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Blog log from R8 of 2019: St Kilda vs West Coast

Blog log for St Kilda vs West Coast, R8 of 2019

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Liam Ryan is able to find space outside a congested forward pocket contest. He gets good purchase on his soccer kick but it’s to the near side for the first score of the day. (Q1 1:38)
Jack Petruccelle streams down the wing and kicks in between Cripps and the goal. Cripps collects the footy but looks uncertain, eventually missing a snap to the far side. (Q1 3:53)
Gaff feeds it out the back of the stoppage to his skipper, who has room to move. Hurn’s running attempt on goal from the pocket misses. (Q1 6:37)
Sheed, Gaff, and then Petruccelle who almost spills the mark but is able to clunk it on the second grab. From 35m, directly in front, he has no problem! First goal to the Eagles. (Q1 10:36)
Kent does exceptionally well to position himself to mark Ross’ skyward kick. His banana from the pocket was never online. (Q1 13:36)
Acres takes a couple bounces as he strides through the corridor. Kent gets involved as well, pinpointing Josh Bruce on the fat side inside 50. From 40, Josh kicks the goal! (Q1 19:17)
Wilkie is penalised for holding Allen, giving the Eagle the opportunity to line up, 15m out. On a 45-degree angle, Oscar makes no mistake. (Q1 20:52)
Among a huge pack of players nestled inside the Eagles’ 50, Venables manages to get a snap away which bounces through for a goal. (Q1 25:37)
With great vision, Sinclair is able to find Gresham with the short, inboard pass. Jade’s shot from 45m is good, bringing the margin back to 8 points at quarter time. (Qtr Time)
Brown is pinged for tackling Sheed without the footy, although there wasn’t much in it. Dom kicks the goal from 20m out with ease. (Q2 2:12)
The Eagles clinically transition from defence to offence, with Petruccelle hitting Cripps lace-out. Jamie’s shot from deep in the pocket is exceptional, extending his team’s lead. (Q2 3:57)
Bruce takes a big contested mark at CHB, allowing his Saints to spread quickly and rebound. A few touches later, Kent marks uncontested, 35m out. Dean has no trouble converting! (Q2 10:12)
Sheed finds space on the flank, offloading to a galloping Petruccelle who can’t quite keep his shot on target. (Q2 11:12)
With good judgement of the footy’s flight, Bruce marks strongly over the top of Schofield. From 40m on a slight angle, Josh hits the post. (Q2 13:42)
A subtle shove by Brown on Kennedy gifts the key forward his first touch of the day. From 45m, Josh’s shot on goal fades to the right for a minor score. (Q2 15:58)
From deep near the boundary line, Parker kicks to the hot spot where a pack of players fly. Bruce claims the mark but it isn’t paid, before Long manages a quick, yet offline snap. (Q2 19:27)
Kent and Membrey combine with the one-two, finding a free target being Sinclair inside 50. From 45m on a slight angle, he splits the middle. (Q2 22:42)
It’s Parker, Sinclair and then Gresham with a flying snap from 40m that doesn’t bend back enough, resulting in a minor score. (Q2 25:27)
Hutchings feeds it out the back to Oscar Allen who snaps truly from 35, giving the Eagles a nice kickstart into the second half. (Q3 1:41)
After Marshall misses at one end, the Eagles transition and Ryan brilliantly centres the ball to Petruccelle, who found space on Steele. Jake lines up from 30m and kicks the goal. (Q3 3:33)
Membrey crumbs his own ball near goal, feeding it backward in the direction of Savage. Running at speed, Shane Savage kicks a GOTY contender with an incredible checkside snap! (Q3 6:42)
Membrey attempts a soccer kick toward goal to no avail. Long then has a go, and despite Saints celebrations, the replay proves it was a rushed behind from Hurn’s boot instead. (Q3 8:57)
Battle is way too slow to clear the footy from defence, allowing Kennedy to catch him HTB. From 25 on a moderate angle, Josh hangs it out to the right. (Q3 11:13)
Hurn is pinged for a throw on the boundary in the Saints’ forward 50. Kent is the benefactor, kicking the goal with class. (Q3 14:11)
Darling, who’s been quiet today, releases a quick long-range shot toward goal which bounces wide, barely scraping in for a behind. (Q3 14:39)
Acres sets up Membrey whose set-shot kick from downtown is punched over the line for a minor score. (Q3 17:53)
Darling pokes it over the top to Ryan, deep in the pocket. Liam runs around to open the angle, snaps on his right and kicks the goal. (Q3 18:53)
The Eagles hit consecutive tagets by foot, with Cripps the last link in the chain. From just inside 50, he has no trouble. (Q3 23:11)
Sheed clears the footy mid-air from defence but it’s only as far as Steele. Jack marks but his shot is very poor, sliding OOTF. (Q3 24:50)
Straight off the bench, Darling becomes the free Eagle, linking with a running Venables. He centres from the pocket to Kennedy who juggles the marks and goals from 25. (Q3 29:27)
Kennedy takes a big pack mark and kicks his second in as many minutes, stretching the Eagles’ lead to a game-high 30 points. (Q3 31:22)
For the first chance of the final quarter, Ryan crumbs a pack just inside the 50 and cannons his kick into the post. (Q4 0:19)
Hutchings bombs the footy inside 50 from the wing. Flyin’ Liam Ryan leaps above the rest to clunk the mark but he can’t convert his 45m shot. (Q4 2:32)
Yeo gets clear from a stoppage and gets a good long-range look at goal, but it’s touched by Brown before the line. (Q4 7:49)
Cripps handballs inboard to Duggan who launches a shot from CHF straight into the woodwork. There’s a crack in the floodgates… (Q4 8:15)
Bruce holds the footy beyond his range so pops it into a dangerous area. Membrey jumps off two feet, clunks the mark, and kick the goal from 25. (Q4 10:02)
It’s Wilkie, Phillips and then Billings as the last link in the chain. Jack will line up on the wrong side for a left-footer, but his kick looks good! (Q4 11:02)
Ryan combines with Shuey and then Gaff gets involved, shooting from 40m on the run. It’s wide. (Q4 14:32)
Matt Parker drags his 45m set shot to the left in what has been a quiet night for the livewire. (Q4 15:02)
Sinclair crumbs a contest in the hot spot and gives to Newnes who sprays the easy shot. (Q4 15:35)
Venables passes to Waterman who marks at full stride. His attempt from 40 on a slight angle misses. (Q4 18:04)
It’s yet another behind for the Eagles, this time attributed to the hasty left boot of Dom Sheed from 45. (Q4 18:34)
Sheed is involved again, this time with a set-shot opportunity. From just inside 50, he misses, kicking the Eagles’ eighth behind of the quarter. (Q4 19:49)
Jack Steele is the recipient of 50m penalty which brings him within scoring range. He lines up and kicks the goal but it’s too little, too late for the Saints. (Q4 26:03)
Billings sidesteps Duggan in the pocket and snaps a phenomenal goal on his left boot. The high-quality goal brings them within two goals, but time is the enemy for St. Kilda. (Q4 27:01)
Darling marks 25m out and jams it through the goals. With 15 seconds left, Eagles, you may sing your song. (Q4 28:13)

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