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Blog log from R16 of 2017: Carlton vs Melbourne

Blog log for Carlton vs Melbourne, R16 of 2017

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Kreuzer wins an early free kick in his decisive match up against Gawn for being thrown out of the ruck contest. Matt shoots from 45 on the slight and misses the set shot.
Neal-Bullen gifts an off the ball free kick for contact to Sheehan. Wright is paid the down the ground free kick and duly converts from close range! (Q1 2:05)
Neal-Bullen, Melksham and Hogan link by hand as Jake sends Jesse into a paddock of space. The key forward takes a bounce, sets for goal and misses from 20. (Q1 8:07)
The Blues open proceedings with the first two majors of the contest! Silvagni is found out the back unopposed by the Casboult pass. Jack gathers and goals from 25! (Q1 9:15)
Simpson takes the strong intercept mark across half forward from the Vince rebound. Kade sends it long and Curnow takes the strong mark. Charlie converts from 20 via the set shot! (Q1 16:39)
Lewis darts the pass through the corridor and Garlett takes the one mitt grab ahead of Plowman. Jeff lines up the set shot from 30 on the slight and misses. (Q1 20:46)
The Dees have their first major of the afternoon! Melksham opens the play up with a backward handball to the eagerly anticipating Wagner. Josh receives and goals from 40! (Q1 22:47)
Thomas dabs the pass to the leading Curnow who takes the simple chest mark. Charlie is deemed to have played on and misses the abrupt shot from 30. (Q1 25:46)
Kreuzer and Gawn fly together as the former number one pick tries to pluck one inside forward fifty. Smith comes across and infringes Matt with illegal contact. Matt goals from 40! (Q1 29:11)
In fact a review has been called. The vision appears to be inconclusive as the officials check to see if the ball struck the woodwork. Decision is a major. (Q1 29:46)
Liam Jones gives away the free kick for holding Tom McDonald in the isolated one on one. Defender come forward snaps truly from 25 on the sharp angle! (Q2 0:55)
Petracca, Hunt and Kent link as the Demons swing the ball from half forward to the forward fifty mark. Dean takes the uncontested mark and misses from 40 on the slight (Q2 2:43)
Wagner receives out of the forward half stoppage after the Dees win it through Lewis. Josh runs his full measure and converts his second from 40! (Q2 7:58)
Thomas and Gibbs link by hand as the Carlton midfielder sets his sights on goal. The onballer heads for home from 40 on the flank and misses to the near side. (Q2 9:03)
Harmes provides the most odd of assists, using his cranium to knock the ball into the path of Neal-Bullen unawares. Alex gathers and goals from close range! (Q2 10:18)
Lamb thunders the ball in direct and low with Curnow taking the strong mark out ahead of O.McDonald. The promising youngster shoots from 55 on the flank and dobs it! (Q2 16:19)
Silvagni finds Curnow on the short lead up pass and Charlie wastes little time to send to the hotspot. Casboult flies and takes the strong grab. He duly converts from 30! (Q2 18:14)
The long bomb is sent to the isolated contest between Sheehan and Garlett and Ciaran gives the free away for holding. Jeff converts the set shot from close range! (Q2 20:35)
Weitering forces it forward past the throng of counterparts. Murphy knocks it further afield to Wright. Matt gathers in space and hits the post from close range. (Q2 23:00)
The Blues waste little time in writing the wrongs of the last play. Carlton maintain their forward pressure and force the turnover. Silvagni receives and snaps truly from 25! (Q2 23:29)
Hibberd, Stretch and Vince link by hand across the wing of the MCG. Bernie sends it long to the Hogan/Weitering matchup and Jesse takes the grab. He converts from close range! (Q2 28:20)
Petracca, Hunt and Melksham link as the Demons pace the ball from half forward to inside forward 50. The former Bomber dashes his measure and scores a minor from 45. (Q2 31:48)
Petracca opens the play up with a handball to create the offensive passage. The ball is sent long to T.McDonald who receives the free against Plowman. Tom goals from 45! (Half Time)
The Dees gain their first lead of the afternoon. Tom McDonald leads Weitering out to the ball and takes the strong mark. Tom makes it two in the last minute! (Q3 1:16)
Gibbs thumps the ball to the leading Casboult who lost Frost to take the uncontested mark. Levi shoots from 50 on the flank and misses to the near side. (Q3 6:07)
Silvagni is caught with ball in hand as the Blues fail to clear their lines off half back. Melbourne takes advantage with Petracca flicking over the top to Garlett. Jeff snags it! (Q3 9:09)
Murphycatches Jetta with ball in hand and forces the turnover. Lamb sends the ball to the unmarked Wright at the top of the square and Matt marks. The former Crow goals! (Q3 13:03)
The free is paid to the Blues skipper after Harmes applies a late tackle on the onballer. Marc splits the middle from the 40 metre tight angle set shot! (Q3 14:52)
Goal for goal at the MCG! Defender come ruck come forward Tom McDonald shovels the ball forward to Neal-Bullen. Alex thunders to point blank range and hammers it through! (Q3 17:02)
The Neal-Bullen goal is the difference between 4th and 8th position for the Melbourne Football Club on the live ladder. (Q3 18:07)
Lamb and Kerridge combine by hand across the half forward flank before the former Giant darts the pass to Gibbs.Bryce takes the leading grab and misses poorly from 50 on the flank. (Q3 19:42)
Curnow gathers the ground level ball and uses all of his strength to shrug off the opponent. He flicks to the speeding Thomas. Dale receives and misses the gilt edge opportunity. (Q3 22:27)
The red, white and blue launch through former VFL Bulldog Hannan and Tom McDonald pulls down the grab. Tom goals after pulling the mark within the eight man strong pack! (Q3 26:32)
Petrevski-Seton kicks one of the most miraculous goals of the 2017 season! Roving off the pack, Samo gathers ahead of Jetta and bounces it through from the boundary line! (Q4 2:16)
Kerridge grabs it off the turf with the single mitt and sends it down the throat of Wright on the turn. Matt marks and centres to Silvagni. Jack marks and goals from 40! (Q4 4:48)
Make that three in a row for the rampant Blues. Kerridge follows up the contest in the pocket and flicks it off to the speeding Murphy. Marc receives and dabs it through from 20! (Q4 7:16)
Garlett receives the free kick after Sheehan contacts his counterpart over the shoulder. The decision is duly awarded and Jeff finishes truly from close range! (Q4 9:11)
That is the former Blues third major of the afternoon. (Q4 9:41)
The Demons are now ninth on the live ladder. Victory in this contest is likely to see them land in the top four. (Q4 11:00)
Wright launches to the hotspot and Docherty floats forward and expertly roves the forward pocket crumbs. The former Lion dribbles the snap for a minor score. (Q4 18:39)
Curnow forces the turnover with a strong tackle and immediately sends the ball to the hotspot. Casboult flies and takes the strong grab. He shoots from 50 on the flank and misses. (Q4 20:29)
The Melbourne football club hit the lead once more. The besieged defence finally find a gap forward of the contest. Hogan flicks to Melksham who sends it through from 45! (Q4 22:27)
3:22 left to play. Stoppage in the centre of the ground and the Blues surge forward through Murphy… (Q4 24:42)
Docherty had the opportunity to send it through but Jetta forced the turnover with the tackle. The play results in a forward half stoppage. (Q4 25:43)
2:02 left to play as the Dees force it forward. Weitering taps the ball over with McDonald hot on his hammer. (Q4 26:37)
1:48 as the Dees force another forward fifty stoppage with Garlett producing the tackle on Murphy. (Q4 27:15)
Petracca gathers at ground level and finds Neal-Bullen unmarked inside forty. This resulted from a miraculous Jetta play across half back. Alex passes short to Lewis. (Q4 28:12)
Neal-Bullen soaked up thirty seconds from the clock and then passed to Lewis, effectively ceiling the win. Jordan goals post siren from 40! (Q4 28:38)
Fantastic victory for the Dees, holding on to win by 8 points in a match which was largely led by the Blues. This win sends the Melbourne footy club into the top four. (Full Time)

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