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Blog log from R18 of 2019: Fremantle vs Sydney

Blog log for Fremantle vs Sydney, R18 of 2019

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Papley snaps wide from a stoppage in the pocket. (Q1 1:48)
Bradley Hill turns on the afterburners to get away from his tagger Clarke on the HFF to zoom onto a long Hamling ball and skid through the first goal from 40m. (Q1 3:59)
Rampe gets into the back of Walters 40m out on the flank, who plays on and misses. (Q1 5:01)
Papley marks outside CHF ona fast rebound, wheels and kicks to the hotspot for Reid to mark in front of Hamling and goal. (Q1 7:46)
Lloyd misses an OOTF free from 40m. (Q1 15:59)
Logue spoils a Rowbottom inside 50 kick near the hotspot, Papley roves and screws it too much for a behind. (Q1 23:33)
McCartin catches Logue HTB 40m out in the corridor after Hamling fumbles an Aliir inside 50 kick, but he misses. (Q1 24:44)
Cerra spoils a Reid pass to Papley near the hotspot, the crumb falls to CHF where Hewett picks up and shoots… OOTF. (Q2 2:33)
Sandilands puts a ruck tap in the pocket into the breadbasket of Conca who rides a tackle and snaps the goal off his left boot from 20m. (Q2 5:41)
Heeney marks a Jones kick to 50m on a slight angle, his set shot falls in the square, Hayward roves and gives to Parker who snaps from 10m, did Lobb touch it? No, ruled goal. (Q2 9:12)
Mundy gives to Conca in the pocket who tries a checkside off a few steps from 20m… across the face. (Q2 12:19)
Walters passes to Mundy on the boundary 30m out, who misses. (Q2 12:29)
The Dockers force more repeat inside 50s through frontal pressure, Duman passes to Matera 25m out on the flank who kicks the go-ahead behind. (Q2 14:59)
Blakey runs down the flank with a bounce on the end of a coast-to-coast rebound and Blakely can’t catch him on the chase, he gives inside to Papley for the goal from 10m. (Q2 16:02)
Rampe slips at CHB and coughs the ball up by hand through Stoddart’s legs, Bradley Hill swoops but skids his snap wide from the HFF. (Q2 19:03)
Parker marks on the HFF and draws a man for the give to Reid, who steers through the goal from 35m on a slight angle. (Q2 23:07)
Fox sails through his first goal of the evening from a set shot from 30m on the flank. (Q2 26:05)
Lobb roves his own contest in a pack 20m out and rides a tackle to snap a nice goal. (Q2 27:18)
McCartin marks 40m out in the corridor but misses. (Q3 2:16)
Lobb sails through the first goal of Q3 from half forward after roving a smothered McCarthy kick in space. (Q3 10:04)
Bewley goes long from the HFF to the square where Lobb beats Melican to mark in a four-man pack and boot his third goal to even the scores. (Q3 14:49)
Darcy, of all people, roves a Lobb contest in the pocket and gives outside to Matera who pokes through a fine finish from near the boundary 20m out to give Freo the lead. (Q3 22:14)
Darcy marks a high Brayshaw kick from half forward over Mills next to the square but smacks the set shot into the post. (Q3 24:21)
Bewley sends a high speculator from the HFF to the square, Sandilands isn’t paid the mark but he gives off to Walters who snaps truly from 15m. (Q4 0:24)
Parker clears off the left boot after a stoppage forward of the wing, Reid marks in front of Hamling 25m out near the boundary and screws through a professional finish. (Q4 3:20)
Hayward centres from the pocket for Blakey to mark and goal from 20m in front, bringing the margin back to a point Freo’s way. (Q4 5:21)
Darcy misses from a stoppage 40m out on the flank after a feed in tight by Blakely. (Q4 9:06)
Mundy drops Lloyd after disposal on the wing, free plus 50m penalty brings Lloyd to near the hotspot but he misses, a point in it Freo’s way with 8:17 to play. (Q4 19:02)
Blakely gets back just in time to touch a Papley snap from the HFF into the goalpost. (Q4 20:17)
Hewett baulks clear of Mundy on the HFF and goes to Parker deep in the pocket 30m out. Scores level with the clock ticking towards 2:30… he misses. (Q4 25:36)
Swans by a point, 2:29 to go. (Q4 25:36)
Hamling marks the rebound kick behind the wing and starts a slow attack. (Q4 26:07)
Mundy roves a Sandilands contest forward of the wing and feeds Brayshaw who snaps wide, scores level. (Q4 26:38)
Hayward gives away a free to Sandilands on the wing, long ball to the hotspot, roved by Langdon, missed snap, 1:25 to go, Freo by a point! (Q4 26:38)
The kick in goes up the guts, Syndey works it to half forward but it’s a stoppage, 1:07. (Q4 26:38)
Florent and Langdon chase the footy to the Swans HFF, throw in, 55 seconds, Freo by a point. (Q4 28:05)
Jones kicks high to the HFF, Papley gives to grass, Brayshaw gathers but it’s a throw in in the Swans FP, 32 seconds. (Q4 29:04)
Parker roves a soccer to the square but his kick goes up and down, Hawling catches it near the behind post, stoppage. (Q4 29:35)
Clearance kick to the centre and it was Bradley Hill with the game-saving disposal, Brayshaw roves and kicks to an empty forward line, siren, Dockers win! (Full Time)

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