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Blog log from R20 of 2017: Western Sydney vs Melbourne

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Melbourne, R20 of 2017

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Jones dabs the pass to the unsighted, hard to fathom how so, Max Gawn. Max marks and lines up the set shot from 40 on the slight. The Dee nails the set shot! (Q1 1:01)
Kelly gathers the pill out of congestion on the half forward flank. The in demand onballer shoots for home from the flank region, missing to the near side. (Q1 3:02)
The Giants win another shot directly from the stoppage. Callan Ward pulls it out of the stoppage and bounces his shot from 30 through for a minor. (Q1 4:02)
The Demons get the quick start! Lewis gathers the loose pill and flicks it wide to Neal-Bullen, Petracca starting the play by hand. Alex steps inside and snaps truly from 25! (Q1 6:32)
Make that three in a row for the Red and Blue! McDonald is towelled up by Shaw in the tackle. Watts grabs the crumbs, flicks to Tyson and Dom goals from close range! (Q1 9:02)
Coniglio gathers out the back of the contest. He spins and shoots off the non-preferred from the boundary under duress. The pill flies through for a fantastic major! (Q1 13:16)
The former Dee, Scully throws it on the boot out of the thick of congestion. Tom’s shot bounces on its axis, remarkably bouncing through for a major! (Q1 14:51)
Make that three remarkable goals in a row for the rampant Giants. Shiel flicks centrally to the defender come forward Himmelberg. Harrison receives and hooks it through from 20! (Q1 15:31)
Deledio has a flying shot at goal as the Giants continue to utilise this wind assisted quarter. Brett shoots from the sharp angle, 45 out, and bounces through a minor. (Q1 17:02)
Kennedy sends the pill out the back to the hard running Kelly, Josh marking with Vince trailing in behind. Josh goals from 35 on the flank via the set shot! (Q1 17:52)
Jones makes a significant error, flicking through the corridor and managing to pick out a speeding Johnson. Steve sets sights for goal and whacks it through from 55! (Q1 19:32)
Kennedy, Smith and Kelly combine with strong foot passing as the Orange and Charcoal pace to the goal once more. Josh takes the mark inside the arc and converts truly from 45! (Q1 22:02)
It’s important to note the strong wind that is assisting the Giants this term. However, the question remains, by how much? (Q1 22:28)
Whitfield launches to the isolated contest between Johnson and Hunt, with Jayden gifting the free for holding in the marking contest. Steve goals from 30 out, directly in front! (Q1 25:42)
The Giants hammer through the middle of the ground in a wave, something that has been seen on numerous occasions since the five minute mark. Lachie shoots from the arc and misses. (Q1 28:18)
Salem turns it over from the kick in. The ball is recycled at half forward before Shiel is found in scoring range. Dylan nails the set shot from 40 on the flank! (Q1 29:20)
Wilson receives off Lobb after Rory gained the free kick with a strong tackle. The long ranging right footer shoots from 55 and misses to the right hand side. (Q1 30:18)
Gawn throws boot to ball out of the stoppage. McDonald, of the Tom variety, throws himself at the ball and pulls down the strong grab. He goals from 40 on the flank! (Q2 7:21)
Horrible error through the corridor by Frost. Wilson is the recipient, gathering and finding Deledio out the back. Brett marks but misses the set shot from 30 on the slight. (Q2 12:21)
Ward continues his magnificent second term, receiving at the stoppage and powering away from his counterparts. He runs through the arc and splits the middle from 40! (Q2 20:41)
Mumford extends the margin out to near seven straight kicks! Shane receives the free after Oliver was adjudged to touch in the ruck contest. Contentious decision… (Q2 25:12)
The Dees pace out the back, driving the play through a Salem darting corridor pass. Pedersen marks running to goal, with Lewis producing the assist. Cam goals from 30! (Q2 29:57)
Another stoppage, another goal for the Giants! Mumford taps it down the back, Smith gathers the crumbs and forces his kick under the Lewis smother attempt and through from 25! (Q3 3:01)
Johnson soccers out the back as the orange and charcoal run riot over their counterparts. Deledio gathers and dabs the pass to Whitfield. He misses the basic snap from the pocket. (Q3 5:08)
Whitfield, De Boer and Kelly combine after Salem turned it over with a central pass. Josh marks out the back and nabs his third on the run from close range! (Q3 8:07)
Watts takes the strong grab opposed to Kennedy as the Dees enjoy a rare foray forward. Jack shoots from 40 on the slight and he goals! Wait a review is required… (Q3 10:22)
And as the goal umpire rightly called, Mumford touched the ball behind the line and the goal is awarded. (Q3 11:02)
Gawn demonstrates the havoc he can provide. He wins the tap, gains the clearance, paces away and thumps to the top of the square. Neal-Bullen sharks the pill and goals! (Q3 12:27)
Ward and Johnson link as the Giants converge on their offensive goal once more. Steve thumps it on the boot from 55 and bounces his shot through for a minor score. (Q3 15:03)
Kennedy flicks it out of congestion the eagerly anticipating Wilson. Nathan receives on the edge of the square and thuds his effort through for a minor score. (Q3 17:38)
Kelly receives out of congestion and the highly regard on baller fires to goal with urgency. He shoots from the flank region of the arc and scores a minor. (Q3 25:51)
Scully and Smith combine as the Giants attempt to make the Dees pay for not taking the most of their chances. Devon fires to goal but misses to the near side from 40. (Q3 28:36)
With less than 5 seconds left to play, Smith breaks the Demon wall. Grabbing it out of the stoppage, Devon evades the tackle, powers to the goal mouth and finishes truly! (Q3 30:29)
The Giants break out the back in numbers once more, they’ve done so with ease throughout the afternoon. Whitfield found Deledio and the former Tiger goaled from close range! (Q4 2:13)
Melksham kicks a terrific reflex backed major! McDonald and Davis battle at the top of the square. Phil knocks it forward and Jake throws it on the boot in a blink of an eye! (Q4 5:11)
The Dees have two consolation prizes in the space of a minute. Watts grabs the crumbs deep in the forward pocket. He flicks the pill inside and Melksham goals from close range! (Q4 6:16)
The first gamer thuds through the first of his career! With the pressure out of this one, Lewis flicks to the speeding former Basketballer. Corey receives and dabs it though! (Q4 25:56)

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