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Blog log from R18 of 2018: St Kilda vs Richmond

Blog log for St Kilda vs Richmond, R18 of 2018

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Armitage is pinged for an extremely soft hold at a ball up near the Richmond hotspot for the first goal. (Q1 0:56)
Riewoldt snaps from near the behind post after a stoppage for the second goal, after Richmond establishes territorial dominance early in this one. (Q1 8:42)
Hickey marks in front of Broad in a four-man pack at the hotspot, but he shanks it horribly for a behind. (Q1 9:51)
Menadue misses a free kick on Gilbert 40m out on a slight angle. (Q1 11:56)
Lambert sharks a Marshall handball at a stoppage and throws the ball on the left boot from 25m on a slight angle… wobbles and falls over the line! (Q1 14:09)
Amritage bustles Prestia off the ball at a stoppage 20m out on the flank, goes himself off the right boot and that wobbles in too! (Q1 15:56)
Lambert passes to Martin who beats Carlisle to mark in the pocket then centres to Cotchin 35m out on a slight angle, the captain steers that one through. (Q1 17:53)
Weller screws a snap from the pocket 20m out but Rance dives and touches it through. (Q1 20:00)
Riewoldt passes to Rioli 35m out on the flank on the end of a flowing rebound move around members wing. Rioli avoids the right goalpost for his first goal. (Q1 20:56)
Lambert marks over Rice 40m out on a slight angle and hits the post. (Q1 25:25)
Big pack goes up in the Richmond goalsquare for a long ball from the HFF, Higgins is exactly where a small forward should be at the foot of it, he roves and goals. (Q1 26:26)
Lambert roves a long Rioli ball to the pocket and gives outside to Brandon Ellis for a snap around the corner off a step from the hotspot… tips the goalpost. (Q1 29:38)
Riewoldt marks on the lead in front of Gilbert and sails through his second goal from 45m on the flank. (Q2 0:56)
Moore sets up Prestia for a screwing snap across the body from 40m in front after the next centre bounce, that one goes through as well. (Q2 2:25)
Dunstan tries a screwing set shot from 40m on the flank but it curls too far and wide. (Q2 5:43)
Vlastuin marks at true CHF and misses. (Q2 7:21)
Riewoldt hits the hotspot from half forward, Prestia is several steps clear to rove and goal from 20m, way too easy. (Q2 11:41)
Caddy catches a dithering Steven HTB on the boundary 20m out from the Tiger goals, he screws through another one. It is a procession that Donald Trump would be proud of. (Q2 13:05)
Short passes to Ellis 45m out on the flank after Martin beats three on the wing and switches to the opposite side. Ellis misses the lot. (Q2 22:56)
Marshall is playing in front and marks a short Gresham pass up the guts near the hotspot, outjudging McIntosh. He kicks the first Saints goal for a long time. (Q2 25:56)
Riewoldt catches the ball out of ruck in the pocket, Hickey tackles but catches him high, free to Riewoldt who converts for his third. (Q2 28:03)
Vlastuin punches a loose ball towards the behind post, Steven throws a boots at it and it sails through from a very tough angle. A rare bright point for Saint fans. (Q3 1:15)
Membrey marks a Gresham pass 35m out on the flank and misses. (Q3 7:08)
Marshall marks on the boundary 35m out, his set shot drifts and is rushed over the behind line. (Q3 8:58)
Geary hits the lead of Membrey with a long pass from the wing to 45m on a slight angle, who bangs that one through. (Q3 10:13)
Cotchin gives to Menadue running sideways, he gets the snap off from 45m on a slight angle but it’s wide. (Q3 12:29)
Riewoldt puts his head over a ground footy 40m out on the flank, Gilbert comes in and hits it, free kick falls on the behind line where Caddy marks and goals. (Q3 13:43)
Riewoldt marks the Martin centre clearance just outside the hotspot and boots his fourth goal. (Q3 14:58)
Membrey has a flying snap from the HFF under pressure but it’s OOTF to the brays of the Tiger fans. (Q3 16:14)
Billings marks over Vlastuin 20m out on the flank and sprays it for a behind. (Q3 18:40)
Prestia gets a contact free on Phillips at the hotspot and registers his first three-goal haul. (Q3 24:44)
Gresham wins a HTB free on Rance and goals with a screwing set shot from 20m on the flank. (Q3 27:44)
Nankervis runs from the next centre bounce and hits the lead of Castagna 30m out on the flank. But like last week, his radar is off. (Q3 28:27)
Grigg marks a Prestia pass 40m out on a slight angle and kicks off Q4 garbage time with some refuse. (Q4 3:44)
Riewoldt marks on the lead 45m out on the flank and shoots for his fifth… wide right. (Q4 6:39)
Edwards adds his name to the list of goalscorers with a snap from the pocket 20m out. (Q4 7:59)
Battle shoots wide from 45m on a slight angle. (Q4 9:43)
Billings roves on the wing, baulks clear and hits Membrey 40m out in the corridor who kicks truly. (Q4 13:14)
Vlastuin marks on the wing, Rice is pinged for tapping the ball out of his hands, 50m penalty brings the mark to 30m on a slight angle, Vlas misses. (Q4 15:44)
Weller outbodies Rance to mark a high ball 15m out on the flank for some junk. (Q4 17:29)
Vlastuin passes to Rioli on the boundary 20m out who misses. (Q4 20:00)
Weller brings a long ball to the square to ground in a contest with Rance, Gresham roves and goals. (Q4 25:13)
McIntosh marks on the HFF, wheels and hits Castagna with a pass down the line to 40m, who misses in the last minute. (Q4 26:28)
Geary touches through a Short snap from the HFF. (Q4 27:03)

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