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Blog log from PF of 2018: Richmond vs Collingwood

Blog log for Richmond vs Collingwood, PF of 2018

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Collingwood get the first centre clearance but Richmond rebounds around outer wing, Rioli hits Riewoldt leading behind Goldsack to 40m on the flank… Li’l Rooey misses. (Q1 0:44)
Extremely frenetic play at both ends, Rioli gets a checkside snap off under a tackle from 45m on a slight angle but it’s well wide. (Q1 6:21)
Thomas receives from Varcoe on the wing and passes to De Goey on the boundary 30m out, he plays on and screws through the first goal of the game! (Q1 8:04)
Cox feeds Mihocek who has two Tigers closing hard and scuffs his snap from 30m on a slight angle… skids across the face. (Q1 9:22)
Houli’s handball clanger at half back to Short who wasn’t looking leads to Mayne passing to Varcoe 40m out on a slight angle, he steers through his first goal of the evening. (Q1 12:35)
Castagna catches Langdon HTB, Martin plays on and gives to Conca whose short pass goes to Riewoldt 40m out on a slight angle. His set shot starts left but swings right and in! (Q1 14:19)
After Conca slips over kicking on the wing, Thomas passes to Varcoe 40m out in front who makes the decision to hand off to Goldsack who misses. Strange one. (Q1 19:12)
Sidebottom turns in traffic at half forward and gives to Crisp zooming past, he tries a chipping sort of shot on the run off his non-preferred left but it falls in! (Q1 21:23)
Grundy taps a loose ball in midfield to Varcoe who releases Thomas for a gallop down the wing, he goes to the hotspot where Mihocek beats two Tigers to mark and goal. (Q1 25:34)
Ball in at the Collingwood FP, drops short and Grundy is able to feed Adams on a platter, he gives to De Goey who snaps for another one! Magpies are on FIYAH! (Q1 27:19)
Rance on De Goey is a bad match up for Richmond, as is Cox on Astbury, and Mihocek on Broad. Grimes on Stephenson is not so bad. But what does Dimma do at QT? (Qtr Time)
Cox rises high in the middle of a pack 25m out on the flank to clunk a high speculator by Treloar from the wing. Big Cox stands tall and erect for that goal! (Q2 2:12)
Adams feeds Treloar to run away from a pack on the HFF and shoot in laconic fashion from 40m… across the face. (Q2 3:57)
Cox flies and sits on the back of Cotchin to take another big pack mark from an Adams kick to 35m on a slight angle, that was a genuine speccy! The big American kicks truly! (Q2 5:12)
Pendlebury gets held by Graham on the HFF, slow play but somehow he is able to hit Cox in front of two Tigers 20m out on the flank, third goal for him for Q2! (Q2 10:40)
Riewoldt marks a short Prestia pass 50m out on a slight angle after the next centre bounce. This is the archetypal much-needed goal… short, no score. (Q2 12:57)
Higgins passes to Vlastuin 45m out on the flank who kicks like a backman, barely a behind. (Q2 16:30)
Houli kicks high and not very handsome from the HFF to the square, Caddy has three Pies on him and they rush it with ease. (Q2 17:30)
Sidebottom gives to Crisp outside a pack for a snap off the left boot off a step from 50m on a slight angle… that one falls in too! Magpies are massacring them! (Q2 20:16)
Sidebottom roves a secondary Lambert tap after the next centre bounce and hits De Goey 40m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q2 21:43)
De Goey and Rance wrestle under a long Crisp ball to 20m on the flank, JDG wins the battle and juggles the mark in his left arm, he goals, three for him, Pies in complete control! (Q2 22:43)
Rance bombs long to the square, Riewoldt has two on him, the crumb falls at his feet but he can’t get the mechanics right as he falls over and it’s a rushed behind. (Q2 26:23)
Lambert roves a Riewoldt kick to the hotspot but misses off the left on the turn. (Q2 26:57)
Lambert gets another chance with a pressured snap from 45m on a slight angle with a man closing fast, that one rams into the post. (Q2 27:50)
Higgins marks a centring ball by McIntosh near the hotspot and just barely squeaks in the second goal for Richmond mere seconds before HT. (Q2 29:08)
Nankervis clears from the first centre bounce towards CHF where Castagna marks, wheels and hits Riewoldt 45m out in the corridor. Riewoldt clears Howe on the line for the goal. (Q3 0:26)
Grundy sets up the next centre clearance to Greenwood, De Goey marks 45m out on the flank but misses. (Q3 2:21)
De Goey roves a Cox speculator to a pack 20m out that falls perfectly for him as his man Rance falls over, he goals off the left and that’s four for him! (Q3 3:36)
Cox storms onto a Sier pass 40m out on a slight angle after beating Astbury all ends up, but hoofs it well wide. (Q3 5:45)
Edwards baulks clear on the wing and hits Riewoldt 40m out on a slight angle, who kicks straight as a die. (Q3 6:45)
Caddy kicks quickly from half forward to the square, Martin marks but is pinged for hands in the back on Goldsack, no score. (Q3 10:29)
Caddy gives off to Houli streaming up the guts for a left-foot snap in space at true CHF… well wide, didn’t hit it right, off hands for a disappointing behind. (Q3 11:13)
Mihocek rams through the official sealer from the top of the square after bullocking Astbury off a loose ball 20m out. (Q3 16:37)
Caddy gathers a loose ball on the HFF after a Riewoldt contest, turns and goes short to Houli 45m out on a slight angle. Houli just clears the pack on the line for a goal. (Q3 22:57)
Mihocek drops a very tough mark from a Varcoe pass 20m out on the flank, the ball rolls through for a behind. (Q3 24:21)
Martin passes to Riewoldt 40m out on the flank who boots his fourth major, playing a lone hand for the Tigers. (Q3 25:27)
Cotchin runs away from the next centre bounce and goes long, the ball clears the Riewoldt contest and bounces to the line, Higgins gathers but can’t get boot to ball, ruled point. (Q3 27:12)
Riewoldt marks a very high ball to the hotspot in a pack falling on his back, gets up gingerly and shoots for goal number five… it’s good. (Q4 1:31)
Lambert drops a Castagna pass at half forward to ruin a good chance for another Richmond score. (Q4 4:00)
Astbury drops a Caddy ball near the behind post in a contest with Crisp to throw away another scoring chance. (Q4 5:34)
Higgins ducks into a Goldsack tackle 20m out to get a rather soft free, another Richmond goal. Four kicks in it, 15 minutes of play left… surely not? (Q4 7:25)
Treloar restores some sanity with a snap goal from a pack 35m out on a slight angle. The Pie fans find their voices once again. (Q4 10:47)
Grundy starts the party in earnest with a dominating, bullocking goal at a ball in from near the behind post, no question the Magpies will win now! (Q4 14:02)
Sidebottom runs free to half forward and passes to Stephenson 30m out on a slight angle who gets a champagne footy goal. (Q4 22:02)

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