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Blog log from R21 of 2018: Port Adelaide vs West Coast

Blog log for Port Adelaide vs West Coast, R21 of 2018

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Port switch the ball unconvincingly across half back. They work it down the wing and Wingard spots up Gray leading out of the square. From 30 out in the pocket he finishes nicely. (Q1 4:10)
The ball ping pongs in and out of Port’s attacking 50. This time a long kick goes to the square. Cole is pressured off it and it falls into the lap of Johnson who taps in. (Q1 10:49)
Johnson catches McGovern HTB on the wing. The resulting kick is gathered by Eagles defenders and quickly turned over. Boak eventually finds Gray in the pocket. His snap misses. (Q1 14:05)
Some good pressure from Polec causes the clanger from LeCras. Jonas finds Gray on his lonesome in the pocket with a long kick. From 30 out he bends it through! (Q1 16:49)
A beautiful Wines kick out of defence opens it up for the Power. They surge forward where McGovern spills the mark and is then pinged for a hold on Wingard. He goals from 40. (Q1 23:39)
Dixon spills a mark on the wing. The Eagles go inside 50 where the ball is brought to ground. It’s dished off to Yeo who bombs one from outside 50 and splits the middle! (Q1 26:34)
Watts marks strongly at CHF against Cole. He feigns the shot but pops it to the hot spot where Dixon clunks one. He goals from 20 out. (Qtr Time)
Duggan sends it forward where Vardy receives a free kick for a push. Sheed takes advantage and shoots from 50 out on the flank. It’s a decent effort but he hits the woodwork. (Qtr Time)
Motlop wobbles one forward to Dixon who brings it to ground. It’s dished off to Ebert who hits it on the burst. From 50 out he can only manage a behind. (Q2 3:31)
Jetta intercepts a Power kick from defence. He spots up Masten at CHF. From 50 out he sets sail and slots the goal! (Q2 8:00)
Cripps bravely centres the ball in his defensive half. He executes well with Shuey putting it inside 50. Hutchings dribbles one toward goal but it slips through for a point. (Q2 20:02)
The Power burst from a stoppage in their defensive half. Motlop puts a nicely weighted kick onto the chest of a back tracking Farrell, giving Duggan no chance. He goals from 40. (Q2 23:32)
A quick mark and handball from Vardy opens up the field for the Eagles. Ah Chee sends it inside 50 to Ryan who marks and gives to Cripps. He nearly fluffs it but goals from 40. (Half Time)
Shuey bursts from a stoppage on the wing. The Eagles manage to find Darling who takes a miraculous falling mark in the pocket against Clurey. He misses. (Q3 3:50)
Redden goes to the pocket where Vardy brings it to ground. Ah Chee swoops but is caught by Houston. He releases the hands to Cripps who taps it in. (Q3 5:21)
Boak goes into the pocket to Gray. Sheppard misjudges the flight of the ball and it goes over the back. Gray runs onto it gives to Johnson who pops it through. (Q3 6:24)
Shuey gets caught in the middle of the ground and turns it over. Port Adelaide go forward in numbers and Polec puts it to the goal square. Johnson runs onto it and scores another! (Q3 7:52)
Yeo receives the handball out of a stoppage on the Eagles’ attacking 50. He screws one around the body to Vardy who marks on the lead. From 40 out he misses. (Q3 9:49)
The Power work it down the middle of the ground. Jonas spots up Ryder who managed to distance himself from Barrass. From 45 out on the flank he goals. (Q3 12:05)
Cole gathers a scrubbed kick by Byrne-Jones. He handballs down the line. Redden tries to bend one through from 40 but only manages a behind. (Q3 21:05)
Boak kicks a shocker out of defence, hitting Lycett on the chest. He goes long inside 50 where Ryan receives a free kick. Cripps takes the advantage and slots it from 20. (Q3 22:21)
Ah Chee rips it out of Motlop’s hands following a throw in inside the Eagles’ attacking 50. The Eagles spread it to Sheed who bangs it through from 40! (Q3 23:50)
There is a break in play as runners stretcher Houston off after he copped a shoulder to the head. During this time Dixon is also carried off with an ankle injury. (Q3 33:03)
Rockliff dances around an opponent and spots up Gray on the lead 40 from goal. He shanks the set shot and it scrapes through for a behind. (Q4 8:40)
Barrass send a high ball inside 50 where Ryan floats for an eternity and takes a screamer! From 40 out on the flank he slots it! (Q4 11:22)
Pittard tries to evade 2 Eagles and is brought down by Ryan who receives the free kick. His shot from 50 out hits the post. (Q4 13:06)
Sheppard sends a high snap inside 50 where Ah Chee shades across and takes an uncontested mark. His set shot from 40 is a behind. (Q4 15:21)
Watts is pinged for HTB after trying to shrug a Ryan tackle in a dangerous position. From 50 out on a tough angle Ryan takes a ping but it was always a behind off the boot. (Q4 21:41)
Wines looks inboard after Westhoff brings it down on Port’s attacking 50. He finds Gray in front of Sheppard. From 50 out on the flank he misses. (Q4 24:24)
Redden releases Yeo with a good kick down the wing. He goes inside 50 and the ball is spoiled by Howard. Cripps gives to LeCras in the square who goals! 43 seconds left! (Q4 26:07)
Lycett’s quick kick out of the middle is marked by McGovern! He will shoot from 40 out after the siren! He goes back and slots it! Eagles win! (Full Time)

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