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Blog log from R3 of 2018: Carlton vs Collingwood

Blog log for Carlton vs Collingwood, R3 of 2018

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Cuningham kicks low to the square from a pack at CHF, Thomas judges it best to mark and boot the first goal. (Q1 0:51)
After a cheap goal to Casboult in the pocket for a push that was barely there, Varcoe sets up Hoskin-Elliott to run into goal. (Q1 23:02)
Stephenson kicks long from the HFF to the square where two Blues fly to spoil Crocker, but no one is down to cover Josh Thomas who volleys home from the line. (Q1 25:17)
Reid stands tall to mark an Adams ball 35m out on a slight angle, with Plowman sprawling on the turf. He kicks truly. (Q1 28:50)
Crisp clears long after the first centre bounce, Treloar marks 40m out on the flank and misses. (Q2 0:21)
Pendlebury passes to Treloar 40m out on a slight angle for a goal. (Q2 4:27)
Grundy gives to Josh Thomas who screws through his second goal from 30m on the flank. (Q2 6:57)
Jones has been targeted by Collingwood with some midfielder matchups, this time Treloar changes with Sidebottom who marks a Crisp centre clearance 40m out on a slight angle, goal. (Q2 8:48)
Charlie Curnow gives to Murphy who tries a running checkside from 40m on the flank, that goes wide. (Q2 11:21)
Hoskin-Elliott contests near the square, Varcoe flies in and snaps from 20m on the flank but hits the post. (Q2 13:13)
Howe roves the kick in and gives to Treloar who shoots on the run from 40m on the flank… same goalpost. (Q2 13:37)
Crocker keeps a ground ball alive on the wing and gives to Hoskin-Elliott, he goes to the square but the ball pitches and rolls behind Reid for a behind. (Q2 16:20)
Josh Thomas marks a short Hoskin-Elliott ball 30m out on the flank, he steers that one through. (Q2 16:33)
Howe passes to Reid with two on him 30m out on the flank, one of them is Weitering who holds to give away a free, Reid goals. (Q2 18:33)
Dow gives to Garlett who jinks past Aish on the HFF but misses from 40m. (Q2 25:45)
Cripps goes short to Dow on the end of a series of short passes after the first bounce of Q3. He lines up from 30m on the flank and misses. (Q3 0:23)
Brown marks a Pendlebury ball on the HFF and plays on is some traffic, but Josh Thomas makes it look good with a screwing snap that goes through for his fourth goal from 30m. (Q3 3:25)
Casboult draws a holding free on Dunn leading to 30m on the flank, he kicks truly. (Q3 5:38)
Casboult marks a high ball in a pack 30m out on a slight angle, and kicks his third goal. (Q3 8:41)
Dow shoots from near CHF, it’s a shank but lands in the arms of Charlie Curnow in the pocket 20m out. Curnow tries a checkside, but it’s narrow. (Q3 10:28)
Hoskin-Elliott marks a Sidebottom ball on the HFF and goes back to Rusty who had run to the boundary 30m out… and he goals. (Q3 12:09)
Hoskin-Elliott leads up from the square to the hotspot to mark a Varcoe ball on his chest. He goals. (Q3 17:38)
Casboult snaps a goal from a pack 25m out on a slight angle, three for Q2 and four for the game. The crowd shows almost complete disinterest, the sting has gone long ago. (Q3 21:27)
Cox marks over Plowman at half forward within range, and passes to Aish 20m out in the pocket who goals. (Q3 23:11)
Howe drops a sitter at half back, Wright roves and gives to Charlie Curnow who goals off a step from 50m on a slight angle. (Q3 28:57)
Casboult marks 40m out on a slight angle just before the 3QT siren. This for four for Q3.. wide right. (Q3 31:26)
Treloar gives to Sidebottom in the pocket, he goes himself under great pressure from the pocket 20m out and skids it through! (Q4 4:26)
Polson snaps wide from the hotspot after what should have been a disastrous turnover at half back by Howe. (Q4 8:11)
Garlett roves a Casboult contest in the pocket and gives to Cripps who bounces home a nice snap from 25m… a video review shows it came off the head of a Pie defender. (Q4 10:11)
Cripps marks 40m out in the corridor and steers through a goal. Crowd have had not much to cheer about in this half. (Q4 12:00)
Reid passes to Josh Thomas 40m out on a slight angle, who boots his fifth goal in a productive evening. (Q4 13:56)
Dunn is pinged for blocking Kreuzer for a long ball to the square, charity goal. (Q4 17:53)
Reid converts a close-range set shot for his third goal, reaction to Pie goals are a lot more vocal even though it’s a Blue home game. (Q4 21:32)
Fisher gets a soft free for a supposedly rough tackle by Scharenberg in a pack at the hotspot, he goals in the last minute to nearly no reaction. (Q4 28:42)
Charlie Curnow gets a good bounce for a goal at the hotspot with seconds to go. (Q4 29:46)

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