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Blog log from SF of 2019: Geelong vs West Coast

Blog log for Geelong vs West Coast, SF of 2019

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Selwood passes short to Hawkins 40m on the flank who swings through the first goal of the evening. (Q1 2:12)
Dangerfield tumbles a kick from the next centre bounce to the hotspot, McGovern drops the intercept mark and the ball flips out to his man Atkins who snaps truly. (Q1 3:57)
Hawkins gets a downfield free 45m out on the flank but starts that set shot too far left, just a behind. (Q1 5:57)
Kelly hits the crumb from a Hawkins contest on the HFF at top speed and runs away from Yeo to snap another goal from 20m. Cats have the jump! (Q1 9:40)
The Cats rebound somewhat chaotically through heavy traffic in midfield from the HBF, Blicavs has a chance from 40m in front but misses badly. (Q1 16:58)
Naitanui rises in front of a pack 30m out on the flank to clunk a Darling kick, but he misses. (Q1 17:58)
Jetta delivers a dangerous kick up the guts from CHB, almost spoiled but the Eagles get over the back with Hutchings feeding a Joe the Goose special to Darling. (Q1 19:10)
Dahlhaus goes early and gets rid of Schofield to allow Ratugolea to mark 20m out in front for another one for Geelong, somewhat luckily. (Q1 25:43)
Stanley kicks low and hard from CHF in broken play to Ratugolea one out with Barrass, that mark is legit and he goals again in the last minute before QT. (Q1 28:28)
Hawkins beats McGovern in a wrestle to mark a long Ablett ball from the wing to the flank 40m out. His set shot is again curvy, but curves through the middle. (Q2 1:12)
Petruccelle sails through a lovely snap on the run from 50m on a slight angle on the end of a rare flowing rebound move by the Eagles. (Q2 3:01)
Kelly is called to play advantage after a free on Yeo near the hotspot, his snap across the body falls on the line but Barrass touches it behind the line, ruled a goal. (Q2 7:42)
Miers snicks the inside of the post with a flying snap from 30m on the flank. (Q2 10:27)
Petruccelle catches Menegola HTB just inside CHF, but shoots well wide. (Q2 14:33)
O’Connor is pinged for a block on Ryan 40m out on the flank, who converts. (Q2 16:32)
Hutchings has a flying snap from near the hotspot after roving the next centre clearance but blazes OOTF. (Q2 17:45)
Guthrie turns the ball over by foot on the wing under pressure and the Eagles switch, Ryan finds Darling 35m out on the flank who goals. (Q2 20:58)
Frontal pressure by the Eagles finally pays dividends with Petruccelle reefing out a handball to Masten who snaps across the body off the right boot for a big goal nearing HT. (Q2 26:52)
Naitanui kicks high from the next centre bounce, Ryan roves and gets slung around the neck by Henry 40m out in front. He kicks poorly, just a point. (Q2 28:13)
Ratugolea is paid a questionable mark leaping over a pack 20m out from a Guthrie kick, he boots his third goal. (Q3 0:37)
Darling roves a Ryan kick to the pocket and runs into the open goal. (Q3 2:45)
Gaff kicks long after the next centre bounce to the hotspot where Kennedy brings the ball to ground, mops up and gives off, it’s Gaff himself who eventually snaps truly! (Q3 4:06)
Gaff marks untouched 40m out on a slight angle, this for the lead… it’s low and swerving, but it’s home and the Eagles hit the front! (Q3 6:39)
Atkins feeds Miers for a highly pressured snap that goes wide from 25m out on the flank. (Q3 7:45)
Menegola wastes time on the mark after getting late to spoil Hickey on the wing, ump pays 50m and Hickey converts from near the hotspot. Dumb play by the Cat. (Q3 8:56)
Kelly beats Gaff at the next centre bounce, the clearance kick drops 40m out on a slight angle where Dahlhaus dives in front of Jetta to mark then hit the post. (Q3 10:27)
Selwood intercepts a Jetta rebound kick in front of a flat-footed Sheed 45m out in front, he goals to level the scores. (Q3 11:52)
Waterman juggles a Jetta kick on the HFF, plays on and hits the lead of Kennedy 20m out on the flank, easy goal to restore the West Coast lead. (Q3 13:36)
Masten is pinged for HTB after he drags a pack ball in under a Menegola tackle 30m out on the flank, but the Cat misses. (Q3 16:38)
Guthrie baulks past Naitanui on the wing with a lovely right foot step and hits Ablett 45m out on the flank. The old man hooks it left. (Q3 19:27)
Dangerfield intercepts a Jetta kick 55m out in front, he goes back for the set shot but it’s wide and rushed. (Q3 20:27)
Yeo roves on the HFF but misses with a monster kick from 60m. (Q3 24:24)
Kelly gets the first centre clearance of Q4, Ablett marks near CHF but eventually goes to Kelly running on to 45m on a slight angle, kick falls…. Hawkins marks and goals! (Q4 0:58)
Dangerfield leaps over Yeo to clunk a big pack mark 25m out on the flank, but sprays it OOTF. (Q4 5:08)
Parfitt kicks across the face from one pocket to the other at a stoppage, somehow Bews is by himself to gather and goal from 20m! (Q4 7:22)
After a scramble on members wing with 20 blokes milling about and the ball pinging, Ratugolea kicks long to Hawkins who marks in front of Barrass and goals from 30m on the flank. (Q4 12:45)
That might have been the key passage of the match, big bump by Stewart on Yeo was the play that broke it open. (Q4 13:15)
Yeo misses a flying snap from near CHF off balance. (Q4 13:46)
The Cats again work it through heavy traffic around members wing, long ball to the hotspot falls for Dahlhaus who grubbers home what should be the sealer. (Q4 15:03)
Miers passes short to Ablett 45m out on the flank, set shot falls short and doesn’t score. (Q4 19:47)
The clock ticks below 5:00 to go with the Eagles not looking like scoring. (Q4 21:01)
Dangerfield passes to Kelly on the HFF, he takes his full allotted time over the set shot, the ball falls and is rushed. (Q4 24:12)

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