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Blog log from R19 of 2019: Gold Coast vs Essendon

Blog log for Gold Coast vs Essendon, R19 of 2019

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McKernan gets us underway with the first goal of the game, and already it feels a little like junk time. (Q1 4:09)
Weller bounces down the wing and hits Rischitelli 30m out on a slight angle, who hits the post. (Q1 5:05)
Fiorini snaps a lovely goal from a stoppage deep in the pocket 20m out. (Q1 6:40)
Miles misses a set shot from 50m on a slight angle. (Q1 9:39)
Laverde marks 30m out on a slight angle and misses. (Q1 10:32)
McDonald-Tipungwuti runs through midfield and passes to Stringer near the hotspot, the ex-Dog is called to play on as it was touched off the boot, he misses. (Q1 13:12)
Day takes a contested grab in front of Ambrose at the hotspot for his first goal. (Q1 15:56)
Miller roves the next centre clearance to the hotspot and gives to Wright who snaps truly from 20m. (Q1 17:34)
Sexton converts a set shot from 45m on a slight angle after a slight hold by McNiece, the Suns officially have the jump! (Q1 19:41)
Hanley misses the lot with a flying snap from 40m out on the flank. (Q1 20:10)
Rischitelli passes short from the HFF to Wright leading up from the square to 30m on a slight angle, 2MP kicks truly for his first of the evening. (Q2 2:06)
Saad kicks high from the HFF to the hotspot where McKernan flies in front of two undersized Sun defenders to clunk the mark for his second goal, and Essendon’s second. (Q2 5:11)
King marks in front of Francis on the HFF and sends a long ball that drops in the square, the crumb falls behind where Day volleys a sensational goal! (Q2 7:56)
Brown marks in front of Joyce 45m out on the flank and just avoids the right goalpost for his first goal of the evening. (Q2 9:26)
McDonald-Tipungwuti marks 45m out on the flank and hooks left. (Q2 14:11)
Merrett kicks long from the HFF to the pocket where Stringer beats the outmatched Joyce easily to mark 20m out and goal. (Q2 16:46)
McDonald-Tipungwuti passes to the lead of Stringer 45m out on the flank on the end of a quick rebound around the outer wing. The Package misses. (Q2 22:26)
Heron hits the square from the pocket, plenty of Dons there but Gleeson is pinged for a hold on King for a charity goal. (Q2 24:52)
Harbrow touches through a snap by Stringer from CHF. (Q3 0:25)
The Suns rebound after that goal with Harbrow breaking the lines from half back, Miller roves a Lemmens contest and goals from 20m. Can the Suns keep this up for four quarters? (Q3 2:10)
Harbrow falls in the back of McDonald-Tipungwuti 45m out in the corridor, obvious free kick and Walla kicks quickly… short, rebounded for no score. (Q3 3:10)
Dylan Clarke passes from CHF to Zaharakis 40m out on the flank, his set shot falls on the line and is rebounded as well. (Q3 3:55)
Video shows that Zaharakis shot was well over the goal line, Dons robbed on that decision with no review! (Q3 4:54)
McKernan marks a speculator by Langford in a pack 25m out on the flank, leaping in front of Hombsch, but he misses. (Q3 7:44)
McKernan gives away 50m to bring Miles from CHB to CHF, MIles passes to Miller near the hotspot who misses. (Q3 8:56)
Miles gives forward of a stoppage on the wing for Fiorini who speeds to the HFF and sails through a sensational finish to an empty square! (Q3 10:17)
McDonald-Tipungwuti passes to Brown who marks in front of Burgess 50m out near the boundary, the set shot falls in the square and is rushed. (Q3 12:06)
Brown snaps his second goal from a ball up at the hotspot. (Q3 14:10)
Stringer gets tackled by Lemmens streaming away from the next centre bounce but gets a kick away while on his back, it lands with Brown 45m out on a slight angle who goals again. (Q3 15:35)
Miller rolls a snap from the pocket into the goalpost. (Q3 18:07)
Rischitelli catches Gleeson HTB 40m out on the flank but misses. (Q3 20:25)
McNiece passes to Parish 45m out on a slight angle who goals, Bombers are definitely back in this one. (Q3 21:25)
McDonald-Tipungwuti gets a contact free in the pocket, Shiel decides to throw a boot at the ball and the ump says that’s advantage… it bounces on the line and through! (Q3 23:32)
Stringer and Burgess contest a Merrett clearance to the flank 40m out, Stringer taps the ball inside for himself to mop up and snap the go-ahead goal from near the hotspot. (Q3 29:26)
McKernan marks a Zaharakis kick to the HFF, keeps his feet and plays on for a running snap that sails through as well! Big red time goals for the red and black. (Q3 30:09)
Lemmens roves Rischitelli at half forward and passes to King at the hotspot, who kicks truly to make Q4 interesting. (Q4 1:49)
MacPherson marks 40m out on the flank and hits the top of the square where a big pack has formed… King marks in front of Francis and goals again, Suns back in the lead! (Q4 5:19)
Langford marks a short clearance kick from a stoppage at the hotspot, Harbrow arrives late to bump him and the ump pays 50m penalty, easy goal, Bombers lead once more. (Q4 7:40)
Langford picks up a loose ball in midfield and hits McKernan near the hotspot for his fourth goal. (Q4 9:30)
Joyce roves in a pack at the top of the Dons goalsquare but his quick handball is tapped down by Snelling, McGrath roves and goals from 15m. (Q4 11:55)
McGrath bounces a snap wide from a pack outside the hotspot. (Q4 16:37)
King leaps in front of Hooker to mark near the hotspot and boot his third of the quarter. (Q4 18:01)
Stringer is on his own outside a stoppage at the hotspot and receives from Laverde, he gets challenged by Fiorini but baulks around and checksides his third goal. (Q4 20:16)
Day juggles a mark from a Weller pass to 45m on a slight angle, his set shot starts right but swings left and in. Gold Coast staying in it at least, though it’s tough from here. (Q4 22:47)
Merrett coughs the ball up by hand at half back straight to Miles, he kicks quickly and very short to Swallow at the hotspot, mark paid and goal scored! (Q4 27:56)
Merrett shoots from the HFF but Hanley is in the square to rush it. (Q4 28:57)
The Suns rebound around the outer wing at pace with passion, Day kicks to the hotspot where Burgess roves and snaps truly! Suns in front again. (Q4 29:44)
2:34 to go and the Suns have a lead to defend. (Q4 29:44)
Dylan Clarke gets the centre clearance to half forward, no mark and the Suns rebound to the wing, ball up, 1:58. (Q4 31:16)
Saad clears but the Francis kick is a turnover, Harbrow kicks to the Suns HFF, throw in, 1:36. (Q4 31:48)
Secondary stoppage on the Suns HFF, 1:28. (Q4 32:17)
McDonald-Tipungwuti runs away from the stoppage,has two bounces up the wing and passes to Hooker 40m out on a slight angle. Hooker kicks truly, Dons lead, 36 seconds to go! (Q4 33:01)
Stringer runs away from the next centre bounce and launches from outside CHF, the ball bounces 15m out, rolls beyond Dawson and rolls its way through! (Q4 35:33)

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