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Blog log from R6 of 2022: Western Bulldogs vs Adelaide

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs Adelaide, R6 of 2022

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Walker marks 55m out on the flank, in range with a gale behind him at Ballarat, but he goes to the boundary for McAdam 40m out, centring ball… Sholl free on Scott, first goal. (Q1 3:18)
Cook snaps wide from the pocket 20m out under pressure. (Q1 4:28)
McHenry forces a spillage at half forward with a big challenge on O’Brien, chain of handballs ends with Laird giving to Keays who misses from 40m on the flank. (Q1 7:44)
McAdam swerves clear for a handball to Hately near the hotspot, he snaps across the body off the right but it’s low enough for Dale to touch through. (Q1 8:41)
The Bulldogs work the ball through the centre from half back with some pressured handball, Williams gives to Smith who lets fly from 55m, off Naughton’s hands for a point. (Q1 12:00)
Rachele roves deep in the pocket but his handball is sharked by Treloar… who then handballs straight to McHenry for an opportunist goal from 10m. (Q1 13:28)
Rachele gives to Keays who snaps very high off his left from the hotspot, ball bounces on the behind line for a point. (Q1 17:16)
Macrae marks on the HFF on a slow play then chooses a pass to the lead of Ugle-Hagan near the hotspot, who swings through the first goal for the Dogs into the wind. (Q1 19:01)
Cordy gives to McNeil who floats a snap across the face from the pocket 30m out, tough kick from that spot into the wind. (Q1 21:26)
Williams marks a kick in on the wing and starts a switch through the corridor, Smith to Treloar who runs to CHF and roosts it into the teeth of the wind for a big goal! (Q1 23:53)
Bontempelli marks at half forward, wheels and goes to the pocket for Naughton to lead onto 20m out. The Juggernaught punches the set shot for his first goal. (Q1 28:03)
Brodie Smith is stripped in a tackle after the next bounce, Bailey SMith kicks to the top of the square, Naughton roves his own contest and gives out to McComb who misses from 15m. (Q1 29:07)
Crouch cuts off a Liberatore handball at half forward, does a one-two then passes to Rachele 40m out wide on the flank. The set shot swerves into the wind and blows into the post. (Q2 3:34)
Liberatore receives a handball at half forward, has no targets so goes himself from 55m on a slight angle… across the face. (Q2 6:36)
Adelaide goes coast to coast from the kick in, Rachele goes long from the centre, four-man pack ending with Walker snapping the goal from near the square. (Q2 7:19)
Scott catches a dump kick by O’Brien from a stoppage near the hotspot, no mark so he snaps over his shoulder off the left… wide. (Q2 16:31)
McHenry passes short to Hately 45m out on the flank on the end of a rebound around members wing. The set shot is straight but too short, rushed in the square. (Q2 20:20)
Gollant marks a Jones pass 45m out on a slight angle, his set shot looks a banger but the wind swerves it into the post. (Q2 25:42)
McHenry roves a Rachele contest at half forward and goes long to McAdam who beats Williams to mark 20m out on a slight angle and goal. (Q3 4:13)
McAdam marks a Keays kick from centre wing to the flank 45m out, his kick lands in the square but no score results. (Q3 6:04)
Brodie Smith kicks long from the HFF but O’Brien rushes with ease. (Q3 6:04)
Laird gives to Keays who snaps wide from off a step 45m out on a slight angle. Adelaide have the territory early in Q3 with the wind, not enough reward so far though. (Q3 10:50)
Bailey Smith misses a target by foot at half back as he has done a bit today, Gollant blazes wide from 50m on a slight angle. (Q3 12:54)
Bontempelli is again the catalyst for a Dogs score with some pack work on the wing, Bailey Smith passes to the dive of Naughton 30m out on a slight angle who converts. (Q3 14:14)
Crouch clears from the next centre bounce, Walker marks 40m out on a slight angle, runs in right and shoots left. (Q3 15:39)
Gollant marks a centring ball by Keays 30m out on a slight angle and kicks a goal to push the lead into double figures again. (Q3 19:14)
Schache roves an attempted intercept mark by Doedee and snaps a rare goal from the pocket 20m out. (Q3 26:17)
Liberatore roves a Treloar grubber 40m out in front and snaps around the corner off a step off the left… wind blows it wide right. (Q3 27:39)
Walker is over the back of two Dogs to mark a long Murphy kick down the flank to 20m on the end of a fast break from a stoppage in midfield. Crowd boos, Tex goals. (Q4 3:06)
After Liberatore clears from the centre, McNeil passes short to Ugle-Hagan just inside 50m on the flank, who shoots OOTF. (Q4 5:06)
Murphy roves on the HFF and goes to the pocket for McAdam 25m out, tough set shot from there and the wind pushes it across the face. (Q4 6:31)
Treloar chases the footy from a throw-in to the pocket, taps it to himself then delivers a sensational finish from the boundary 20m out! (Q4 8:31)
Daniel takes a risk attacking a ground ball at half back but it eludes him and goes straight to his man McAdam who accepts the gift goal from the hotspot. (Q4 9:56)
The Dogs keep getting repeat inside 50s and finally it pays off as Schache volleys the crumb from a Naughton contest for his second goal! (Q4 13:31)
The Bulldogs swarm forward after the next centre bounce, McNeil involved twice but it’s Dunkley who snaps the go-ahead goal! (Q4 15:05)
Walker grabs the ball out of ruck near the Crow hotspot but blazes OOTF. (Q4 17:10)
Laird roves the kick in on the HFF and goes quickly down the line to 25m where McAdam marks and… also kicks OOTF. (Q4 18:06)
Keays tries a Daicos special after a stoppage from 20m on the boundary but the ball rolls across the face for a point. (Q4 19:36)
Keays passes to Rachele at the hotspot, who has done three-fifths of bugger all today but now has a chance for a key score. The kid kicks wide right, wind took it. (Q4 22:01)
Laird engineers an attack from the wing, Walker marks on the HFF and punches a lovely pass to McHenry near the hotspot. Any score for the lead… misses to the right. (Q4 25:32)
Daniel kicks straight to Gollant from the kick in, pass to Walker in the pocket 20m out. Clock now a factor as it ticks towards 2:00… Tex threads it! (Q4 26:27)
Walker takes a big pack mark on the wing to start icing the game. Crom are home. (Q4 28:49)
Bontempelli roves and goals from a pack 25m out in the pocket, seven seconds left though. (Q4 29:46)
Unless a massive miracle happens…. (Q4 29:46)
Keays and Crouch win the footy, siren sounds, Crows win! (Q4 30:48)

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