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Blog log from R3 of 2019: Collingwood vs West Coast

Blog log for Collingwood vs West Coast, R3 of 2019

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Adams runs his full measure on the wing and feeds inboard to Pendlebury, who lowers his eyes to the leading De Goey. He goes bang from 50 for the first goal of the night! (Q1 3:48)
Darling crashes the pack in the forward pocket. Kennedy feeds the crumbs out to Cripps who is able to find some space, snap on his left and slot the goal! (Q1 14:03)
Beams’ inside 50 sails over the head of Thomas, landing fortunately in the lap of De Goey. From 45 on a slight angle, Jordan has no trouble kicking his second goal of the quarter. (Q1 14:03)
Petruccelle puts on the afterburners as he streams inside 50. With some space around him, he can’t quite keep his kick straight. Through for a minor score. (Q1 17:29)
Adams kicks toward the leading De Goey. Cole nervously infringes in the marking contest, giving the dangerous De Goey a shot on goal. Jordan’s attempt from 50 drifts OOTF. (Q1 20:22)
Hickey gives away an over-the-shoulder free kick at a stoppage just inside Collingwood’s forward 50. Cox lines up for goal and his shot is a good one! Another goal to the Pies. (Q1 22:13)
De Goey almost bullies his way toward goal. Some wayward passes eventually end up with an accidental rushed behind off the boot of Stephenson. (Q1 24:19)
Petruccelle, Ryan, Redden and then finally McGovern as the last link of the chain. His attempt form 52 hits the behind post. OOTF. (Q1 27:53)
Petruccelle takes the advantage, streams inside 50 and unselfishly pops it over the top to Dom Sheed in the square. His simple set shot is straight through the middle. (Q2 1:24)
Petruccelle yet again streams toward goal. This time he elects to shoot, but his attempt is to the near side for a minor score. (Q2 2:10)
Pendlebury’s disposal is clean as always as he sets up Mayne for an attempt on goal. The ex-Docker’s set shot from just inside the 50 arc hits the post. (Q2 6:14)
It’s Adams with the inside 50 to Mihocek. Brody has no issues whatsoever in splitting the middle from 45m. Goal to Collingwood! (Q2 7:15)
A free kick is paid against Adams for a high, late bump on Shuey. Yeo is the benefactor of the downfield free kick. His shot from just inside the 50 drifts wide for a minor score. (Q2 10:19)
Shuey pumps the footy inside 50 to a one-on-one contest. After marking strongly over the top of Langdon, Kennedy kicks the easiest of goals from the square. (Q2 11:30)
Hutching’s kick toward a contest in the goal square evades all players before bouncing wide for a minor score. (Q2 12:28)
Following an attacking entry from Shuey, it’s goal number two for Cripps! He beautifully roved a Vardy-crushed pack in the hot spot. (Q2 15:18)
Hickey clears it from the centre bounce, Darling helps it forward, and Ryan finishes with a nice running goal from 15m out, directly in front. (Q2 17:04)
Adams feeds it inboard to Treloar. The hard-running midfielder has enough time to compose himself, line up his sights, and slot a quality goal from 40 on the run. (Q2 17:30)
Grab the measuring tape for Shuey’s pass to Kennedy. Nevertheless, a mark is paid. His shot on goal is dead-on, and the Eagles extend their lead! (Q2 19:45)
It’s confusion and chaos as Stephenson gives away a 50m penalty for throwing the footy back to the wrong team after a below-the-knees free kick. Cripps has the shot from 40. Goal! (Q2 22:47)
The umpire blows his whistle for a hold against Barrass. He would be emBarrassed with his effort. As would Cox whose shot from 35 is sprayed wide for a behind. (Q2 25:13)
On a 45 degree angle from 45m out, Kennedy’s kick is a little to the right and only registers a minor score. (Q2 26:28)
Maynard’s hack kick inside 50 falls into the lap of Treloar in the right place at the right time. His spot kick from 48, directly in front, is flawless. (Q2 29:01)
Thomas starts the attacking play with a smooth pick up off the turf. Mihocek eventually marks strongly near the boundary line, but his 40m shot is inaccurate. (Q3 2:08)
The footy spills out the back over Roughead. Sheed is the first one to pounce as Dom kicks an easy running major from 15m out. (Q3 5:25)
Oscar Allen marks strongly over a couple of Pies and will line up from 40m with no significant angle. It’s straight through the middle for the big Eagle! (Q3 5:57)
Phillips shows great vision to find Adams free in the centre square. He dashes toward the 50, could have blazed away, but passed to Sidebottom at 40 instead. Steele has no trouble! (Q3 13:41)
It’s HTB against Masten and don’t the Pies fans love it. De Goey will line up from 40, right in front. His kick starts and finishes offline. (Q3 22:44)
Cripps squares the footy to the advantage of Hickey who boasts a few metres of space ahead of the undersized Beams. Hickey marks and goals from 20m on a 45-degree angle. (Q3 27:26)
De Goey roves a huge pack in the pocket, feeds it to Stephensen and then Thomas, who squeezes in the goal just before the line. (Q4 2:56)
Thomas almost goes back-to-back. He quickly scoops up a loose ball but his shot is high and wide for a minor score. (Q4 4:41)
Gaff chalks up another touch with a pass to Yeo. Elliott sees Ryan in a paddock of space in the pocket. His drop punt is OOTF. (Q4 6:42)
A scrappy defensive kick from De Goey is turned over to Yeo. He launches it goalward, where Ryan brilliantly keeps the ball in play. Darling kicks the goal! (Q4 8:54)
He’s been quiet all night, but Jamie Elliott pounces and goals when it counts most. He pushed off his opponent on the HFF, charged inside 50 and kicked truly on the run from 40. (Q4 12:14)
HTB against Jetta and Treloar will have the opportunity to put the Pies back in contention with a set shot from 42. He’s hooked it and it barely scrapes in for a point. (Q4 16:00)
It’s GF deja vu as Ryan kicks to Sheed inside 50. His attempt from 40 on a 45-degree angle is flawless. Eagles stretch their lead. (Q4 16:55)
Jetta picks up the loose ball and launches it inside 50. Cripps slips over but finds his feet, steps around Crisp, and snaps the goal! (Q4 19:40)
Pendlebury spots Elliott on the run inside Collingwood’s forward 50. Jamie shows composure to centre it to the advantage of Phillips who takes a stellar mark. But he can’t convert. (Q4 22:09)
De Goey gives the Pies a sniff with a quick snap goal after crumbing a hot-spot contest. (Q4 23:55)
Josh Kennedy all but seals the deal for the Eagles with a left foot snap from the top of the square. Ryan cleverly worked the ball forward to his teammate’s advantage. (Q4 25:07)
Free kick West Coast. Petruccelle takes the advantage, runs into an open goal, and blasts it toward the clouds. (Q4 29:30)
Treloar’s snap is smothered by Barrass. Thomas picks up the scraps but his dribbler is knocked over the line for a minor score. (Q4 30:28)
With 7 seconds on the clock, Beams snaps a nice goal over his left shoulder. Too little, too late. Well done Eagles. (Q4 31:58)

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