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Blog log from R7 of 2022: Western Bulldogs vs Essendon

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs Essendon, R7 of 2022

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Parish spots Guelfi by himself inside 50 so he kicks there and Guelfi marks 30m out in front. He goes back and nails the Dons’ first goal for the afternoon! (Q1 1:23)
Bontempelli cleans up a Smith kick forward and spots Wallis standing all by himself in the square. A quick kick and mark followed by a set shot and the Dogs even the ledger! (Q1 4:03)
Weightman chips a neat little kick to Vandermeer who marks 45m out on an angle, but his set shot is poor and lands OOTF (Q1 5:43)
Perkins marks on the 50 but dishes off to Heppell who rewards a Wright lead. The set shot is from 35m out and there’s no issues as Wright gets his first of the game (Q1 8:08)
The ball spills out the back of a contest in the Dogs forward 50, Wallis collects and passes back to McComb, but his shot lands OOTF (Q1 15:04)
Treloar kicks wide spotting a Wallis lead, who then marks 40m out on an angle. His shots pierces through the middle and Wallis has two in the first! (Q1 16:02)
McNeil receives a high free kick against Merrett who then goes back and slots another goal for the Dogs (Q1 20:26)
Draper isn’t paid a mark 25m out in front so he invents a kick over the shoulder which bounces through for the first minor score of the game (Q1 20:46)
There’s some scuffled play near the Bombers goal and the ball is eventually ushered over (Q1 22:41)
Draper gets the ball inside 50 and handballs quickly to Caldwell who snaps and kicks a behind from 35m out (Q1 24:51)
The dogs combine handballs near the boundary and it’s shovelled out to Vandermeer who weaves and shoots, but his shot is to the right (Q1 27:14)
Treloar tries a running shot from around 50m out, but it rolls out of play (Q1 27:14)
Smith chips a kick towards Vandermeer who marks 35m out on an angle. This time he makes no mistake and kicks a goal! (Q2 1:22)
Wright drops the mark in a contest but the Bombers chain the handballs to get it to Martin who dodges and then snaps a high ball but kicks a behind (Q2 5:08)
Kelly lets Weightman stroll up the ground to take an easy mark35m out right in front, luckily for Kelly, Weightman misses to the left (Q2 5:27)
McComb dishes off to Wallis who runs forward and kicks… a behind (Q2 12:39)
The Dogs cough up a 50m penalty for moving on the mark which allows Redman to take a set shot from 45m out, but his kick slides to the left of the post (Q2 14:25)
Moving quickly from the kickout, the Dogs smash through Essendon’s defence and enter inside 50 where McNeil taps the ball to McComb who snaps and goals! (Q2 15:03)
After a hectic few seconds started by a smother from Weightman’s face, Weightman gets the ball back and kicks a short pass to Cordy who snaps and goals! (Q2 21:33)
Hobbs shovels the ball out to Stringer who snaps from 40m out but the ball is punched through for a behind (Q2 22:36)
The Bombers force a turnover and the ball gets out to Stringer on the flank. He spots Wright on Macrae and heads there where Wright easily marks and converts for a goal! (Q2 24:33)
Redman kicks in the Stringer direction who then juggles the mark 35m out near the boundary. His shot looks good, but it slides past the wrong side of the post (Q2 26:18)
Smith dumps a high one inside 50 where the seas part for McNeil who just stands and marks 30m out on a slight angle. He goes back and slots his second! (Q3 4:01)
The Dogs take the advantage from a throw and Wallis kicks to the square where it goes over the top and Dunkley is able to clean up and goal (Q3 5:36)
Baldwin receives a free kick on the near wing and kicks to the pack where Durham is unable to hold onto the mark, it’s flicked to Draper who shoots and misses (Q3 7:06)
Baldwin catches Gardner HTB 15m out on the boundary. He runs around and kicks his first AFL goal! (Q3 8:26)
Liberatore and Duryea combine and Roarke Smith marks 35m out on an angle, but it’s of no concern as he calmly slots the goal (Q3 13:55)
Dunkley snatches a mark off Parish and quickly dumps it inside 50 where Bontempelli is lurking to take the mark. A simple kick and another Bulldogs goal (Q3 16:29)
McGrath tries to pass to Stringer and Wright but the ball beats everyone rolling through for a behind (Q3 18:17)
Liberatore tries a snap from a stoppage inside 50 but it flies OOTF (Q3 19:28)
Perkins takes a strong mark on the wing and wheels around seeing Cutler in space. Cutler marks 35m out and kicks an important goal for the Bombers (Q3 20:59)
Naughton flicks a brilliant pass off to McComb who slides in his second goal! (Q3 23:01)
Smith bursts from the centre square and kicks long to Naughton who is able to shift Ridley easily and mark. His shot from 30m is on an angle though, and he kicks a behind (Q3 24:43)
Wright kicks a ball to the goal square where Stringer is waiting 1 on 1, but it’s punched through (Q3 25:42)
Merrett is brought down and Naughton scoops the ball up pumping it long to Dunkley who marks on the point post. He goes back and runs around to pile on the pain! (Q3 26:42)
Kelly marks the ball but the umpire thinks otherwise, and Naughton knocks the ball out in the struggle. Weightman is there to pounce and adds another goal to the tally (Q3 29:55)
McGrath tries a sneaky chip shot from the pocket but misses the lot (Q3 31:19)
Cordy grabs Draper’s jumper in the resulting throw in and thus the ruckman gets a shot on goal. He doesn’t waste it and he goals right before 3QT for Essendon (Q3 32:22)
Wallis chases down a loose ball and flicks it to Dunkley but his quick kick careens into the post (Q4 1:40)
McNeil tries a centering kick but Ridley is there to smash the ball over the line (Q4 2:41)
The Dogs invade the forward 50 again, Naughton sliding in and taking an easy mark, (Q4 6:20)
Which he dishes off to Weightman who kicks a goal, sorry (Q4 6:40)
Dunkley smashes Reid in a tackle and wins a set shot 45m out in front, but his kick doesn’t make the distance and is picked off by Ridley (Q4 8:40)
Hobbs passes to Durham who ignores the shot on goal and passes to Wright, who kicks to Cutler who marks 35m out on an angle. He splits the middle and gets one back for Essendon (Q4 11:00)
Liberatore extracts the ball from a throw in and passes to Smith who runs around and kicks a very nice goal (Q4 13:20)
McNeil wraps up Kelly who makes no attempt to get rid of the ball. His shot is from 40m out in front and there’s no worries as he kicks goal number 3! (Q4 14:38)
Parish kicks to Wright who marks and has his arms chopped by Williams. The kick is from 25m out and he puts it away easily (Q4 16:29)
The ball is flicked out to Wright after a throw in who spins and slaps it onto the boot but misses to the right (Q4 18:13)
Merrett tackles Smith but he gets the ball out and is pinged for holding. Smith lines up from 40m out and his kick is marked by Schache in the pocket but his kick hits the post (Q4 22:08)
Heppell marks just outside the 50 so kicks in the Wright direction and he marks on a lead. His set shot is right in front and is put away easily for goal number 4 (Q4 25:05)
Stringer gets on the end of a massive chain of handballs and he kicks a goal as Essendon pile on the junk (Q4 27:40)

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