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Blog log from R9 of 2018: West Coast vs Richmond

Blog log for West Coast vs Richmond, R9 of 2018

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Caddy marks the first centre clearance kick by Cotchin after a Yeo FA, he lines up from outside the hotspot and steers through the first goal in the opening minute. (Q1 0:36)
Gaff intercepts on the wing and goes quickly to Darling at half forward, he wheels for the pass to Kennedy 40m out on the flank, who misses. (Q1 3:16)
LeCras passes to Cripps to take a grab 40m out on the flank just before Grimes gets there to spoil. Cripps kicks a nice goal. (Q1 5:01)
Kennedy brings a Gaff ball to 20m out to ground for Rioli to crumb front and centre like a good small forward does, Willie snaps truly. (Q1 10:01)
Darling beats Vlaustin to a chaos ball at the Eagle hotspot, he taps wide to Kennedy who snaps the goal from 20m on the flank. (Q1 12:01)
Gaff marks in front of McIntosh 40m out on the flank but his set shot drops and doesn’t score. (Q1 13:16)
Rance jinks and kicks across the backline from the BP, but Gaff marks over McIntosh at exactly the same spot as his last shot. He has had a sighter, and kicks truly. (Q1 14:46)
Martin passes to the lead of Riewoldt 40m out on a slight angle who misses, drawing some lusty cheers from the Perth faithful. (Q1 17:46)
Lambert gives to Martin who misses off the left boot from a pack 35m out on a slight angle. (Q1 18:12)
Darling marks a Waterman long ball over a pack 35m out on the flank for his first goal. (Q1 20:47)
Cotchin marks near CHF and gives off to Short who sails through a much-needed goal for Richmond. (Q1 21:53)
Sheed runs down the wing and hits Darling 25m out on the flank who punches through his second goal. It’s not quite a procession, but the Eagles are playing scintillating footy. (Q1 24:44)
Grigg misses a set shot from 40m on a slight angle. (Q1 27:27)
Edwards mops up a bouncing ball and kicks a nice running goal from 20m on the flank. (Q2 1:08)
Edwards passes over congestion from half forward to the fat side where Grigg marks 35m out on a slight angle for a miss. (Q2 2:23)
Masten gets a free for holding the man by McIntosh, very little contact though. He misses from 40m on a slight angle, footy gods smile. (Q2 4:20)
Nankervis intercepts on the wing and goes to Riewoldt who marks strongly over two Eagles 40m out on the flank. Li’l Rooey sneaks the set shot inside the right goalpost. (Q2 7:35)
Darling marks a Sheppard pass on the boundary 45m out. He tries a checkside that shanks to the hotspot where Redden marks, luckily, and goals! (Q2 12:49)
Butler roves a Martin drop near the hotspot and gives wide to Cotchin who misses off a step from 25m on the flank. (Q2 21:22)
Grigg roves on the wing and goes high and ugly to a big pack 35m out on the flank, Castagna judges it best to mark on his chest but misses with a screwing set shot. (Q2 22:49)
Riewoldt volleys a goal 15m out on a slight angle after the ball squirts out of a pack! (Q2 25:29)
Riewoldt gets a great bounce near the hotspot chasing a loose ball, Barrass tackles, the ball snicks off Riewoldt’s boot, Castagna catches and snaps truly! (Q2 27:22)
Yeo passes to Kennedy 30m out on the flank soon after Naitanui wins the first centre bounce contest of Q3, but JJK shanks OOTF with a screwing set shot. (Q3 0:14)
Naitanui intercepts the kick in to the flank and goes to the pocket where Darling takes a contested grab against Astbury and checksides the goal from 20m. (Q3 1:07)
Darling stands in a tackle at the hotspot and gives to Kennedy who snaps around the corner for a nice goal off the right boot! (Q3 6:32)
Waterman chases a loose ball in the pocket and centres for Kennedy 15m out to mark and goal again. Eagles on the surge! (Q3 7:44)
Jetta starts a rebound after the next centre bounce, the Eagles stream through the middle with Rioli passing to Kennedy 45m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q3 9:50)
Conca marks a Butler pass 45m out on a slight angle, late contact by Sheppard but no 50m penalty so he has to go back for the set shot… and nails it! (Q3 10:42)
Rioli taps down a Vlaustin handball in defence, Waterman gives to Yeo for a snap across the body from 35m on the flank… just wide. (Q3 12:09)
Short is pinged for a throw under a LeCras tackle just on 50m on a slight angle from the Eagle goals, the Frenchman takes the free and roosts a big goal! (Q3 13:26)
Astbury fumbles a loose ball at defensive hotspot, Darling lays a massive clamping tackle on him to win the HTB free… but then fluffs the set shot. (Q3 17:26)
Cotchin taps the ball out of McGovern’s hands after a mark on the wing, 50m penalty puts him 45m out on a slight angle, the Eagle boots another one. West Coast in control now. (Q3 19:53)
LeCras marks a long Waterman ball 20m out in front, could have raffled it with Darling as the Tiger defence is at sixes and sevens. He goals again. (Q3 22:30)
Another 50m penalty, this time against Edwards for a scuffle off the ball, puts Yeo 20m out in front for another one. Wheels falling off for Richmond. (Q3 24:17)
Conca bombs long from the wing, Barrass leaps but doesn’t make contact, Riewoldt stays down to turn and chase for the easy goal. (Q3 26:57)
Rioli hits Short late after a mark to bring him from the centre to near the hotspot for a charity goal. (Q3 29:37)
Natianui to Yeo to Darling just inside CHF from the first centre bounce of Q4, a goal would seal it… yep it’s good. (Q4 0:27)
LeCras marks a Rioli pass at half forward, waits, and hits the lead of Cripps 40m out in front. Cripps kicks off garbage time with a goal. (Q4 2:37)
Yeo strips Martin in a tackle in attack for the Eagles, Redden roves but Conca gets in his back to give away the free 40m out on a slight angle. Redden kicks truly. (Q4 4:54)
Tonwsend misses a long-range snap. (Q4 6:57)
Darling marks 30m out on a slight angle and slots his fifth goal, the home crowd in Perth are rocking and rolling! (Q4 8:01)
Rioli centres to Cripps 50m out on a slight angle, his set shot drops on the line and is rushed. (Q4 10:30)
Riewoldt marks a Townsend wobbler from the wing in front of Barrass 40m out on a slight angle to boot his fourth goal. (Q4 11:37)
At the next centre bounce, Naitanui to Hutchings to Darling at the hotspot, goal number six for him. Simple game, footy. When NicNat plays it, that is. (Q4 13:12)
Lycett marks at half forward, baulks clear but misses from 35m on a slight angle. The crowd was up for that one! (Q4 15:53)
Riewoldt marks a Nankervis ball down the flank to 30m in front of Barrass, he tries a screwing set shot but the crowd bays with delight as it goes wide. (Q4 18:22)
Grimes bumps Waterman off a ground ball in the Eagles FP, the ump says that was too rough and gives a free. Waterman lines up from 20m, but misses. (Q4 21:58)
Lloyd passes to Houli who marks and goal from 40m on a slight angle. (Q4 23:28)
Riewoldt gets an arm chop free on Ah Chee going for a Butler ball next to the hotspot to kick his fifth goal. (Q4 24:56)
Kennedy gives to LeCras who measures a snap from the HFF, Hutchings shepherds it through in the square. (Q4 26:13)
Redden plays on to advantage from a free on Grigg to Gaff in the centre, he has Darling on his own at the hotspot to mark… but miss. (Q4 27:58)

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