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Blog log from R6 of 2018: Geelong vs Sydney

Blog log for Geelong vs Sydney, R6 of 2018

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Very late change for Geelong as Parfitt comes out for Zach Guthrie
Will Sydney be able to overcome their lack of height in the heart of Geelong? Bounce is in 3 minutes.
Murdoch splits away from a throw in on the wing to release a handball over to Fogarty running on a sharp angle from 40 out. He misses slightly for the first points off the match. (Q1 3:34)
Rohan gets a free for a push 65 out from goal. He goes to the goalsquare but it’s rushed through for a behind. (Q1 3:52)
Blicavs makes a spoil and tries to follow up with run out of defense but Rohan catches him for HTB. Kicking from 40 out on a low angle he slots the first of the match! (Q1 6:30)
Another rushed score as a kick to Sydney’s goalsquare but it’s thumped through (Q1 8:00)
Cunningham sidesteps his opponent 50 out from goal and tries to drill a pass in to full forward but the kick is rushed and rolls through for a behind (Q1 9:04)
Dangerfield blasts away from the contest in typical Danger fashion to monster his way through and bomb in a beauty from 50 out! (Q1 13:44)
Stewart spins beautifully away from his player at half forward but his kick is sprayed and the best Geelong can muster from the chaos is a snapping behind. (Q1 16:08)
Ronke goes for his first goal in AFL football, but it tragically bounces on the line away. Jack follows up with a cheeky chip over to Florent 15m out though and he slots it. (Q1 16:40)
Ronke gets his first goal after Papley plays the front and centre position perfectly from a contest and scrubs a kick along conveniently to where he was running. (Q1 18:19)
Parsons delivers to Danger who draws a free 20 out right in front, but it doesn’t matter as Parsons cleans his own ball and drives through the goal with a snap! (Q1 22:49)
Rhys Stanley delivers a perfectly positioned high ball to Kelly’s advantage in the pocket 30 out from goal, but the angle proves too much and the set shot misses to the right. (Q1 24:37)
Sinclair taps it down Parker’s throat 15 out from goal but his snap is rushed and misses slightly to the left of goal (Q1 25:36)
Papley gets allowed way too much space in the pocket and a quick kick into the 50 finds him easily 10 metres free from anyone. The angle is rough though and his shot misses from 25 (Q1 29:52)
Sydney trap it in their forward half well and Parker gets on the receiving end of their efforts with a mark 25 out right in front. He doesn’t miss and the swans get a buffer. (Q1 31:19)
Jack gets a ball out of a contest near the boundary in the Swans’ forward 50, he ducks out of a tackle but misses the shot off one step just before quarter time. (Qtr Time)
Ratugolea marks 50 out from goal and hands to
Murdoch who releases Cunico with an over the top handball, but his kick from 40 on a 45 angle is very rushed and misses (Q2 7:33)
Hawkins just uses his body to get away from Grundy 50 out from goal and collect a ground ball. He swings around on his wrong side however, and his kick falls wayward for a behind. (Q2 12:55)
Fogarty kicks to the goalsquare, Sam Menegola reads the pack well over the back and gets the quick kick off for a goal. (Q2 16:38)
Kelly pushes off an opponent and skyballs a kick that the outstretched Hawkins marks. From 35 out on a 45 degree angle he slots the goal to even the score! (Q2 20:52)
Fogarty buries Jones for a holding the ball on the flank, then delivers perfectly to Stanley. His kick from 30 with little angle is true and the Cats take the lead. (Q2 23:23)
Hewett grabs a mark 65 out and kicks a beautifully weighted kick to Parker 25 out directly in front. Luke comes in for his kick, but it’s touched by the man on the mark! (Q2 26:57)
Kelly marks on the 50 arc and swings immediately to deliver to Hawkins who outmaneuvers Grundy to mark well 10 metres out. He sprays the kick on a 45 degree angle to score a behind (Q2 28:54)
Kelly turns the Hawkins miss into a seven point play as he roves a Ratugolea marking contest beautifully and goals from the goalsquare. (Q2 29:55)
Bews intercepts a Swans bomb out of defensive 50 and delivers a well weighted kick to Selwood who takes a contested mark 25 out. With no angle, the Geelong captain slots the goal! (Q3 4:41)
Nick Smith bulls his way through some opposition 50 out and tries to kick to Rohan in the goalsquare, but a good effort from Henry sees the ball rushed for a behind. (Q3 7:53)
Stanley taps down to Menegola at half forward who dribbles it forward into a chain of hands that ends with Parsons on the run 35 out and slotting it through for another Cats goal! (Q3 9:23)
Cunningham dives on top of a ball in the Swans’ defensive 50 only to be caught by Duncan for holding the ball. He lines up from 40 out on a 45 degree angle and misses to the right. (Q3 13:25)
Daniel Robinson marks in the forward 50 arc and kicks high to the square. A ground ball mess ensues in which a score review shows that Heeney got a foot to it for a goal! (Q3 17:11)
Hawkins juggles a mark outstretched from Grundy on the third or fourth attempt 30 out from goal. His shot from a very slight angle goes right through the middle. (Q3 21:13)
Hayward marks 55 out and pops a ball out to the pocket which Robbie Fox takes with an absolutely beautiful speccy. He goes back and slots the goal from 25 out. (Q4 2:15)
Jack gets a free for holding the man at centre half forward and quickly moves it by foot to Heeney on the lead 35 out from goal. With a 45 degree angle he misses to the right. (Q4 3:10)
Geelong’s kick in goes astray as the resulting contest is roved well from Zak Jones who storms through the pack to kick a running goal from 45. (Q4 4:15)
Parsons reads a bounce from hell on Geelong’s goal line and sloppily handballs inwards towards Gregson who mops up well in the pocket to gather and snap from 10 out. (Q4 7:15)
Lloyd receives a handball at centre half forward and kicks a ball to the advantage of Hayward in the pocket. Hayward’s set shot is from 25 out on a slight angle and he goals truly. (Q4 10:10)
Heeney gets a tap into his arms from a boundary throw in, but his snap on the run is on the boundary line and touched before being rushed for a behind. (Q4 13:18)
Robbie Fox gets on the end of a good Swans play as they take it forward and rip the ball out of the Cats defender’s hands to let him gather and core a running goal from 40 out. (Q4 14:42)
Ben Ronke puts the Swans in front! After a ball up and handball to the tip of the goalsquare from Cunningham, Ronke just manages to slam it on the boot and get it through! (Q4 16:31)
Kennedy breaks out of the centre to kick forward. Rohan runs on to the bouncing ball, but a desperate push from a Cats defender affects the kick and it misses. (Q4 17:30)
Ratugolea with an amazing one handed pick up at half forward starts a chain of handballs which ends up back in the big man’s hands in the pocket, but his snap misses for a behind. (Q4 20:45)
Rohan stays down in a contest and taps the ball to Heeney in the pocket who kicks inboard to Florent. Touhy comes in late and gives away a 50m penalty and the easy goal to the Swan (Q4 24:36)
Hayward kicks what could be the sealer after running past and receiving a handball 45 out from goal to dribble one through with the outside of the boot. 3 minutes left Swans 16 up. (Q4 27:59)
Kennedy dribbles one forward that goes over the boundary line 50 out from the Swans’ goal with 10 seconds left. Jones bombs through a behind just as the siren sounds. Sydney win! (Full Time)

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