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Blog log from R8 of 2018: Port Adelaide vs Adelaide

Blog log for Port Adelaide vs Adelaide, R8 of 2018

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Ellis-Yolmen turns the ball over in heavy traffic at half back straight to Sam Gray, who pokes a kick to Ryder at the hotspot for the first goal. (Q1 0:49)
Atkins snaps the first goal from near the hotspot after Walker provides a contest to an Ellis-Yolmen inside 50 kick. (Q1 4:16)
Jenkins marks in front of two Power defenders at the hotspot for his first goal of the evening. (Q1 13:33)
Lynch feeds Jenkins running from a pack at half forward but he shoots OOTF from 40m on a slight angle. (Q1 17:18)
Walker roves a Jenkins contest 40m out on a slight angle, fends off Bonner with a stiff arm to the chest and bounces through a sensational goal! (Q1 19:33)
McGovern marks a Brown ball from the HFF to the hotspot and sails through another one for the Crows. Looking ominous early. (Q1 20:48)
Motlop chases a Powell-Pepper ball in the pocket, two on his hammer and he can’t get the pressured snap on line from 20m. (Q1 23:37)
Polec kicks from CHF to the pocket towards Robbie Gray where Kelly gives away a free for contact on Sam Gray 15m out. The smaller Gray misses. (Q1 28:13)
Powell-Pepper gives to Motlop for a snap off a step at the hotspot, but it falls in the square for Jenkins to mark in relief. (Q1 29:17)
Motlop passes to Sam Gray 40m out on the flank, his set shot falls on the line and is touched through by Jenkins. (Q1 30:48)
Neade catches Otten HTB 40m out in front but misses, disappointingly. (Q2 0:43)
Wingard turns the ball over by hand on the wing, Atkins passes to Douglas 40m out on the flank who punches through a typically professional finish. (Q2 3:58)
Motlop passes to Sam Gray leading up from the square to the hotspot after a rebound around the outer wing. This time he gets the set shot on-line. (Q2 6:36)
Seedsman zooms onto a loose ball at half forward, straightens and snaps a goal from near the hotspot. (Q2 7:32)
Jonas just manages to get a finger onto a long Jenkins ball from half forward to touch it through for a behind. (Q2 9:14)
Seedsman spoils Ebert in the square, the ball sits up and Ebert regathers but he snaps wide from 5m out, much to every Port supporter’s disgust including his own. (Q2 10:16)
Wingard kicks from a stoppage on the HFF, it rolls past the contest in the square for a behind. (Q2 10:47)
Brown kicks OOTF on the HFF, Polec pumps it back in, Powell-Pepper roves but Brown catches him HTB to prevent the score. (Q2 11:45)
McGovern marks on the HFF on a fast break rebound, wheels and finds Ellis-Yolmen marching down the corridor to 45m. CEY takes the set shot, and pops it through. (Q2 12:43)
Ryder passes to Boak 45m out on a slight angle,. Boak shapes to play on and draws a 50m penalty for encroachment by Laird to ensure the goal. (Q2 16:14)
Ellis-Yolmen roves at a ball-in 35m out but screws his snap across the face and OOTF. (Q2 18:03)
Seedsman has Lynch over the back to mark and play on into the open goal on a fast attack up the guts. (Q2 19:47)
Wines hits the lead of Robbie Gray to 40m on a slight angle, who kicks truly to give the heretofore morose home Port crowd something to cheer. (Q2 29:05)
Neade feeds Wines streaming through CHF on a fast break, but Wines sprays a behind from the hotspot, that was a soda. (Q3 3:23)
Powell-Pepper goes himself from the HFF but shoots well wide. (Q3 3:51)
Robbie Gray earns a free for a high tackle by Kelly 35m out on the flank, his set shot is straight as a die. (Q3 4:54)
Gibbs misses after a stoppage deep in the pocket. (Q3 9:49)
Westhoff roves a Robbie Gray contest at the hotspot but misses. (Q3 11:17)
Ellis-Yolmen soccers a loose ball just wide from 20m on a slight angle. (Q3 12:35)
Port goes coast to coast from the kick in ending up with Neade feeding Robbie Gray for a Joe the Goose special! (Q3 13:05)
Wingard gives away 50m for encroachment after Ellis-Yolmen marks on the wing, CEY is marched down to 40m on a slight angle where he kicks a steadying goal for Adelaide. (Q3 14:30)
Betts snaps his first goal from 25m after roving a ball to Jenkins that falls to the pocket, his man Jonas went to ground. (Q3 19:12)
Robbie Gray gets a free on Kelly for a hold at a stoppage 30m out on the flank, he pops that one through for his fourth goal. (Q3 21:25)
Wingard marks a quick Boak ball to the top of the square, plays on around Brown and into the open goal! (Q3 23:05)
Motlop has space and time on the HFF to pick out Sam Gray 30m out, the ump calls Gray to play on so he has to give to Motlop for a pressured screwing snap.. wide. (Q3 24:30)
Throw-in in the Port FP, Ryder serves the ball up on a platter for Robbie Gray who screws through his fifth major, Port within a point! (Q3 27:56)
Sam Gray forces a turnover on the HFF with a tackle on Otten, Neade gives over the top to Robbie Gray who slots his sixth goal from 35m! Port hits the lead! (Q3 29:25)
Wingard roves a pack and tries a Daicos special from the boundary 35m out but it rolls across the face for a behind. (Q3 30:43)
Wingard gets a free going for a short Ebert ball to 45m on the flank as Laird gets in his back. The Chad sails through another one, the Power is electric! (Q3 32:31)
Ryder takes a screamer over a pack on the flank 35m out in front of Jacobs, he tries a screwing set shot that squeaks in for another one for the Power to start Q4. (Q4 1:55)
Betts turns the Power crowd into statues with a party trick snap from the boundary 30m out that squeezes through! Video review can’t confirm if Wines touched it, ruled a goal. (Q4 5:10)
Powell-Pepper gets a chance from 55m after roving a Talia kick to a contest on the Port HFF, Motlop shepherds it through in the square for another one! (Q4 8:10)
Mackay dives to intercept a tumbling Byrne-Jones kick off the left from the last line to 30m on the flank, but misses. (Q4 10:10)
The clock ticks under 5:00 and the Crows aren’t making any inroads. (Q4 20:42)
Gibbs volleys a loose ball on the wing to the hotspot where Betts takes a contested grab over a pack and goals. 2:43 left, two kicks in it. (Q4 24:18)
Boak tackles Laird after the centre bounce, secondary stoppage, 2:34. (Q4 25:11)
Greenwood to Lynch at half forward, he goes to Walker near true CHF. Walker takes the responsibility of the set shot, the Port crowd boos, Tex booms through the big goal! (Q4 25:55)
1:51 left, five points in it. (Q4 25:55)
Greenwood roves the Ryder taps but Otten gives away a free to Wingard. Crouch intercepts in the centre and goes up the guts for McGovern to mark 40m out in front! (Q4 27:23)
McGovern lines up as the clock ticks under 1:00. He dobs it, Crows ahead by a point, 42 seconds left! (Q4 28:00)
Greenwood roves the bounce but can’t clear, kick goes to CHF for Port, Motlop receives from Sam Gray at CHF and goals from the hotspot! 21 seconds left. (Q4 29:55)
Ryder taps, Polec handballs to space, Robbie Gray gets it to the HFF, Seedsman runs down the wing but the siren sounds, Port wins! (Q4 30:26)

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