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Blog log from R15 of 2022: Collingwood vs Western Sydney

Blog log for Collingwood vs Western Sydney, R15 of 2022

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Hoskin-Elliott sends a ball to the square where Ginnivan is waiting but it’s punched through for a behind (Q1 0:59)
Lipinski attempts a running shot but it goes for a behind (Q1 1:30)
Greene shrugs a Howe tackle and chips it in front of Hogan who evades Quaynor to snap and kick the first of the afternoon! (Q1 3:00)
Hogan marks on the 50 but dishes off to the running Josh Kelly who pumps it long, but to the right (Q1 4:37)
Sidebottom sells some candy near the boundary and takes a ping from 45m out, but misses to the right (Q1 9:58)
Keeffe tries a snap on goal but can’t convert under pressure (Q1 10:58)
Hogan flashes a handpass to Whitfield who has time and space to kick a goal! (Q1 11:33)
Daicos coughs it up in the middle of the ground and it results in a Haynes set shot from 35m out on an angle. The defender turned forward can’t kick the goal though (Q1 14:07)
Mihocek sets up Quaynor who kicks to Eliott 45m out in front. He gives it a roost and splits the middle! (Q1 17:33)
Elliott crunches Bruhn in a tackle and gets him HTB 35m out on an angle. He makes no mistake and he has two for the quarter! (Q1 20:57)
Moore is pinged for hanging onto Haynes 35m out on an angle, but once again he misses to the right (Q1 24:54)
Mihocek catches one high 60m out and pumps it long to the square, but it gets behind everyone and bounces through! (Q1 26:14)
McCreery spins around and takes a shot at goal but it’s high and wide (Q1 27:58)
Greene marks on the 50 and lines up the shot but slides a kick to Lloyd at 30m out. He kicks with a little angle but gives it an almighty shank OOTF (Q2 2:03)
Ginnivan is caught high inside 50 and lines up from 35m out on an angle, but his kick slides to the left for a behind (Q2 4:04)
Hoskin-Elliott cleans up after a contest and kicks a ball to the square that tumbles to Mihocek allowing him to smash through his second of the game! (Q2 5:36)
Cameron dishes off to Daicos who kicks to a sliding Mihocek 50m out near the boundary. His kick is too straight though for a behind (Q2 8:52)
Noble intercepts on the 50, dishes off to Maynard on the run who sprays it out of bounds (Q2 10:08)
Elliott handballs to the advantage of Mihocek who runs into an open goal, but misses to the right (Q2 15:53)
Sidebottom catches Taranto HTB on the 50, and then receives a 50m penalty that brings him to the square, where he’s able to convert easily after wasting a bit of time (Q2 23:52)
Ginnivan roves a dropped Elliott mark and snaps, but misses to the left (Q2 24:38)
Elliott crumbs a Mihocek contest and snaps at goal but can only manage a behind (Q3 1:28)
The ball spills from a Haynes contest inside the Giants 50, Green is able to collect and snap to kick a much needed goal for GWS! (Q3 3:08)
Adams crumbs a contest inside 50 and tries the old dribble kick in plenty of space, but it bounces into the post (Q3 5:43)
Henry takes a strong mark in the pocket and is able to curl it through for a goal! (Q3 6:08)
Daicos finds some space and tries a shot, but the kick is affected as it slides across the ground and through for a behind (Q3 8:18)
The ball rolls through for a behind after spilling off a contest from a Collingwood inside 50 (Q3 9:12)
Daicos blocks a Chugg attempt at goal and then tries to rectify by snapping himself, but misses from point blank range (Q3 10:29)
Hogan marks 30m out near the boundary and is able to kick another Giants goal (Q3 12:09)
Pendlebury spies a Ginnivan lead and hits him up, marking 40m out on a slight angle. This time he makes no mistake and punches back for the Pies (Q3 16:29)
The Giants move quickly from the centre bounce, Taranto and Coniglio combining for a Coniglio snap and goal! (Q3 17:40)
Daicos steadies on the run and takes a shot, but once again he misses (Q3 18:53)
Collingwood gets the break and move quickly through Cox who pumps it long to Henry, but it spills to Ginnivan who passes to Mihocek and then to McCreery for a Joe the Goose special (Q3 22:09)
Mason Cox drags in a mark 15m out in front, but sprays the kick badly for a behind (Q3 23:25)
Lipinski reels in a one-hander and then hits up Elliott near the boundary 30m out, Elliot can’t convert from the angle though (Q3 25:19)
Lipinski kicks to the pack inside 50 where Cameron is able to mark virtually unopposed 20m out in front. He doesn’t miss from there! (Q3 28:05)
Kelly spies Riccardi with a bit of space on Moore and kicks to him 30m out on a slight angle. He kicks through the big sticks as the rain falls on the G! (Q4 0:52)
Bruhn flicks a ball out to Kelly who stands and kicks from near 50m out next to the boundary and is able to slot through another quick Giants goal! (Q4 3:53)
Henry is able to emerge with the ball and runs into an empty square but hits the post! (Q4 4:56)
Moore knocks a ball towards goal and scrambles after it to prevent a deliberate call but to no avail as Riccardi is gifted a goal from the square! Boy oh boy! (Q4 5:29)
Cameron is the beneficiary of the ruck free lottery and gets a set shot from 25m out on a slight angle. Not an easy kick in these conditions, but he kicks it all the same! (Q4 7:13)
Henry picks Taylor’s pocket and smashes a very high ball goalside, did it pass over the post? Umpire says no. It’s a goal! (Q4 9:19)
J Daicos kicks to the square but it eludes everyone to roll through for a point (Q4 10:36)
Mihocek pulls in a one handed mark on Davis 30m out near the boundary, but kicks too narrow for a behind (Q4 12:23)
Murphy chases after a loose ball and is able to get it into the behind post for a throw-in (Q4 13:34)
Greene finds space for a snap from the resulting throw-in but misses to continue his quiet day (Q4 14:19)
Greene marks on the 50 and spots Hogan with a mismatch on Quaynor deep so kicks to him. Hogan marks, and converts the simple set shot for his third! (Q4 15:27)
The Pies get a break and move quickly, kicking to Henry, and then to Elliott 35m out on a slight angle. But Elliott kicks a behind as the Pies continue to be wasteful (Q4 18:20)
Coniglio chips a neat little kick inside 50 to Ash who marks 35m out with little angle. He kicks low and true to punish Collingwood’s inaccuracy! (Q4 19:48)
Hogan is the beneficiary of a 50m penalty as he jogs to the square and puts through another Giants goal to keep the comeback alive! (Q4 25:04)
The Giants move quick and smooth mover Kelly spots Greene out the back and kicks to him. Greene marks 15m out in front and goals quickly! 10 Points in it with 4 minutes to go! (Q4 26:19)
Pies able to waste a minute as there’s a throw-in on centre wing (Q4 27:59)
GWS get a free with 2 minutes remaining as they try to surge forward (Q4 29:20)
Throw-in on the half forward flank for GWS with 90 seconds left (Q4 29:55)
Noble caught high by Coniglio with a minute remaining and that’ll be the game, as Ginnivan is able to get a 50m penalty in a resulting scuffle (Q4 31:36)
Noble takes his sweet time as he steadies himself from 45m out on a slight angle. He gives it everything but it’s touched over (Q4 31:59)
The Pies hold off a late surge by the Orange Tsunami to win by 11 points! (Full Time)

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