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Blog log from R4 of 2020: Port Adelaide vs West Coast

Blog log for Port Adelaide vs West Coast, R4 of 2020

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Cole catches Marshall high 45m out in the corridor who gives off to Hartlett for a miss. (Q1 5:37)
Ah Chee feeds Cripps who tries his luck off a step from 20m on the boundary but misses badly. (Q1 10:38)
Farrell thieves a Cole handball at the Port hotspot and gives to Boak who hits the post with a snap off a step across his body. (Q1 11:06)
Westhoff kicks high and ugly from the wing to the flank 40m out but Dixon makes it look good by marking over Barrass and booting the first goal of the afternoon. (Q1 11:53)
Westhoff marks a cwentring ball by Butters next to the hotspot and boots the second goal for Port to make good on an increasing dominance all over the ground. (Q1 20:19)
Yeo clears from the next centre bounce, Clurey falls over to allow Kennedy to mark and goal from 40m on a slight angle. (Q1 21:35)
Marshall provides a contest to a long Gray kick to the flank 20m out, the crumb falls centrally where Sheed fumbles and it’s Ebert who toepokes it home! (Q1 23:34)
Marshall forces a turnover by Hurn in a tackle at the Port hotspot, Butters snaps wide. (Q1 25:07)
Repeat inside 50s pile up for the Power and it’s Dixon who marks the next one leaping in front of Barrass at the hotspot, he boots another one. (Q1 25:21)
Amon baulks and snaps off a step from traffic 20m out on a slight angle but just misses. (Q2 0:36)
Lycett passes from the HFF inboard to Rozee 40m out on a slight angle after Clurey beats Kennedy on the outer wing to start a counter attack. Rozee misses. (Q2 6:38)
Gray gives inside from a stoppage on the HFF to the smooth-moving Hartlett who glides like a Rolls Royce to 55m on the flank and strokes through a trademark finish! (Q2 8:07)
Hartlett is pinged for getting in the back of Cripps on the boundary 25m out after a stoppage. Cripps misses everything, OOTF. (Q2 10:23)
Byrne-Jones is there to spoil a kick to Darling in the square after a very time-consuming attack around members wing by West Coast, Ah Chee can’t get to the crumb, behind. (Q2 13:12)
Darling marks 40m out near the boundary, plays on and screws narrow. (Q2 13:12)
Westhoff marks a Jonas speculator over Shuey 40m out on a slight angle after the Eagles can’t rebound past half way, his set shot drops and is rebounded. (Q2 15:03)
Ryan scrubs a grubber from the wing to half forward, Kelly roves and has his snap smothered but the ball falls back to him and his checkside works a second time, goal. (Q2 16:18)
Darling draws a contact free on McKenzie for contact over the shoulder in a marking contest deep in the pocket 20m out, but his set shot doesn’t score. (Q2 17:38)
Dixon is paid a free for a trip by Schofield after stripping the Eagle of the ball 20m out in the pocket, his set shot is a peach and the Power surge further ahead. (Q2 19:55)
Dixon gathers a bouncing chaos ball near the hotspot, tries a checkside off a step while off balance near the hotspot but screws it wide. (Q2 21:23)
Ryan stays on the ground and uses his core strength to keep McKenzie from the fall of a Duggan ball from the HFF to the hotspot for the first goal of Q3. (Q3 0:44)
Kelly beats Clurey to a loose ball at half forward and gives outside to Clurey’s man Kennedy who steadies and goals with a snap from 35m on he flank. Eagles are up! (Q3 2:49)
Dixon is front and centre for a Marshall contest 30m out on the flank, lumbers onto his right boot but screws the snap too much, behind. (Q3 5:08)
Marshall marks 45m out on the flank and misses to the right. (Q3 6:04)
Kennedy marks over Amon 45m out near the boundary and delivers a trademark quality finish with a screwing set shot, West Coast back within two kicks! (Q3 9:19)
The Power get an overlap going after a turnover in midfield, Ebert goes to Westhoff in the pocket who bounces off two Eagles and goals from 5m. (Q3 12:44)
Port attacks again around the outer wing from the last line, Ebert with a key touch in the buildup and it’s that man Dixon again who marks 40m out on the flank and goals. (Q3 15:04)
Schofield headbutts Butters before the ball is bounced, the ump sees it and reports the Eagle plus a free 45m out on a slight angle which Butters misses. (Q3 16:50)
Again the Eagles can’t rebound past half way and there are two Port talls in the square, Marshall marks over Dixon and goals. Port back in control. (Q3 17:15)
Barrass drops an intercept mark in the BP, Boak centres to Wines 40m out on the flank who misses. (Q3 19:04)
Motlop roves a pack 30m out and gives wide to Amon sitting on his own on the flank, Amon measures and delivers the left foot snap off a step for another one. (Q3 22:35)
McKenzie is out of position and is beaten by Kennedy in a marking contest for a Cripps ball 40m out on the flank for his fourth goal. (Q4 6:28)
Dixon marks over Barrass at the top of the square for goal number five to cement his BOG credentials. (Q4 10:09)
Kennedy marks 45m out near the boundary and hits the post. (Q4 12:51)
Gaff is somehow one out at full back and falls over to allow Dixon to mark a long Boak ball to the square for his sixth goal. (Q4 16:13)
Boak roves a Butters contest to a Wines ball 25m out on the flank and gives to Ebert who wobbles home another one. (Q4 19:03)

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