after Starcevich burns the ball by foot kicking across half back. McDonald kicks truly. (Q1 3:34)
Dunkley releases Berry to run from the next centre bounce, Hunter corrals rather than tackles so Berry runs to CHF and roosts a big goal! (Q1 5:39)
Oliver is front and centre for a long ball to the top of the square but he misses under a tackle. (Q1 9:24)
Rayner marks 45m out on a slight angle and delivers a lovely set shot to give the Demons an early lead. (Q1 11:59)
Cameron has two Dees to beat going back for a Gunston ball tot he square but Lever smashes it for a rushed behind. (Q1 15:29)
McKenna passes to Gunston in the pocket who goes back to McKLenna 40m out on the flank, who misses. (Q1 18:34)
Zorko snaps his first goal from a stoppage near the hotspot. (Q1 21:04)
Rivers is pinged for a tackle over the shoulder on Ashcroft 40m out in front. The second-gamer converts that with professionalism. (Q1 24:30)
McInerney beats the new backup ruck McDonald in the air to mark 40m out on the flank. Oscar gives it the big O, and the G, A and L too! (Q1 26:25)
Daniher grabs the ball out of ruck at the hotspot and snaps a wobbler that just gets over the line in time! (Q1 28:04)
Berry intercepts behind the wing and switches to the centre, the Lions work it to the opposite flank 35m out for Gunston without a Demon getting near it. Gunston tugs it OOTF. (Q2 3:33)
Spargo’s set shot from 40m on the flank is short and rushed. (Q2 7:45)
Cameron has two one him in the pocket and kicks to the square, plenty of blokes there, eventually Gunston misses under a tackle from the behind line. (Q2 9:08)
Not much scoreboard activity this quarter after the Lions exploded out of the blocks. (Q2 11:32)
Hunter passes to Brown 40m out on the flank who trots in and converts. (Q2 12:39)
Rayner runs through the centre circle and passes to the lead of Cameron 40m out on a slight angle. Charlie hasn’t done much this year so far… he starts the John Denver singalong. (Q2 17:46)
Bailey thieves a pressured Brayshaw handball deep in attack and gets slung around the neck, Daniher plays on to advantage into the open goal. (Q2 19:18)
Dunkley’s tackle causes a spillage deep in the pocket 20m out, Neale tries a skidding soccer kick… spins into the post. (Q2 21:01)
Brown roves on the flank 35m out and and rolls a lovely finish off the right boot off a few steps. (Q2 22:07)
We are nearing HT and Oliver and Petracca have one clearance between them. (Q2 25:07)
Gunston again sprays a set shot from the HFF. (Q2 27:54)
Fritsch marks a Spargo pass 45m out on the flank in the last minute before HT. He kicks just lo9ng and straight enough. (Q2 31:04)
Daniher kicks out of a stoppage at the hotspot towards the square, volley from the right boot of Cameron would have made a Socceroo proud! (Q3 1:24)
Lever spoils McCluggage’s kick to Cameron 25m out but straight down to Bailey who tumbles through another one. (Q3 3:14)
Ashcroft tries a snap off a step deep in the pocket 25m out but wobbles it into the post. (Q3 5:58)
McKenna is involved twice in a handball chain from outer wing to CHF, ending with him feeding Zorko for a running goal. (Q3 8:39)
Chandler has Fritsch over the back on a fast rebound from the last line to stroll into the open goal. (Q3 12:11)
Sparrow misses a set shot from 50m on a slight angle. (Q3 16:00)
The Lions stuff around with it on the wing and turn it over, Brown draws a free on Joyce 50m out on a slight angle but doesn’t score. (Q3 24:10)
Bowey roves a loose rebound kick to grass on the HFF and pumps it in hard and low, off hands and over the back for Neal-Bullen to storm onto for the goal. (Q3 25:39)
McCarthy juggles a mark in a pack at the hotspot, he hasn’t done much tonight but he has a chance to just about put the game to bed here. He kicks straight. (Q3 27:41)
Zorko passes to Daniher who boots his third goal from 20m in the pocket. The game is done now. (Q3 27:41)
Hipwood passes to Daniher on the boundary 20m out, set up for his left boot and he screws it through for goal number four. (Q3 27:41)
Cameron baulks out of a phonebox in the pocket and centres to the hotspot for Daniher who misses. (Q4 5:29)
Ashcroft soccers from a pack to the HFF where Petty holds to give away a free to Daniher 45m out. Daniher misses again with a drop punt. (Q4 6:59)
Hunter is over the back of a Brown contest to crumb a long Oliver speculator for a junk time goal from 15m. (Q4 9:48)
Um… the lights have just gone out. (Q4 12:27)
Power outage in one half of the ground! Small amount of lights on in one pocket but otherwise it’s just phones. (Q4 13:29)
Three of the four light towers are on but the players are off for the moment. We wait for word from the bullet-sweating officials. (Q4 24:00)
Players are jogging back on and they will go through a warmup before recommencement. (Q4 39:00)
A few minutes away from a restart. (Q4 45:00)
We are back with a ball up in midfield and 11:55 of junk time left to play… but for some reason we are still waiting.
(Q4 49:26)
Thumbs up from the sidelines by the officials and the umps blow the whistle, finally. We restart. (Q4 50:43)
Rayner’s pressured dump kick lands in the arms of Fritsch 30m out on the flank, who kicks OOTF. (Q4 52:31)
Hunter smothers and butters up to feed Fritsch who snaps across the body from the same spot as his last attempt, this one falls in. (Q4 54:01)
Dunkley misses a flying snap off the left from 40m in front. (Q4 56:02)
Petracca has Brown over the back to waltz into an open goal on the end of a long rebound. (Q4 61:22)
Chandler sails through a junk time special from the boundary 25m out. (Q4 62:33)
Oliver marks 45m out on a slight angle and kicks another goal for the Demons. Three kicks behind, 2:27 to go. Surely not!? (Q4 65:03)
Sparrow goes long to the teeth of goal, Brown turns rover to kick another for Melbourne! Two kicks in it, 1:45 to play! (Q4 67:01)
Viney gets a moment inside 50 but misses his handball and the moment is lost. (Q4 68:30)
Fritsch misses a snap from near the hotspot just before the final siren, Lions hang on! (Full Time)

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