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Blog log from R21 of 2017: Hawthorn vs North Melbourne

Blog log for Hawthorn vs North Melbourne, R21 of 2017

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Cunnington wins a free forward of the wing and kick long and high were Brown extends his arms and takes a terrific mark. However, Brown’s shot misses everything. (Q1 1:17)
Gunston marks in the middle of the ground and Simpkin gives away a 50m penalty which brings Gunston to 40m out directly in front. He goes back and kicks the goal. (Q1 7:17)
Roughead marks 50m from goal on a tight angle and opts to spot up Hartung 40m out on an improved angle. Hartung’s set shot is a goal. (Q1 9:47)
Durdin intercepts a clearing kick out of defence at the 50m mark, goes back and takes the shot at goal but hits the post. (Q1 13:12)
Long ball into McEvoy in the pocket who easily outmarks Gibson. He goes back and kicks the Hawks’ third. (Q1 15:29)
Roughead gets out the back, marks in space and hands to Burgoyne for a Joe the Goose. Hawthorn well on top here. (Q1 21:47)
Brown marks 45m from goal and kicks inboard to Garner who handballs over the top for Turner to run into an open goal. (Q1 23:09)
North win the clearance through Dumont who kicks to Brown on the bounce and Brown does terrifically well to gather, wheel onto his left and slot the goal from 40m out. (Q1 24:16)
Langford hands to Henderson who takes a shot off one step 40m out on a tight angle but hits the post. (Q1 26:03)
Schoenmakers from 50m out chips a high ball and Henderson does well to go back with the flight and mark above his head. His set shot from 30m out directly in front is a goal. (Q1 27:03)
Swallow hacks the ball forward from the centre bounce and Zurhaar wins a contest against Glass, kicks on his right and slots a nice goal. (Q1 28:48)
Long ball into the Hawthorn goalsquare where Roughead nudges out Tarrant and kicks the goal from pointblank range. (Q2 9:19)
Preuss taps it down where Schoenmakers intercepts and hands backwards to Howe who snaps a goal from 30m out directly in front. (Q2 11:31)
McDonald shrugs a tackle and kicks high and centrally where Preuss marks above his head. Preuss from 30m out directly in front kicks the goal. (Q2 14:44)
Hodge kicks long to the hotspot where North spoil the ball but Breust crumbs and goals. (Q2 18:16)
Higgins gives away a holding free on Smith in the pocket. Smith arcs around on his preferred left foot and kicks the goal. (Q2 21:45)
Atley wins the ball in the contest 40m from goal, breaks away and kicks a nice goal. (Q2 24:01)
Howe wins a holding the ball free kick 70m from goal, hands to Smith who runs to the 50m arc and kicks at goal but it misses narrowly to the left. (Q2 28:05)
Hodge marks 60m from goal and spots Miles 40m out. Miles from almost directly in front kicks the goal. (Q2 29:54)
Breust marks 50m from goal and spots up Roughead on a strong lead. Roughead from 35m out on a slight angle kicks the opening goal of the 2nd half. (Q3 2:16)
Breust tight on the boundary from 50m out kicks to Henderson who marks on his own in the goal square and kicks the simplest of goals. (Q3 4:01)
Breust having a big influence early in Q3 as he bursts away from the pack, stiff-arms Mullett and snaps a lovely goal. (Q3 6:03)
Higgins hands to Zurhaar who hands over the top to Garner who shows good poise to kick a nice goal from the pocket under pressure. (Q3 8:01)
Hrovat marks on the lead from a Garner kick. Hrovat’s kick from 40m out on a slight angle misses to the near side. (Q3 8:57)
Long ball into Goldstein who spills a mark he should’ve taken but Brown is there to crumb and run into an open goal. (Q3 10:30)
Burton streams through the middle and kicks long to Smith who was in space 45m out on a slight angle. He goes back and slots the goal. (Q3 13:01)
McEvoy wins a ground ball and hands to Breust who runs to 25m from goal and kicks another. (Q3 16:33)
Brand gives away a holding free on Brown 20m from goal directly in front and Brown makes no mistake with his set shot. That’s three for Brown. (Q3 19:10)
Goldstein taps it down to Dumont who chips to Preuss who outmarks Hodge 30m from goal. Preuss from a slight angle kicks the goal. (Q3 21:43)
Hodge gives away a blocking free on Brown 25m out directly in front. Brown misses uncharacteristically to the left. (Q3 25:01)
Higgins marks 50m from goal following a short kick from Thompson. Higgins goes back, gets every bit of it and it sails through for a lovely long goal. (Q3 27:31)
Poor error from Gunston turns the ball over and sees North counter strongly ending in Swallow handing over the top to Garner who goals from 25m out. (Q3 30:46)
Dumont kicks laterally to Mountford who marks after Howe missed a spoil he should’ve effected. Mountford from 50m out kicks a good long goal. (Q3 32:41)
Long ball into Preuss and Brown. Neither can mark but the ball comes to the front where Zurhaar crumbs and snaps a nice goal on his left. (Q4 11:28)
Langford wins the clearance and kicks long to the goal square where Burgoyne outmarks Nielson and runs into an open goal. (Q4 12:23)
Roughead wraps up Thompson, pries the ball loose, and kicks short to Schoenmakers 25m from goal on a slight angle. Schoenmakers misses badly to the right. (Q4 14:53)
Mitchell gives away a pushing free on Hrovat who quickly hands to Higgins who releases McDonald to kick the goal from 40m out. (Q4 23:23)
Burton hands backwards to Mitchell who runs to 40 under no pressure but misses to the left with his shot on goal. (Q4 27:29)

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