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Blog log from R20 of 2017: North Melbourne vs Collingwood

Blog log for North Melbourne vs Collingwood, R20 of 2017

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Greenwood misses a quick snap from 50m on a slight angle. (Q1 0:04)
Gibson marks a short blind rebound kick from a stoppage by Treloar to 45m on a slight angle. He misses. (Q1 1:50)
Dumont passes to Brown leading to deep in the pocket 30m out, who just misses. (Q1 2:36)
Dunn smothers a snap from close range by Goldstein to eventually cause a rushed behind. (Q1 4:32)
Elliott misses a flying snap from 40m near the boundary after Dumont’s rebound kick on the HBF is smothered. (Q1 6:52)
Ziebell’s kick in goes to a contest at the hotspot, Treloar mops up and gives to Thomas for the first goal. (Q1 7:20)
Reid marks over Mountford at half forward and goes quickly to Fasolo 35m out on a slight angle. Fas makes no mistake with the set shot. (Q1 11:00)
Blair catches Thompson HTB on the wing, his long ball goes down the flank where Fasolo flies and takes a screamer over Mountford 30m out. This time he misses. (Q1 12:50)
Williams runs down the flank to 25m for a snap, he misses but was pushed in the back by Langdon for an obvious free. On his second chance, he misses again. (Q1 14:35)
Fasolo turns on the wing and hits Reid 40m out on a slight angle. Reid shanks it way left. (Q1 16:07)
Brown takes a contested grab in front of the hapless Dunn 45m out on the flank, and kicks OOTF. (Q1 18:22)
Mountford leaps over Elliott to intercept a Dunn kick from full back to 40m out on a slight angle from the North goals. He makes Dunn pay with a goal. (Q1 18:53)
Moore marks 45m out on the flank and misses on the far left side. (Q1 21:09)
Larkey misses Brown with a kick to the HFF but the ball bounces past Dunn to Brown who misses with a snap across the body from 40m. (Q1 22:05)
Adams hits the post with a mid-range snap. (Q1 23:37)
Treloar to Crisp at a ball up forward of the wing, the quick kick goes down the flank where Elliott judges it best to mark 40m out. He misses the set shot. (Q1 25:15)
De Goey passes to Moore on the boundary 40m out, who misses. Classic Collingwood play, going around the wings. (Q2 0:33)
North have no easy targets coming out of defence and turn it over with a bomb to CHB, Sidebottom runs to CHF and has Blair over the back to mark 20m out and goal. (Q2 2:48)
De Goey beats Clarke to mark 20m out on a slight angle and kick his first goal of the evening. (Q2 5:01)
Atley misses on the run from half forward. (Q2 9:58)
Williams misses a tougher snap off a step from the pocket. (Q2 10:32)
Higgins marks over the back 35m out on a slight angle with a man closing but decides to play on and that was the wrong decision, Crisp mows him down to prevent a score. (Q2 17:15)
Moore clunks a mark over McDonald 40m out on a slight angle from a long Maynard ball. He kicks his first goal of the night. (Q2 18:15)
A lull as Brown is stretchered off. (Q2 24:04)
Scharenberg goes to the square from near CHF but it’s off Hoskin-Elliott’s hands for a behind. (Q2 27:30)
Greenwood catches Cunnington HTB near the behind post, but misses. (Q2 28:18)
The crumb from a long ball to the North square comes off the knee of Garner for a point. (Q2 30:45)
A 50m penalty against Nielson for a hold off the ball brings Thomas from the centre to the hotspot for the first goal of Q3. This feels like junk time already with Brown injured. (Q3 5:37)
Treloar pokes a pass wide to Phillips 30m out on the flank after he has his own snap smothered. Phillips kicks truly. (Q3 6:57)
Ziebell marks on the boundary 30m out and shoots OOTF. (Q3 12:22)
Goldstein misses a snap from a pack 40m out on the flank. (Q3 15:00)
Ziebell passes to Garner 40m out near the boundary after a rare rebound from the last line around the outer wing by North. He belatedly boots the second goal for the Roos. (Q3 17:09)
Treloar kicks the next goal running from the centre bounce to the edge of the centre square outside CHF. (Q3 18:12)
Howe sails through a long set shot for a goal. Yep, it’s garbage time. (Q3 22:00)
Larkey kicks OOTF with a set shot from the boundary 40m out. (Q3 23:27)
Atley passes to Ziebell 40m out who gets a 50m penalty on Langdon for encroachment to ensure the goal. (Q3 25:42)
Moore draws a holding free on Tarrant 40m out on a slight angle, but misses. (Q3 27:24)
Adams snaps a goal from 40m in front from a stoppage, not much pressure on him. (Q3 29:23)
Hoskin-Elliott takes a contested grab and gives off to Wells for a goal from 20m. (Q3 30:26)
Goldsack and Dunn spoil each other going for a defensive mark 20m out from the North goals, Ziebell roves and checksides an opportunist goal. (Q3 31:58)
Garner delivers a sensational inside handball to Atley running from CHF to the hotspot, but he runs into traffic and hits the post. (Q4 0:29)
Reid contests a Fasolo centring ball to the square, the crumb falls towards the line where Blair volleys the goal. (Q4 3:30)
Goldstein kicks towards Ziebell 20m out on a slight angle, Goldsack spoils but holds as they chase the crumb, Ziebell kicks the goal from the free. (Q4 5:31)
Preuss turns and chases the crumb from a Ziebell contest 20m out on the flank that runs to the square, but he soccers wide. (Q4 7:43)
Hoskin-Elliott centres to the hotspot where Blair draws a contact free on Tarrant and goals. (Q4 9:41)
Blair marks a Thomas ball 35m out on the flank and misses. (Q4 12:56)
Ziebell passes to Durdin 20m out in front on the end of a flowing move by North around the outer wing. Durdin misses, disappointingly. (Q4 15:31)
Grundy gets a ruck free on Preuss 45m out on the flank. He runs in crooked but kicks very straight. (Q4 17:51)
Treloar plays on to advantage after a free in the centre, he gives to Adams who runs to 45m on a slight angle for a champagne footy goal. (Q4 18:47)
Scharenberg is pinged for a hold on Ziebell as they wait for a ball 40m out on the flank. Jay-Z kicks his fourth goal. (Q4 21:45)
Ziebell beats Howe with strength to mark at the hotspot, and play on to kick goal number five. (Q4 24:01)
Adams intercepts a Gibson rebound kick to 40m on the flank, and misses. (Q4 25:56)
Elliott gives to Reid who misses off the left boot from the hotspot. (Q4 28:00)
Elliott marks 45m out on a slight angle, the man on the mark Dumont watches him listlessly as he plays on and snaps truly. (Q4 29:26)

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