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Blog log from P1 of 2020: Brisbane vs Port Adelaide

Blog log for Brisbane vs Port Adelaide, P1 of 2020

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Port, which is kicking with a three-goal breeze in Q1, works hard to produce a set shot for Dixon near true CHF, he boots the first goal of the afternoon. (Q1 5:10)
Rich passes short to Martin 45m out in front, who gives off to Hipwood for an impressive snap into the wind for the first Lions goal. (Q1 7:30)
Westhoff roves an Andrews spoil 40m out on a slight angle, he snaps very high, it bounces wide. (Q1 9:00)
Houston roves a pack 45m out on a slight angle, baulks clear and just misses. (Q1 9:44)
Cameron marks 40m out on a slight angle but hasn’t got the leg to make the distance. (Q1 15:15)
The Lions lock it in from the resultant stoppage and it’s eventually Hipwood who marks 20m out on the flank for his second goal. (Q1 16:15)
McStay misses a close-range snap after a stoppage. (Q1 19:48)
Duursma roves an Ebert contest in the pocket, does a one-two with Ebert to get clear for a snap and finishes off the left boot. (Q1 27:46)
Rozee snaps wide off the left boot from a stoppage 20m out on the flank. (Q2 1:05)
Dixon misses a snap from near the hotspot. (Q2 3:31)
Dixon establishes position early and draws a holding free on Martin in ruck 35m out in front. He steers that one through into the wind. (Q2 5:24)
Powell-Pepper contests on the HFF, receives a handball from the crumber Rozee and centres for Georgiades at the hotspot, who misses. (Q2 8:40)
Powell-Pepper forces Adams to cough the ball up in defensive goalsquare after a Dixon contest, Butters is Johnny on the spot to shark the goal. (Q2 12:40)
McCluggage roves a pack 20m out in front and delivers a lightning quick snap off the left boot for a goal. (Q2 17:29)
McStay misses a long snap. (Q2 19:29)
Butters spoils Dixon going for a Bonner pass on the HFF but makes good with a rove and centring ball to Boak near the hotspot, who shanks it OOTF. (Q2 25:16)
Berry juggles a centring ball by Cameron to the opposite pocket 20m out despite a heavy challenge by Georgiades. The HT siren goes, Berry misses. (Q2 28:45)
Duursma gets the first inside 50 of Q3 and places it on the chest of Butters in front of Rich 40m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q3 0:35)
Georgiades snaps narrowly from deep in the pocket 20m out after the Port smalls apply frontal pressure. (Q3 5:38)
Zorko bombs to a vacant forward 50 into the wind, Cameron is first there, McCarthy helps lock it in and eventually it’s Zorko who finishes from the hotspot. (Q3 7:06)
Neale rolls through a goal from the top of the square after the Lions boss a forward 50 stoppage. (Q3 8:34)
Rozee misses a long snap from the flank. (Q3 10:23)
Robinson slips over on the wing to allow Rozee to pounce, he tries a pass to the hotspot but misses the target… then the ball takes a nice leg break through the goals! (Q3 12:16)
Ebert sails through a set shot from 25m on the flank to kick Port away. (Q3 14:05)
Westhoff leaps over Gardiner to clunk a long ball to 25m in the pocket, but he shoots OOTF. (Q3 16:36)
Hipwood marks 20m out on a slight angle on the end of a fast break, he makes no mistake. (Q3 18:04)
Motlop sails through a nice finish after roving 40m out in front and getting sat upon by Ah Chee to earn a free. (Q3 24:37)
Motlop bounces through another goal from the corridor after a chain of handballs. (Q3 26:25)
Dixon gets a free for a throw by Martin at the Port hotspot, he strokes through goal number three. (Q3 29:47)
Motlop marks 50m out on the flank, feints a give to fool Ah Chee on the mark then hoofs a fine finish into the wind! (Q4 1:25)
McCluggage marks in midfield and gets a 50m penalty for late contact by Amon to bring him 15m out for a charity goal. (Q4 3:55)
Dixon can’t navigate a very tough set shot into the breeze from 30m on the flank, that drifts across the face. (Q4 6:54)
Dixon gets another opportunity at a more central position and sails that one right through the hi-diddle-diddle. (Q4 8:44)
Duursma converts a set shot from the pocket, this game is over as a live contest by now. (Q4 12:36)
Hartlett receives on the run and launches another one into the wind from CHF. (Q4 14:40)
Motlop feeds Powell-Pepper for a miss from near the hotspot. (Q4 15:42)
Rayner sails through a goal on the run from 55m in front. (Q4 16:36)
Bailey is caught HTB in a double tackle at the Port hotspot, Ebert takes the free but misses. (Q4 18:11)
McInerney goals with ease from a stoppage in the pocket, very little opposition there. (Q4 21:26)
Rozee runs from the next centre bounce and goals from near CHF. (Q4 22:21)
Rich is placed 55m out in front after a 50m penalty and fires a howitzer for another long goal, this one with the wind at his back. (Q4 23:51)
McInerney roves his own contest 15m out, baulks Jonas with a lovely right foot step and dribbles through another one. (Q4 24:51)
McCluggage gets some junk from a set shot 30m out on a slight angle after catching Bonner HTB. (Q4 27:55)
Dixon marks a Ladhams kick 40m out on the flank then misses. (Q4 30:22)

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