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Blog log from R22 of 2019: Fremantle vs Essendon

Blog log for Fremantle vs Essendon, R22 of 2019

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Walters passes to Mundy 45m out on a slight angle who misses the first set shot of the evening. (Q1 2:31)
Parish roves a stoppage on the flank 40m out and gives inside to Merrett who snaps a lovely finish off the left boot for the first goal of the game. (Q1 5:00)
Langdon checksides a weird kick from the HFF to grass near the hotspot, Walters makes it look good with a quality pick up but he snaps wide. (Q1 10:26)
McCarthy marks a Hughes pass on the lead 40m out on the flank with Francis trailing badly, his set shot doesn’t score though. (Q1 10:47)
Hamling goes to ground chasing a loose ball with Stringer on the wing, Stringer mops up and the Dons work the loose man with Fantasia feeding Brown a Joe the Goose special. (Q1 11:53)
After a Hurley intercept in defence, Saad bursts up the middle and goes long to Stringer who marks over Hamling 20m out in front and goals. Dons have the jump. (Q1 16:27)
McCarthy misses a set shot from 40m on the flank. (Q1 18:47)
Ballantyne marks at half forward and delivers an intelligent kick across the hotspot to the fat side pocket where McCarthy marks 10m out and goals. Classic Balla, one more time! (Q1 20:13)
Stringer marks in front of Logue 40m out on the flank, he runs in crooked and shoots crooked. (Q1 22:07)
Parish converts a free kick from 30m on a slight angle after Walters bumps him in the back at a stoppage. (Q1 24:48)
McKernan is the last with the pinball in his hands after a chaotic broken play at half forward, he gives over the top to McDonald-Tipungwuti who baulks Mundy and goals. (Q1 27:31)
Darcy marks a Switkowski pass 35m out on a slight angle in front of Clarke and boots his first goal. (Q1 29:48)
Mundy roves a hardfought Switkowski contest at half forward and passes to Walters 40m out on a slight angle, who also goals in his 150th game. (Q1 30:43)
Walters stages for a free kick at half forward and gets it on Gleeson, he passes to McCarthy 40m out in the corridor who kicks truly. (Q2 4:05)
McKernan marks going back with the flight to a big pack near the hotspot and goals. (Q2 6:52)
Fantasia is over the back of the Fremantle defence to mark a long McKenna ball up the guts near the square and waltz into the open goal. (Q2 10:56)
Clarke takes a big pack mark 20m out in front with both Freo rucks nearby, but he sprays the set shot which the home crowd loves. (Q2 11:41)
Langdon roves and misses off a step from 25m on the flank after a stoppage. (Q2 15:16)
Shiel marks 45m out on a slight angle and hits the post. (Q2 17:37)
Brown intercepts a Hamling kick on the HFF, Hill arrives late and is pinged for knocking the ball out of the hands, 50m penalty ensures the goal for Essendon. (Q2 19:47)
A lull as one of the central umpires was knocked out by Schulz. (Q2 23:25)
Stringer roves on the boundary 20m out, turns and grubbers across the face into the far goalpost. (Q2 25:43)
Cerra passes to Crowden 30m out on a slight angle in the last minute before HT, Crowden punches low and wide. (Q2 29:27)
Walters marks 30m out on a slight angle and makes good on some Freo territory occupation with his second goal. (Q3 6:47)
Stringer marks a McGrath attemptfrom half forward that falls on the behind line, he plays on and goals. (Q3 10:06)
Matera misses from the pocket after a give by McCarthy. (Q3 12:15)
McDonald-Tipungwuti roves and snaps truly from a stoppage 20m out but Stringer is pinged for interference on the goal line, goal nullified! (Q3 17:20)
The Dockers rebound at pace, Mundy shoots off a step from 20m on a slight angle but just misses. (Q3 17:48)
Shiel passes to Merrett 45m out on the flank who sails through the goal. (Q3 19:01)
Darcy spoils an inside 50 kick but straight to Shiel who snaps truly off the left from 40m on the flank. (Q3 22:08)
Gleeson misses from the boundary 40m out. (Q3 24:50)
Sandilands clunks a big mark at the hotspot in front of Hurley, but he shanks it wide left much to the horror of the purple horde. (Q3 30:03)
Fyfe marks in the pocket in front of Ambrose and screws through the set shot from 25m. (Q4 2:29)
McCarthy marks a Langdon kick on the lead in front of Hurley 40m out on a slight angle, but he misses badly. (Q4 4:45)
Gleeson holds Ballantyne without it to concede a free 35m out on the flank. Balla misses. (Q4 9:40)
McCarthy draws a holding free on Zerk-Thatcher 30m out on a slight angle and converts, three goals in it and 9:16 to go but every Freo goal is so painful. (Q4 15:02)
Brown gives to Langford who snaps truly from 45m on the flank after the next centre bounce… that was much easier. (Q4 16:11)
Shiel runs through midfield after the next centre bounce and passes short to Langford 45m out in the corridor. Langford puts the game to bed with his second goal in succession. (Q4 17:53)
Ballantyne snaps OOTF from the pocket. (Q4 21:31)
Mundy passes to Walters 40m out on a slight angle after McGrath turns the ball over by foot on the wing. Sonny misses. (Q4 22:45)
McDonald-Tipungwuti passes to Ham near the hotspot who hits the post. (Q4 27:00)

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