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Blog log from R11 of 2022: Gold Coast vs Hawthorn

Blog log for Gold Coast vs Hawthorn, R11 of 2022

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Powell clumsily catches Breust high 45m out on a slight angle. He lines up but misses to the right (Q1 0:46)
Sharp pops it up to Ainsworth who marks 35m out on an angle. His kick slides to the left for another behind (Q1 5:13)
Rankine kicks the ball into space in front of Ainsworth who runs into an empty forward 50, jogs to the square and blasts through a goal! (Q1 7:31)
Swallow dumps a ball long to the pack on top of the square where it spills down and out the back to Rosas who dribbles through another Suns goal! (Q1 9:01)
Grainger-Barras gives away a front-on contact free against Casboult who quickly kicks Rankine on a lead and marks 35m out on an angle. He splits the middle for the Suns’ third! (Q1 14:38)
Hawthorn enter inside 50, the ball spills down to Breust who is able to run around and snap on his left to kick Hawthorn’s first goal! (Q1 18:12)
Mitchell attempts a running shot after the ball is flicked up to him, but it goes through for a behind (Q1 19:27)
Noah Anderson dumps the ball long to Jeffery who marks 35m out on an angle, but his set shot flies to the left and bounces out of bounds for no score (Q1 20:14)
The ball is rushed through from the resulting throw-in (Q1 20:45)
Markov dashes from half back and gets it to Jeffery who spots Rosas out 1 on 1, dragging in a mark 35m out in front. He hooks the kick to the right for a behind (Q1 22:28)
Macdonald gets the ball and spies a long Koschitzke lead and rewards it. Kosi marks 35m out on a sharp angle, but butchers the kick for a behind (Q1 24:29)
Holman marks in the centre square and has enough space to run forward and spear the ball into Chol’s chest 25m out in front. He makes no mistake to add another goal! (Q1 25:43)
Wingard attempts a torpedo kick after the siren, but it falls spectacularly short (Qtr Time)
Rankine slides through to take a mark 40m out on an angle, but his kick stays to the right for a minor score (Q2 1:41)
Anderson dumps a funky ball forward allowing Chol to get out the back and snap but is recalled for a push in the back, and kicks through the middle this time! (Q2 4:41)
Rankine drops a Rowell kick but recovers and chips it up to Anderson who marks 35m out on an angle. He nails the set shots to extend the lead for Gold Coast! (Q2 7:04)
Ainsworth attempts a snap at goal but it rolls through for a behind (Q2 9:23)
Miller crumbs the pack after a forward entry, but his quick snap misses to the right (Q2 10:45)
Hawthorn get a rare entry inside 50 that goes to ground where Dylan Moore is ready and waiting to scoop up the loose ball and snap a much needed goal for the Hawks! (Q2 12:56)
The ball drops into Casboult’s lap and he has the presence of mind to centre it to Chol in the square who marks. Chol kicks goal number 3! (Q2 15:47)
Gold Coast move forward quickly again, the ball spilling off the pack to the advantage of Rankine who’s snap misses to the near side (Q2 17:23)
Jeffery gets the ball on the boundary 40m out and kicks a high ball goalward that bounces all the way and through for a goal! (Q2 18:36)
Miller gets the ball from Witts and spreads to the boundary before cutting back into Casboult who marks on top of the square and kicks another goal for the Suns (Q2 20:37)
Holman gets Sicily in the clamps and wins a HTB free 25m out in front, but he shanks the kick to the right (Q2 22:59)
Shiels makes a forward contest and gets the tap down to Butler who gets on the move and kicks a goal! (Q2 24:42)
The Hawks spread the ball across their forward 50 ending with Koschitzke marking it 45m out on an angle. His kick is as straight as possible and the Hawks have 2 on the trot! (Q2 27:42)
Gold Coast get repeat entries inside 50, but can’t hold onto a mark. Eventually the ball spills out the back to Ellis who is able to sneak through a goal! (Q2 30:42)
Weller stalks around the 50 and receives a handpass. The space opens up for him and he’s able to launch from 50m out and start the celebrations in the second half! (Q3 3:29)
The Hawks get the ball inside 50 and struggle to make something stick, but it’s Wingard who is able to invent from the boundary, curling through a brilliant goal! (Q3 6:54)
Rankine marks a Graham entry inside 50 against oncoming traffic. His set shot misses everything and Casboult marks on the goal line! He runs around but misses to the near side (Q3 8:29)
Day is able to draw a high free kick 45m out on a slight angle, but kicks straight into the man on the mark (Q3 11:56)
Gold Coast work it forward on the outside ending with Ellis who marks in the pocket. He converts the simple set shot as the Suns keep going (Q3 14:31)
Jeffery pops up to drag in a mark 45m out, he sends Frost spiralling in his set shot, but can’t kick it through the middle (Q3 17:18)
Impey gives away a silly free by kneeling down on Ainsworth, and the Gold Coast man makes him pay! (Q3 20:54)
Lewis lines up a set shot from 50m out, he has the distance but not the accuracy (Q3 22:33)
The space opens up in front of Powell who unleashes a massive kick from 60m out, unfortunately it misses to the left (Q3 25:19)
Casboult lumbers inside 50 and kicks to Jeffery on the left who receives a free kick against Grainger-Barass. Rosas pinches the ball and takes advantage kicking a goal! (Q3 26:56)
Sharp takes a wild shot but misses (Q3 28:15)
Howe floats forward to mark a Wingard entry inside 50 30m out on a 45 degree angle. He makes a meal of the kick though, sending it to the right (Q3 28:55)
Koschitzke gets a free kick against Graham for holding and is lucky not to give away 50 for dissent. He’s definitely kicking like a ruckman as he shanks it for a point (Q4 4:23)
Sharp lines up a set shot from 50m out near the boundary, but it falls just short and is handled over (Q4 5:53)
Bramble tries a running shot but Graham is there to get a fist on it and rush a behind (Q4 8:22)
Koschitzke is able to get a quick snap off around the body, but he kicks another behind (Q4 9:30)
Moore chips it up to the lead of Wingard who slides in to take a mark 35m out in front. He puts it through for some late joy (Q4 12:49)
The Suns respond immediately, Miller finding space in front of him to line up the kick and slot a goal! (Q4 13:12)
Frost gives away a free allowing the Suns to lock it in the forward 50, eventually Swallow gets enough space to snap a goal (Q4 17:21)
Lewis gets a late shot on goal but misses to the right (Q4 19:11)
Lewis gets enough time to send a long ball to the square from general play, it swings both ways and gets enough air to soar through for some junk (Q4 21:06)
Moore sends through a behind (Q4 24:19)
Davies is the beneficiary of the ruck free lotto, lining up from 20m out and kicking some more junk (Q4 25:12)
Rosas pops up with a very nice mark, but is unable to convert missing the lot (Q4 27:52)
Jeffery soars from the side of the pack to clunk the ball 40m out on an angle, but can’t make the required (Q4 28:27)
Rosas puts through one last goal just before the siren to cap off a demolition job against the Hawks (Full Time)

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