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Blog log from R16 of 2022: Brisbane vs Western Bulldogs

Blog log for Brisbane vs Western Bulldogs, R16 of 2022

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Naughton flies over a pack in the pocket for a mark but misses from 30m. (Q1 1:28)
Schache strips Starcevich in a tackle, Treloar roves and shoots from 40m on the flank but it falls in the square for Berry to intercept for no score. (Q1 4:18)
Bailey hits the crumb at a throw in hard 25m out, gets bumped onto his back and tries an outrageous snap while prone… into the post. (Q1 5:48)
McCluggage tries an even more ambitious volley of a crumb near the behind post with Williams hot on his hammer, that one is narrow. (Q1 6:50)
Treloar gets a #freekickbulldogs at a stoppage on the HFF but shoots wide right. (Q1 9:24)
Repeat inside 50s piling up for the Bullies early and it’s Johannisen who snaps the first goal from 40m on the flank, burning Weightman inside looking for the give. (Q1 10:46)
O’Brien gets a free on a clumsy Daniher and passes short to Liberatore 45m out on a slight angle, who shanks OOTF. (Q1 12:46)
Ugle-Hagan receives outside a pack 20m out and blazes OOTF off the left. (Q1 13:43)
Dunkley misses a snap from the HFF under pressure. Bulldogs are bossing territory early. (Q1 14:05)
Neale gives outside a pack to Daniher who winds up from 50m near the boundary and hits the post. (Q1 15:35)
West snaps wide from a ball in to 20m. (Q1 16:55)
McCarthy roves on the HFF, spins out of a challenge and goes long to the square, Prior provides a crumb for Cameron to snap his first goal. (Q1 18:46)
Daniher marks a McStay pass 50m out on the flank, wheels and plays on… hits the post again. (Q1 22:17)
Sweet catches a short throw in 25m out and gives to Liberatore who curls in a lovely finish off the left. (Q1 23:49)
Coleman intercepts a dump kick from a stoppage by Dunkley to the flank 45m out, he misses. (Q1 27:00)
Answerth puts his body on the line to spoil a Weightman pass to Naughton but the crumb falls for Treloar who grubbers a fabulous finish from 30m on the flank. (Q2 0:47)
Bedendo marks 45m out on the flank and sends the set shot straight over the goal umpire’s peaked cap, and the Dogs get around him for his first senior goal! (Q2 2:48)
Answerth spoils Bontempelli on the HFF and feeds Daniher who has room but decides to pass short to McCarthy 35m out on a slight angle, who converts. (Q2 5:17)
McCarthy returns the favour with a short pass to Daniher 35m out on the flank following the clearance by Bailey from the next centre bounce. Daniher misses right. (Q2 7:17)
Daniher draws a high contact free on Keath leading to a sizzling ball by Coleman to 30m on a slight angle. Joe gets this one on line. (Q2 8:58)
Johannisen gets pinged on the stand rule to bring Payne to half forward, he goes low and hard to the top of the square where McCarhty marks and goals. Lions hit the lead! (Q2 11:48)
Daniher passes to Ah Chee 45m out on the flank, he tries a set up kick but Tunstill’s volley of the crumb does not score. (Q2 15:18)
Tunstill passes to the lead of Hipwood 40m out near the boundary on the end of a quick rebound switch. The Eel hits the near goalpost. (Q2 16:42)
Naughton marks a long Dale ball to the square for his first goal to restore the Bulldogs lead. (Q2 18:58)
Schache holds Payne to give away a free on the wing, Payne’s pass to McCluggage is precise, Clug turns and shoots from 45m on a slight angle… a rare goal for him! (Q2 22:43)
Frees are 7-0 this quarter to Brisbane and they get another one at the next bounce, long ball to the square and Cameron runs into the open goal! (Q2 24:18)
McComb kicks to a four-man pack on the HFF, two Lions fall over to allow Schache to rove and shoot from 35m under no pressure… but he misses. (Q2 28:49)
Weightman mows down Starcevich to win a HTB free at half forward then passes to Macrae 45m out in the corridor, he misses the lot OOTF. (Q2 29:49)
Cameron’s tackle on Gardner forces a ball up in the Lions goalsquare, McInerney tries a kick out of ruck, Macrae’s hand was there and it’s ruled a point. (Q2 32:49)
Adams apoils on the HFF, Cameron roves and kicks across an open forward line for Tunstill to mark 30m out on a slight angle for his first senior goal, and draws a crowd. (Q3 3:38)
Cameron roves and busts through a pack 30m out on the flank, has a man for the give but goes himself and nails it for his third. (Q3 8:34)
Berry drops a mark in midfield, Dale roves and gives to Bontempelli who its the hotspot, West runs into the open goal. (Q3 12:08)
Neale from the next centre bounce, Cameron beats Scott in a ground battle on the HFF and shoots for his fourth from 40m… it’s good! (Q3 13:28)
Naughton pinches another goal from a teammate with a mark on the line, this one from a snap by Liberatore from near CHF. (Q3 16:08)
McCluggage misses everything after a stoppage at the hotspot. (Q3 16:50)
O’Brien’s dump kick under McCarthy pressure lands in the belly of Berry 40m out on the flank. Berry chips it straight through. (Q3 19:38)
Cameron passes to Hipwood 40m out in the corridor whose man had run into an umpire upfield. Eric converts. (Q3 24:49)
Prior roves a Crozier rebound kick and passes to Lyons in the pocket, who goes inboard to McCluggage who misses from 40m on the flank. (Q3 27:09)
Gardner passes to the lead of Ugle-Hagan 40m out on the flank in front of Andrews, but the set shot is wide right. (Q3 28:34)
Bailey goes to Cameron on the HFF who beats his man Scott all ends up, kick to the pocket for Daniher who snaps the goal from 25m. (Q3 30:45)
Liberatore blazes wide left with a snap from CHF. (Q4 0:27)
Johannisen marks 50m out in the corridor and just shaves the inside of the left goalpost with his set shot. (Q4 2:44)
Dale hits the lead of Naughton 45m out in front after the Dogs boss a stoppage on the wing. Naughton shanks OOTF to the left. (Q4 4:46)
Bailey snaps a long goal from near CHF, that’s the official sealer if one was needed. (Q4 9:21)
Treloar falls into the back of Berry after a stoppage 40m out in front. Berry steers through some more cherries. (Q4 12:37)
Ugle-Hagan marks a Macrae ball to a pack 40m out on the flank, but again hangs it right… it falls in the square and does Naughton get a boot on it? No, a knee, it’s a point. (Q4 16:42)
Coleman delivers another lovely disposal inside 50 to Cameron near the hotspot, he gives a Joe the Goose special to Rayner. (Q4 22:14)
McCarthy spoils a Daniher kick to the square down to Neale who adds a goal to his Brownlow vote credentials. (Q4 23:47)
Berry marks 45m out on a slight angle, looks a bit sore as he prepares and sails it wide left. (Q4 27:17)
Sweet feeds Weightman for a garbage goal on the turn from the hotspot. (Q4 28:10)
West marks a Liberatore kick bravely going back with the flight at the hotspot for some more junk after the final siren. (Q4 30:47)

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