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Blog log from R6 of 2018: Adelaide vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Adelaide vs Gold Coast, R6 of 2018

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Gibbs puts it out to the wing for Brown to run onto. Brown evades Sexton and pops it onto the chest of a lone McGovern. From 40 out on the flank he misses. (Q1 3:43)
Jacobs gets a fantastic hitout down to Greenwood on the wing. He gives to Gibbs who goes long inside 50. The ball goes over the back and Lynch taps it in for Adelaide’s first. (Q1 5:02)
McGovern marks in the middle of the ground and is paid a 50 metre penalty after Lynch enters the protected area. From 30 out directly in front he misses to the right. (Q1 7:01)
Milera times his run and receives out of a stoppage on the wing. He sends a low ball inside 50 and hits Walker on the lead in front of May. From 40 out on the flank he goals. (Q1 12:17)
The Crows work it around well following the centre bounce and get the clearance with Gallucci chipping to a leading Walker. From 50 out his set shot misses. (Q1 13:30)
McGovern taps the ball in to keep it alive on the wing which allows Douglas to send a grubber inside 50. Jenkins dives and taps to Gallucci who snaps truly from 30. (Q1 17:33)
Walker wins a contest with May on the wing and handballs inside. A wave of Crows work it forward and Atkins marks 40 out after doubling back on his opponent. His set shot misses. (Q1 19:46)
The Suns work it from end to end and Lyons ends with it running into an open 50. He shoots from 30 but hits the woodwork. (Q1 20:48)
Ainsworth sends it to the flank and Bowes wins the ground ball. He snaps toward goal and Lonergan wins the pursuit to the footy to finish from point blank. (Q1 23:32)
The Suns lock the ball in their defence. Atkins takes a panicked kick off the ground but it goes straight up and onto the chest of Miller. From 30 out he puts it through. (Q1 26:47)
Crouch sends a ball over the pack in the hotspot and Douglas collects on the bounce. under pressure from Young, Douglas spins and snaps a neat goal. (Q1 28:27)
McGovern misses the target going inside 50 and it bounces off Jenkins and Spencer to Gallucci. He spots up Seedsman on the flank. His set shot from 50 just makes the distance. (Q2 3:47)
Crouch puts a high, no-look snap inside 50. Jenkins splits the pack and the ball goes to ground. Douglas bobs with with it and snaps a goal in heavy traffic. (Q2 5:14)
Douglas finds Walker in front of May after Adelaide manage the centre clearance. From 50 out he hits it sweetly and it sails through for a goal. (Q2 7:18)
The Suns get the centre clearance through Miller. Weller receives the handball and plays on after Lonergan gets caught high. His shot from 40 is across the face for a behind. (Q2 8:16)
Walker roves the throw in from his attacking pocket and gets a quick snap out of traffic. He can’t get enough bend and only manages a behind. (Q2 11:28)
May punches through a behind after a wild snap from Walker lands in the goal square. (Q2 15:28)
Talia takes the intercept mark at half forward and goes inboard. The ball is then sent long inside 50 and goes over the back into the waiting arms of Lynch. He taps it in. (Q2 17:16)
Spencer tries to clear it from deep in his defensive 50 but his kick is spoiled by Milera. It falls to Gallucci whose quick snap is a behind. (Q2 18:42)
A couple of long kicks leave the Suns at half forward with an open forward line. Day finds Swallow working back on Brown. From 40 out he slots the goal. (Q2 19:47)
Joyce sends it OOF at half back and Doedee finds Jenkins on the lead against Spencer with the resulting free. He goes inside to Knight. His set shot from 30 is a goal. (Q2 24:45)
Miller sends a high snap toward 50 with Sexton receiving a handball on the arc. He sends it long to the square where Talia wrestles with Lynch and thumps it through for a behind. (Q2 25:47)
Spencer sends a long kick to the goal square and Talia rushes it through once again with Lynch trailing behind him. (Q2 26:13)
Brown runs off half back sends a long ball inside 50 to a pack. Ellis-Yolmen gets his hands to it and manages to juggle it. His set shot from 30 caps off a good half for the Crows. (Half Time)
Doedee spoils bravely going back with the flight but it falls to Lynch. He goes over the top to Sexton who snaps a high ball from 40 which drifts through for a goal! (Q3 1:50)
Ellis-Yolman receives a free kick for a high tackle in the middle. He goes long inside 50 and the ball is fed out to Crouch after going to ground. He pops it through from 30. (Q3 3:54)
Milera kicks a shocker across the ground in defence and puts Ellis-Yolmen in all sorts of trouble. He turns the ball over and the Suns work it to Ainsworth who finishes from 20. (Q3 7:51)
Otten’s bomb out of defence lands in the lap of May. He goes central to Barlow who sends it long inside 50. It comes off the pack to a front and centre Martin whose snap misses. (Q3 13:06)
Following a good 2 on 1 effort deep in defence by Spencer, Holman roves the pack on the wing and goes to Lynch. He chips it to Barlow in the pocket who walks it in. (Q3 16:53)
Atkins’ kick in the pocket is smothered and it falls to Miller. He feeds it to Swallow who throws it on the boot and it sneaks through! (Q3 20:17)
Seedsman sends a high ball inside 50 from the centre bounce. It goes over the head of Jenkins and May for Gallucci to run onto. He pops it through on the run from 20. (Q3 21:23)
Weller launches a high ball from the wing which only travels 20 metres. Martin ends up being the only one to contest and he marks 50 out from goal. His set shot misses. (Q3 24:56)
Ellis-Yolmen catches Lyons HTB 50 out from goal. He sends a kick to the hotspot where Jenkins just can’t wrangle it. It falls to Lynch who navigates some diving Suns to goal. (Q3 28:17)
Mackay runs down the wing and sends it inside 50 to Jenkins who 2 on 1 with Thompson and May. He receives a free kick after being held by Thompson. His shot from 40 misses. (Q3 30:37)
May sends it OOF coming out of defence. Gallucci takes the kick in and goes long towards the goal square. It goes over the May-Jenkins contest and over the line. A review ensues… (3 Qtr Time)
The review finds the ball was touched by May before bouncing through and is judged a behind. (3 Qtr Time)
Correction – it was Atkins who was awarded the behind. (3 Qtr Time)
The Suns burst through the middle after Atkins is caught and turns it over. Young then finds Martin who leaps to mark in front of Brown. From 30 out in the pocket he goals. (Q4 2:27)
The handball comes out the back of a stoppage in the Suns’ hotspot. It lands with Bowes who takes a quick snap towards goal but misses. (Q4 4:43)
The Suns are caught running back toward their defensive goal and Bowes handballs it through to concede a deliberate behind. The free kick goes to Knight who kicks the goal. (Q4 11:11)
The Crows work it by hand down the wing and go inside to Ellis-Yolmen. He spears one onto the chest of Jenkins who marks in front of Thompson. His roost from 50 misses. (Q4 12:41)
Swallow finds Lynch on the wing with an open forward line ahead. Talia holds him up and he kicks awkwardly to half forward. It comes off hands to Holman and his shot from 40 misses (Q4 13:37)
Laird spoils Sexton on the wing. As a result Seedsman finds Douglas tracking back toward goal. He marks and walks into an open goal with his opponent trailing well behind him. (Q4 15:55)
Fiorini coughs it up to Knight and the Crows go inside 50. Lynch is spoiled by Spencer and a short kick finds Jenkins waiting inside. His shot from 30 out misses disappointingly. (Q4 17:43)
Bowes kicks it OOF after playing on from full back. The ball gets sent straight back to the tip of the square where McGovern rises and clunks a strong mark. He goals from 15. (Q4 19:23)
Lynch is caught HTB on the wing by Brown and then gives away a 50 after knocking him over in frustration. This brings Brown to within 50 metres of goal. His shot misses. (Q4 22:57)
Swallow roves the throw in within his attacking pocket after both ruckman missed the footy. He snaps from 30 and goals. (Q4 24:56)
Greenwood catches Joyce HTB on his attacking 50. He gives off to Seedsman who launches from outside 50 but it doesn’t make the distance and is rushed over by Witts. (Q4 28:57)
May sends a torp out from the kick in. It doesn’t really come off and Brown charges through to collect it 60 out. He blazes toward goal and it just scrapes through for a behind. (Full Time)

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