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Blog log from PF of 2022: Sydney vs Collingwood

Blog log for Sydney vs Collingwood, PF of 2022

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Rowbottom checksides across the face from a stopage 25m out in the pocket. (Q1 1:21)
Nick Daicos’ kick in to the wing is turned over, Parker plays on to advantage and rams through the first goal of the evening from 50m on a slight angle! (Q1 2:15)
Ginnivan earns a high contact free on Stephens with an arm raise, no duck though. He shoots from 45m near the boundary, but doesn’t score. (Q1 4:45)
Reid goes to the square where Hayward can’t mark, two Pies waiting for the crumb but it sits up for Stephens to volley home! (Q1 8:10)
Mihocek gives away 50 under the stand rule to bring Hickey to the centre, he goes to 20m out where Franklin provides the crumb for Clarke to snap Sydney’s third off the right. (Q1 11:55)
Another long ball to Franklin, Maynard spoils this time, the crumb sits up on the goal line, did McDonald get a boot to it in time? Review… quickly called a behind. (Q1 14:19)
Papley marks a Warner pass in front of Quaynor 50m out on a slight angle, plenty of options present but he doesn’t look like he wants to pass… his set shot is a boomer, big goal! (Q1 17:00)
Hoskin-Elliott roves a pack 20m out in the pocket and snaps as he falls off the right… that’s the goal Collingwood needed! (Q1 22:56)
McCreery gets a chance to run free to half forward, he has Johnson over the back but misses him with the kick and Sydney rebounds. (Q1 25:41)
Elliott marks a Cameron tumbler 25m out on a slight angle and converts, Pies getting repeat inside 50s now. (Q1 26:51)
Warner roves a Nick Daicos handball in the pocket, baulks and screws a kick towards Franklin… bounces near the behind post then rolls past Buddy’s contest for a goal! (Q1 28:41)
Crisp bursts out the front of the next centre bounce, all the forwards lead but he tries his luck to an empty goalsquare… it skids through! (Q1 29:41)
After Maynard bumps McInerney high off the ball on outer wing to give away a silly free, Reid takes a pack mark in the pocket 25m out and curls through the goal. (Q1 32:52)
McInerney sizzles a pass to Franklin in front of Maynard 40m out in front. QT siren sounds, Buddy misses. (Q1 34:36)
The Magpies handball their way through CHF after the first centre bounce of Q2, Elliott is on the end of it to snap his second goal off the left from the hotspot! (Q2 0:44)
Franklin beats Maynard to mark a Warner centre clearance kick to the hotspot to boot his first goal. (Q2 1:59)
Clarke spins out of a Murphy tackle and passes to Reid on the HFF, he goes to Gulden in the pocket 25m out who misses. (Q2 5:52)
Blakey is pinged for a block on Cameron going for a long Sidebottom speculator to the flank 30m out. Cameron slots it, continuing Collingwood’s excellent forward efficiency. (Q2 7:51)
Papley misses a snap across the body from the stoppage after a stoppage. (Q2 10:30)
Blakey is pinged for another block to keep a Pie rebound alive, Ginnivan passes to McCreery who goals from 45m in front. Collingwood just can not miss! (Q2 11:33)
Centre clearance Sydney, Franklin marks on the lead 45m out in the corridor and strokes through his second goal. (Q2 13:30)
Murphy spoils a centring ball to Franklin but the crumb falls to the square where Rowbottom runs into the open goal! (Q2 15:15)
Hoskin-Elliott passes to McCreery 40m out in the corridor after the Pies boss a stoppage behind centre, he kicks another long set shot goal. (Q2 22:07)
Warner marks and misses from mid-range. (Q2 24:46)
Papley is brought from the wing to the top of the goalsquare after Noble is pinged 50 for timewasting, he converts. (Q2 26:12)
Rowbottom clears from the next centre bounce, Heeney marks easily in front of Noble 40m out in the corridor, he kicks truly. Sydney piling on scoring shots. (Q2 28:07)
The story of this game so far is that Sydney play Collingwood’s gameplan better than the Magpies, especially at the SCG. (Q2 29:05)
Josh Daicos passes short to Elliott 50m out on a slight angle, he plays on and tugs the snap wide left. (Q2 31:10)
Pendlebury wins the first centre clearance of Q3, Josh Daicos hits the hotspot where Cameron marks in front of Tom McCartin and shanks it right for a point. (Q3 0:54)
Fox marks 40m out on the flank and just misses. (Q3 2:44)
Paddy McCartin intercepts a Nick Daicos kick in on the wing and sends it long and high to the hotspot… McDonald’s first touch of the game is a mark in front of the pack and goal! (Q3 3:21)
Ginnivan provides interference on Rampe to allow Elliott to mark a Crisp pass to the hotspot, but the set shot is poor and to the left, home crowd roars the behind. (Q3 7:09)
Stephens is pinged for HTB just as he had broken clear and kicked away, red hot as the ump pays 50m to bring Nick Daicos from wing to 30m out, he converts. (Q3 10:05)
McInerney anticipates a slow kick across half back by Moore to Howe, he has a paddock to run into and bounces all the way into the open goal! (Q3 13:05)
Papley just misses an unlikely high snap from the pocket. (Q3 14:33)
Josh Daicos has had a quiet night like his brother but he also makes the scoresheet with a snap around the corner off the right from the hotspot following a stoppage. (Q3 18:45)
Pendlebury gallops up the wing ahead of Hickey on a fast rebound and passes to Ginnivan 45m out in front. Gini looks dubious, but he tries his luck and nails it! (Q3 22:33)
Warner screws a centring kick from a stoppage on the HFF, Heeney juggles the mark just before the 3QT siren. Heeney shoots from just left of the hotspot… hoofs it right, point. (Q3 31:11)
The Magpies surge the footy around outer wing through plenty of Swans traffic, every contest won to get the thing forward, Bianco gets the chance and rams through the goal from 25! (Q4 8:09)
Josh Daicos misses a pressured snap from deep in the pocket. (Q4 10:31)
Kreuger runs down the flank ahead of Mills for a snap from 30m but sprays it right. (Q4 13:50)
Papley has two Pies on him for a long speculator, Moore fals over in front and Quaynor can’t spoil, he juggles the mark 20m out and boots the big goal, crowd going mad! (Q4 16:05)
Murphy gets back just in time to touch through a Gulden snap over the shoulder from 40m on a slight angle. (Q4 17:33)
Repeat inside 50s now piling up for Sydney, Heeney marks a Paddy McCartin pass in front of Quaynor 45m out on the flank and doesn’t score. (Q4 19:15)
7:30 to go and four kicks the difference, Sydney owning territory, looking grim for Pie fans. (Q4 19:49)
McDonald is pinged for insufficient intent, Hoskin-Elliott hits the top of the square… Mihocek takes the big pack grab and goals! (Q4 22:28)
5:25 to go and three kicks in it. The impossible dream is still alive. (Q4 22:48)
Cameron catches Parker HTB after the next centre bounce, but Gulden catches Elliott HTB to prevent the Pies getting another score from stoppage. (Q4 24:30)
Josh Daicos runs up members wing and sees Hoskin-Elliott in a one on one with Lloyd, no mark but WHE roves himself and screws through the massive goal from 40m! (Q4 25:30)
4:01 and two kicks in it now, Pies are doing it again! (Q4 25:40)
Cameron tumbles a chaos ball to the teeth of goal, FLorent receives on the last line but Mihocek’s dive forces him to tumble it to Sidebottom who kicks another massive goal! (Q4 28:15)
Collingwood back within a kick, 2:42. Amazing. (Q4 28:25)
Josh Daicos kicks long to the hotspot, crumb falls over the back and Blakey is there to rush it. Two points in it, 2:18. (Q4 28:59)
Warner tries a checkside to a contest on the wing and it’s Franklin who beats Maynard to mark and start some tempo… (Q4 29:50)
Sydney still playing tempo with clock at 1:17… Hickey takes a contested mark on the HFF, crowd roars, he dithers… (Q4 30:15)
Long ball to the hotspot, rebounded but out for a throw in on the Pies HBF, 51 seconds. (Q4 30:46)
Surge footy for Collingwood gets the footy to their hotspot, 23 seconds left… (Q4 31:15)
Another stoppage, 18 seconds… (Q4 31:31)
Crisp’s kick goes to the top of the square, mad scramble, Blakey rushes into the behind post, a point in it and Sydney wins! (Q4 32:13)

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