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Blog log from R4 of 2020: Essendon vs Carlton

Blog log for Essendon vs Carlton, R4 of 2020

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Casboult flies in laterally to clunk the grab in Carlton’s hot spot. From directly in front, Levi boots the first of the day. (Q1 3:28)
A high Cripps snap lands dangerously in the Blues’ goal square. Right place, right time for Eddie Betts who crumbs to perfection. (Q1 7:58)
Fantasia breaks the line on the wing before looping the handball over the top to Parish. Darcy struts to the 50 and finishes with class. (Q1 10:42)
A Hurley long bomb clears the forward cluster. First to react is Darcy Parish out the back, kicking the easiest of goals – his second of the night. (Q1 18:38)
From the tightest of angles, Mitch McGovern makes the most of the OOTF opportunity and slots it from 45! (Q1 20:38)
The Bombers land the first major blow of Q2 thanks to the boot of a running, bouncing Devon Smith at CHF. (Q2 4:16)
Parish centres the footy to the hotspot. With superior positioning, Townsend beats Plowman in the one-on-one and slides it home with ease. (Q2 8:14)
Hard running from Cunningham presents Betts with an opportunity. Eddie eyes the open goal and takes a ping on the run from 45 but it’s offline. (Q2 11:47)
Hurley is contentiously pinged for HTB in his defensive pocket. Casboult takes full advantage, converting with an impressive 30m banana! (Q2 15:31)
McGovern pounces on the loose ball, throws it on the left boot from 40, and sneaks it home as the Blues trickle out to a 7-point lead. (Q2 18:01)
Murphy hands to McGovern who unselfishly elects to centre to Gibbons rather than head for goal. From 40m, the shot fades to the left. (Q2 22:28)
Gibbons extracts from beneath Hooker and fires a handball to Cunningham whose very gettable 25m attempt hits the post. (Q3 2:51)
Casboult’s set-shot doesn’t trouble the scorers… play on! He then glides in to take an intercept mark and redeem himself from 40… OOTF! (Q3 6:00)
Cunningham sends it toward goal from outside 50 to the contest. Betts looms but can’t cleanly grasp the crumbs, knocking it over the line for a minor score. (Q3 7:14)
The Bombers regain control on the half-forward flank, ending with McKernan marking in space on the lead. The 35m attempt is true! (Q3 11:11)
Walsh and Cripps combine from the centre bounce with the latter’s running attempt at goal offline. (Q3 12:31)
Francis’ errant defensive rebound kick is intercepted by Newnes who misses the 40m set-shot. (Q3 13:15)
Setterfield’s quick entry kick lands with Gibbons, sandwiched in the space between Saad and Gleeson. From 35 on a moderate angle, it’s narrowly wide to the near side. (Q3 22:13)
Merrett dinks a short right-footed pass to Stringer who marks and splits the middle after the 3QT siren. Scores are level going into the final term! (3 Qtr Time)
Plowman is penalised for holding Stringer’s arm in the marking contest and Jake makes him pay from 25! Essendon move out to a one-goal lead to start the fourth. (Q4 3:00)
The Bombers rebound quickly from half hack through Langford. McKernan then finds Fantasia within range who offloads to McDonald-Tipungwuti for the easy 15m running goal. (Q4 6:59)
After emerging from the stoppage on the wing, Murphy pinpoints Martin within the forward arc. From 45, directly in front, the ex-Sun converts! (Q4 10:55)
Murphy’s hasty stoppage clearance falls into the lap of Levi. Replay indicates a potential dropped mark but the umpire was unsighted. The shot is straight through the middle! (Q4 15:35)
Scores are level as the gameplay clock ticks under five minutes remaining! (Q4 18:33)
McGovern courageously marks a sky-high Setterfield kick just inside the 50 arc. His shot looks good off the boot but drops marginally short, punched over for a handy point. (Q4 21:17)
With 90 seconds on the clock, Cunningham marks unopposed within scoring range. He struts in, shoots from 40… and misses to the left. Bombers regain possession. (Q4 23:16)
A 50m penalty brings Saad from defence into the centre circle. He bombs it forward where Townsend swoops in to mark at 45. This to win it… (Full Time)
It’s online but falls centimetres too short, touched over the line! Blues get the win by a point! (Full Time)

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