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Blog log from R16 of 2018: Brisbane vs Carlton

Blog log for Brisbane vs Carlton, R16 of 2018

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McStay passes to Rayner at the hotspot for the first goal, he got a late 50m penalty but didn’t need it as the first shot sailed through. (Q1 3:36)
Hipwood marks over two midgets in Murphy and Petrevski-Seton 20m out on a slight angle, but misses. (Q1 8:09)
Graham passes to Charlie Curnow near the boundary 35m out, Lester chops the arms to give away an obvious free. Curnow plays on to improve the angle and boots his first goal. (Q1 9:25)
Polson roves a loose footy on the HFF after fumbling it about five times, then hits Phillips leading to the pocket 20m out, who misses everything. (Q1 11:17)
Rayner tackles Murphy 45m out on a slight angle from the Carlton goals but falls in his back, ump pays a free but MM kicks OOTF. (Q1 18:42)
Kennedy marks 45m out on a slight angle but also misses. (Q1 20:16)
Gardiner and Witherden get in trouble on the HBF and the Carlton hordes swarm in, Thomas feeds Petrevski-Seton who goals on the run from 40m in front. (Q1 21:58)
Cutler passes to Hipwood 45m out near the boundary who threads the needle for a nice finish. (Q1 23:12)
Charlie Curnow drops a sitter 20m out on the flank, Wright is there to rove but he shoots across the face under not much pressure. (Q1 26:27)
Taylor snaps a trademark goal from 30m on the flank running forward of the play to receive from Hipwood to celebrate his 100th game. (Q1 30:17)
Mathieson roves a long Cutler kick to McStay 30m out on the flank, Jones tackles but the young Lion drops the knees to draw a free kick… then misses. (Q2 2:05)
McCluggage gets a set shot 40m out on a slight angle but his set shot is poor, short and wide. (Q2 6:35)
Zorko catches a ponderous Weitering HTB in the centre, Christensen plays on to advantage but misses a flying snap from near CHF. (Q2 9:35)
Barrett runs to half forward after advantage is paid from a free on the wing, he hits Hipwood leading to 40m on a slight angle. Hipwood’s set shot is exemplary. (Q2 10:50)
Cutler plays on after marking but sprays what looked like a certain goal from the hotspot, with a teammate waiting for the Joe the Goose handball. (Q2 14:00)
Cutler is over the back to mark a Hipwood ball from the wing, this time he runs right to the square to ensure the goal. (Q2 15:31)
Berry roves a long Beams ball to the top of the square, rides a tackle and gives to Barrett who snaps truly. Brisbane now in control on the scoreboard as well as general play. (Q2 20:20)
Barrett gets a set shot after marking 35m near the boundary and threads the needle for his second of the quarter. (Q2 22:50)
McCluggage shoots OOTF across the face after a stoppage 40m out on the flank. (Q2 24:17)
Christensen marks 30m out on the boundary but hits the post. (Q2 30:05)
Hodge gets a free on the wing for having his head taken off by Murphy, Beams plays on to advantage and snaps another one for the Lions from the HFF. (Q2 30:47)
Zorko earns a high contact free in a marking contest with Jones 45m out on a slight angle just before the HT siren. He misses the lot. (Q2 31:50)
Hipwood gets a holding free on Rowe 40m out in front as they go for a Beams centre clearance kick from the first centre bounce of Q3, but misses. (Q3 0:13)
Robinson crumbs a contest at the hotspot, he draws a man for the handball to Rayner, Graham tackles but Rayner gives a Joe the Goose special to McCluggage for the goal. (Q3 2:31)
Cutler is all on his own to mark 25m out on a slight angle from an intelligent kick from the opposite HFF by McStay, but he punches wide. (Q3 4:16)
Hipwood leads out of the square to clunk a Zorko kick from the HFF down the line to 20m. He makes no mistake for his third goal, it’s pretty much garbage time already. (Q3 5:15)
Charlie Curnow marks a center clearance kick from his brother Ed 45m on the flank. His set shot starts left but curls in to perfection. (Q3 7:51)
McStay marks a long Zorko snap on the behind line and screws through a left-foot set shot. (Q3 11:12)
Lamb marks 40m out on the flank and steers through a rare goal. (Q3 15:36)
Christensen is on his own to mark a Zorko pass next to the hotspot, Bunjy joins the party with his first goal. (Q3 20:16)
Jones turns the ball over by foot from the last line straight to Cutler, he gives to Hipwood who snaps it over Jones’ head from 20m in the pocket. (Q3 23:46)
Hipwood marks 20m out on the flank and shoots for his fifth goal… it’s good. (Q3 27:16)
Hipwood marks at point blank range and boots his sixth goal to kick off Q4 junk time. (Q4 0:50)
Charlie Curnow gets a rather soft free for contact by Walker 25m out in the pocket, but hits the post. (Q4 4:18)
The Lions play some Harlem Globetrotter footy, Christensen gives to Zorko for the goal from 15m. (Q4 7:42)
Two Lions try to spoil an O’Brien kick from the HFF to the top of the square but the ball squeezes through to Charlie Curnow who boots his third goal. (Q4 9:18)
Robinson marks 40m out near the boundary and revs up the home crowd with a nice finish plus an ostentatious grab of the jumper. (Q4 11:35)
Rayner marks near the hotspot and misses. (Q4 14:17)
Graham misses a set shot from 30m on the flank. (Q4 15:23)
O’Brien snaps a consolation goal from 40m in front. (Q4 18:52)
Petrevski-Seton marks a Fisher pass 40m out on a slight angle for some more garbage. (Q4 20:18)
McCluggage passes to Cutler near the hotspot, he gets more junk. (Q4 23:33)
Polson misses a quick snap from 40m in front. (Q4 26:25)

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