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Blog log from R3 of 2019: Brisbane vs Port Adelaide

Blog log for Brisbane vs Port Adelaide, R3 of 2019

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Burton runs up the guts on a fast rebound and kicks to the hotspot where Hodge can’t stop Rozee marking, but the kid misses. (Q1 1:29)
Hipwood gets a set shot 30m out on the flank, he sneaks the kick inside the near goalpost for the first goal of the evening. (Q1 3:24)
Cameron roves a long ball down the flank to the pocket but grubbers into the post from 10m. (Q1 5:37)
Hipwood gets a 50m penalty to put him 45m out on a slight angle, two early goals for him! (Q1 7:04)
Cameron beats Jonas in a ground battle after contesting at half forward, he gives out to McCarthy who has McStay over the back to run into the open goal! (Q1 9:53)
McInerney takes a contested grab on the HFF and pumps it long down the line, Hipwood takes another one after getting rid of Howard, goal number three from 20m! (Q1 11:49)
Bailey falls onto a loose footy at defensive hotspot and is caught HTB by Rozee, his set shot is fine. (Q1 14:49)
Ryder converts from 15m on the flank after marking a very short pass from the pocket by Butters. (Q1 19:30)
Martin baulks around Howard with a lovely left foot step and goes short to Rayner 20m out, he plays on and snaps his first goal. (Q1 21:13)
Cameron roves on the HFF and snaps quick and wide. (Q1 24:21)
Rozee kicks from the HFF to the square but Walker has Westhoff covered and spoils for a behind playing in front. (Q1 26:35)
Rozee gets a chance for a running shot from 40m on a slight angle after Martin turns the ball over at half back with a hospital ball to Rich, his snap falls inside the post! (Q1 30:22)
Rich misses a running snap from near the point of the centre square. (Q2 0:32)
Westhoff bounces a snap to Robbie Gray one out with Hodge at the hotspot, Hodge holds to give away an obvious free kick, Gray kicks truly. (Q2 1:20)
McCluggage receives from Cameron and snaps a lovely curling goal from the HFF 40m out to keep the party going for Brisbane. (Q2 3:17)
Westhoff gets a contact free on Bailey just inside 50m on the flank, he runs in right and shanks it way left OOTF. (Q2 5:41)
Westhoff goes back with the flight into a pack and takes a courageous grab 20m out in front from a long Sam Gray speculator. This set shot rams into the goalpost! (Q2 7:28)
Ebert leaps over a passive Gardiner to mark a Sam Gray kick 40m out on the flank, but Ebert misses. (Q2 9:12)
Mathieson roves a stoppage 20m out on a slight angle and draws a legitimate high contact free on Boak, but he misses. (Q2 11:17)
Rozee zooms onto a loose ball at half forward in traffic and gives to Byrne-Jones who passes to Robbie Gray 20m out on a slight angle, he misses badly. (Q2 13:47)
Powell-Pepper goes long and quick to the pocket, Witherden is pinged for a block on Robbie Gray, plus a 50m penalty on Bailey to ensure the goal. (Q2 15:44)
Robbie Gray taps down to Ebert who has a lot of space and time for a running shot from 20m on a slight angle, but he tries a checkside that shanks for a behind! (Q2 21:16)
Powell-Pepper is bumped by McCarthy just after disposal at half forward, downfield free goes to Robbie Gray 35m out on a slight angle, he misses again. (Q2 22:27)
McCarthy roves a loose ball on the wing, rides a tackle and pokes a pass to Hipwood 35m out on a slight angle. Hipwood continues his good Q1 goalkicking form with his fourth. (Q2 24:46)
Hipwood takes a big contested grab over Jonas at the hotspot and boots goal number five in the last minute before HT! (Q2 28:32)
Houston plays on to advantage for a free to Rockliff 40m out but he encounters traffic and misses from 20m. (Q2 29:32)
Duursma passes to Boak 45m out in front, Witherden pushes him over late to give away 50m and ensure the goal. (Q3 1:33)
Ebert gets his legs taken out by Witherden in the centre, his pass is long and accurate to Rozee 30m out on the flank, who kicks truly. (Q3 6:57)
Hipwood marks outside CHF, wheels and goes to McStay leading to 30m on the flank. McStay kicks his second goal. (Q3 9:13)
Rozee misses a quick snap around the corner from 30m on the flank. (Q3 11:03)
Walker intercepts a Jonas rebound kick and goes to the pocket 40m out for Hipwood. The crowd chants his name as he walks in… miss near side left. (Q3 13:04)
Lyons snaps from the pocket, it drifts to the opposite pocket where McCarthy takes a massive screamer and goals from 15m! (Q3 15:47)
Houston it was the stepladder for the posterisation. (Q3 16:34)
Ryder beats Andrews to mark on the flank 20m out, he kicks the goal to steady Port. (Q3 17:49)
Neale kicks long to a big pack in the pocket, McCarthy roves and sets Rayner off for a run to the square and goal! (Q3 19:46)
Martin is pinged for a throw after a stoppage 45m out on the flank from the Port goals, he’s incredulous but Ryder takes the free… touched on the line, footy gods smile. (Q3 25:29)
Robbie Gray roves at the hotspot, gets tackled and slung, gives off to Rozee who snaps across the body for another quality goal! (Q3 27:33)
Rozee roves, turns and shoots from 25m on a slight angle but it’s too low and marked on the line by Rich, no score. (Q3 29:18)
Motlop gives to Boak who throws the ball on the boot in a pack 35m out on the flank… it falls inside the post for the first goal of Q4! (3 Qtr Time)
Rozee marks a high Ryder ball to the hotspot and kicks his fifth goal, Port leads! (Q4 1:44)
Robbie Gray misses a snap from half forward. (Q4 4:32)
Zorko shoots from the HFF on the burst, does Clurey get a touch on it before it goes over the line? Yes, on video review. Behind. (Q4 6:46)
McCluggage roves in the pocket, jinks between two Port chasers and snaps a nice goal from near the behind line! (Q4 10:38)
That goal was set up by Cameron forcing a handball clanger on Robbie Gray. (Q4 10:38)
Clurey passes to Ryder 30m out on a slight angle, he kicks truly. (Q4 12:30)
Wines, who has been quiet in his return match, receives from Sam Gray at a ball up near the hotspot and screws through a captain’s goal! (Q4 15:15)
Zorko to Neale at a ball up at the Lions hotspot, Neale drops the knees and draws a high contact free on Powell-Pepper, he goals to bring the margin back within a goal, 6:13 to go. (Q4 24:12)
Neale feeds Lyons for a snap from the hotspot after a ball in, it’s touched and bounces wide anyway. Clock at 5:01. (Q4 26:47)
McInerney clunks a huge pack mark with three blokes smashing him from behind, height and strength told there. He lines up from the hotspot for the go-ahead goal… it’s good! (Q4 30:31)
2:17 to go at the next bounce, Lions lead by four. (Q4 30:31)
Robinson roves and kicks to CHF at teh bounce, stoppage outside CHF, 2:06. (Q4 30:31)
Downfield free to Hipwood 20m out after the next ball up as Lycett bumps Robinson in the head after disposal, he converts to give the Lions a two-kiock lead with 1:54 to go! (Q4 30:31)
Cameron roves a Rayner fumble and spins out of a challenge by Jonas, he snaps truly to ice the game for Brisbane! (Q4 30:31)
Zorko gives to Cameron who misses on the run from near the hotspot, that would have been some champagne. (Q4 30:31)

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