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Blog log from R5 of 2020: Melbourne vs Richmond

Blog log for Melbourne vs Richmond, R5 of 2020

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Lynch marks 40m out in front and splits the middle to kick off the scoring for the afternoon with a goal. (Q1 1:38)
Short gets caught in possession by Pickett on the HBF, Demons swarm and it’s Petracca who finds Hannan in the pocket 25m out for the first goal for Melbourne. (Q1 3:20)
McIntosh fumbles a ground ball near the Melbourne hotspot, Melksham roves and screws the snap wide. (Q1 6:55)
Lynch leads out of the square and leaps to mark a Short pass to 25m on the flank, but misses. (Q1 12:49)
The Demons rebound around the outer wing and go coast to coast with Melksham over the back of Balta to mark and goal from the square. (Q1 13:49)
Gawn burns the ball from defence straight to Higgins 40m out in the corridor, but then Higgins sprays it badly for a behind. (Q1 17:19)
Higgins roves a Lynch dropped mark at the hotspot and gives outside to Castagna who kicks truly off a step. (Q1 17:50)
Melbourne can’t exit defensive 50, eventually McIntosh centres to Rioli 40m out on a slight angle who goals. (Q1 20:34)
The Demons apply some frontal pressure at half forward to force a turnover, Pickett passes to Fritsch 20m out in front to goal after the QT siren. (Q1 24:19)
Mad scramble on the Tiger goal line and did the first-gamer Aarts back heel a goal or did it hit the post on the way through? On video review, called a behind. (Q2 2:48)
Petracca is pinged for HTB under a Nankervis tackle after a stoppage at the Tiger hotspot, Nank hoofs through the goal. (Q2 4:43)
On the end of a switch play from behind members wing, Chol passes to Riewoldt 25m out in the pocket, who plays on and goals. (Q2 10:30)
Edwards switches from the wing and the Tigers have an overlap going, Higgins marks inside 50 then passes to Castagna at the hotspot for another one to Richmond. (Q2 16:19)
Lambert snaps another one for the rampaging Tigers from a ball in to the pocket. (Q2 20:34)
Fritsch takes a tough contested grab over Houli from a Hannan pass to 40m on the flank. The set shot is wide, short and rushed. (Q2 24:19)
Hibberd is out of position and can’t stop Martin marking 25m out on the flank, Dusty plays on and goals. (Q3 4:57)
Chol gets the next centre clearance kick after a give by Prestia, he hits the lead of Riewoldt 40m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q3 6:35)
Rioli marks a Prestia pass over Salem on the boundary 45m out, his set shot is short, it falls for Lynch who hits the post from point blank range. (Q3 8:38)
Melksham screws through a set shot from 20m on the boundary in the modern professional style. (Q3 10:38)
Short turns the ball over by hand at half back, Melksham gives Hannan a Joe the Goose special on the quick counter. (Q3 13:15)
Lambert smothers Smith at the Tiger hotspot, the ball bounces back up to him and he snaps for his second goal! (Q3 14:48)
Castagna misses a snap from half forward. (Q3 20:45)
McDonald marks a Petracca pass 40m out on a slight angle on the end of a rebound up the guts started by Hibberd. TMac kicks truly. (Q4 2:07)
Petracca intercepts a Balta kick on the wing and goes quickly to Fritsch 40m out on a slight angle. Fritsch steers that one through, three kicks in it, 10:48 to play! (Q4 6:02)
Lynch marks 20m out in the pocket and ices the game with his second goal. (Q4 12:26)
Hannan marks 40m out near the boundary just after the clock ticks under 5:00 to go. He just misses. (Q4 15:38)
Brayshaw goes long to the square, Hannan gets a contact free on Borad plus a 50m penalty and goals. 2:37 to play and still three kicks in it. (Q4 17:58)
Oliver gets a holding free at the next centre bounce but turns the ball over with a bad short pass, Lynch roves the inside 50 and grubbers his third from 35m. (Q4 19:58)
Harmes feeds Pickett for a flying snap from the hotspot that sails wide. (Q4 21:18)
Lynch feeds Lambert for a cherry of a goal from 20m on the flank, three for him to cement his BOG credentials. (Q4 24:08)

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