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Blog log from R6 of 2018: Hawthorn vs St Kilda

Blog log for Hawthorn vs St Kilda, R6 of 2018

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Billings misses a snap from the HFF forced by some early frontal pressure. (Q1 1:26)
The Hawks rebound around the outer wing ending with O’Meara passing to Breust 40m out on the flank. Breust threads the needle on a still night. (Q1 2:14)
Worpel passes to Breust 35m out on a slight angle who misses. (Q1 5:04)
Ross beats Frawley to mark 30m out on the flank, but hangs it left. (Q1 6:46)
Impey catches Billings HTB in the centre and goes quickly to Gunston 35m out on the flank, who just misses. (Q1 8:31)
Steven turns the ball over with a shank on the wing, Morrison passes to Breust at much the same spot for exactly the same result. (Q1 9:48)
Savage is the next Saint with a clanger kick, Morrison passes to Smith 40m out in the corridor who bangs through his first goal. (Q1 11:16)
Acres catches Roughead HTB at a stoppage 40m out on the flank, but he misses as well. (Q1 14:03)
Burgoyne makes a run from defence to the fat side for a fast break around the outer wing, Gunston puts it in his path with a long kick but he misses from 40m on a slight angle. (Q1 16:34)
Another fast break to the Hawks, this time the ball is in the hands of Smith who scoots to 55m on a slight angle and kicks long for his second goal. (Q1 18:49)
Billings misses another snap from a pack at the hotspot after a Hickey contest. (Q1 20:50)
Roughead drops a Morrison ball at half forward but it falls for him to regather and shoot from 40m on a slight angle, but that goes wide too. (Q1 23:34)
The Saints turn the ball over from half back yet again, O’Brien marks a Mitchell pass 45m out on a slight angle just before the HT siren. He just misses. (Q1 25:35)
Billings roves at CHF but misses off the left. (Q2 2:05)
Gresham is the next Saint to miss with a snap on the turn from 35m on the flank. (Q2 3:04)
Membrey is over the back on a fast break, Frawley chases but Membrey has clear grass between him and the goals, he grubbers from the top of the square but into the goalpost! (Q2 5:02)
Membrey marks a Newnes pass in front of Burgoyne 40m out on the flank and gets this one straight as a die for the first goal for St Kilda, belatedly. (Q2 6:32)
Worpel gathers on the HFF, turns and goes inside to O’Brien 40m out on a slight angle who also misses. (Q2 8:35)
Sinclair has two bounces through half forward and shoots on the run from near the hotspot, it’s a wobbler but it goes through. (Q2 18:57)
Hickey uses his bulk to beat Stratton to mark a long Membrey ball near the hotspot for another goal just before HT. Saints back within a kick. (Q2 21:30)
Breust marks a short ball by McEvoy 40m out in the corridor after the next centre bounce, he kicks truly for his second goal. (Q2 22:56)
McCartin leaps and marks in front of a pack 20m out for his first goal. (Q3 3:20)
Acres spoils Breust on the wing to cause a fast attack, Giblert wears a Frawley clip after marking 30m out on the flank, no 50 so he misses. (Q3 6:05)
Roughead has two on him for a long ball near the hotspot but brings the ball to ground for Breust to crumb and give over the top for Smith to run into the open goal. (Q3 7:08)
Gresham passes to Steele 35m out on a slight angle after playing to advantage from a free on Burgoyne. Steele, who has been given a bath by Mitchell, gets the goal on the board. (Q3 9:03)
McEvoy spoils Steven in the centre, Roughead roves and has a lash from CHF but kicks OOTF. (Q3 11:04)
Gunston marks just inside 50m on a slight angle, his punching set shot is near the left goalpost but just avoids it for a big goal. (Q3 16:48)
Weller marks on the flank 25m out but shoots well wide for no score. (Q3 18:49)
Mirra dives to touch through a snap from Dunstan from a stoppage in the pocket. (Q3 19:53)
Savage chases a loose ball in the FP and centres to Sinclair 30m out on the flank, who misses. (Q3 22:21)
O’Brien marks on the wing, turns and plays on then has Breust over the back of Savage to gather a long ball and run into the open goal. (Q3 27:36)
Membrey passes to Gresham 40m out on a slight angle on a fast rebound around the outer side. Set shots are not the Saints’ go at the moment, and he also misses this one. (Q4 3:24)
Ross roves a big pack at the hotspot but misses off the left boot. (Q4 3:47)
Smith passes to Gunston at true CHF after Worpel clears from a big pack on the outer wing. The goal umpire does not move, Gunstall bombs it over his head. (Q4 7:17)
Gunston gives to Howe outside some congestion at half forward, he tries a screwing snap from 50m on a slight angle to an empty square… it curls through! (Q4 9:48)
Brown falls into the back of Worpel after the Hawk disposes 45m out on the flank, the first-gamer misses to the near side. (Q4 11:48)
Roughead draws two defenders for a contest in the pocket to a Henderson ball, Gunston stays down the rove and decides to go himself across the body from 25m… it’s through! (Q4 13:12)
Smith picks up a loose ball outside CHF, the starter’s gun goes and he sprints up the guts with two bounces to let fly from CHF for a BOG-worthy goal, his fourth. (Q4 16:48)
Billings marks a Steven centre clearance kick 45m out on the flank and finally gets one on target. (Q4 18:18)
Morrison marks a Henderson kick from the centre to 50m on the flank, he kicks a junk time goal that’s his first in the seniors. (Q4 20:28)
Roughead centres to Burgoyne 25m out on a slight angle after Geary gets in trouble on the last line and coughs it up. Silk misses that one. (Q4 21:43)
Long marks in front of Worpel at the hotspot for some garbage. (Q4 22:30)
Cousins catches a toepoke by Langford and snaps on the turn from 40m in front, but swings it OOTF. (Q4 25:16)
ROoughead smothers Carlisle in the BP, butters up and gives to Impey for the easiest of junk time goals. (Q4 29:57)

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