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Blog log from R13 of 2017: West Coast vs Geelong

Blog log for West Coast vs Geelong, R13 of 2017

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Stewart passes to Cockatoo to mark in front of Schofield at the hotspot and pop through the first goal of the game. (Q1 1:01)
Shuey feeds Yeo to sprints away from a stoppage on the wing, but his snap from 50m on a slight angle is well wide. (Q1 3:01)
Cockatoo roves a Darling contest in the BP but his man Schofield had followed him up from defence and catches him HTB 30m out on the flank from the Eagle goalface. He goals! (Q1 7:11)
Darling marks on the HFF on a fast play, turns and finds Sheed running forward to 35m wide on the flank. Sheed has no confidence to shoot and tries a centring ball, no result. (Q1 14:46)
Sheed roves a long Jetta ball to a Petrie contest at the hotspot, he gives to Cripps whose snap wobbles wide. (Q1 16:26)
Mackie turns the ball over at half back, Mitchell mops up at CHF and goes to Petrie whose long ball to the square is perfect for Darling to lead into the hole for the mark & goal. (Q1 17:30)
Darling marks on the lead just inside 50m out on a slight angle, well ahead of Lonergan. He misses wide left. (Q1 19:47)
Bews’ blind kick from the BP is marked by Hurn on the HFFwho immediately pumps it long to the square, Petrie turns rover and snaps truly from 10m before Lonergan can smother. (Q1 22:06)
Joel Selwood gives to Dangerfield at a stoppage on the HFF, he avoids Jetta to go long from 55m on a slight angle… ball bounces past Vardy for a behind. (Q1 25:15)
Menegola gives to Tuohy drifting up from defence for a snap off a couple of steps from 50m on the flank, his sort of range… but it’s wide. (Q1 26:15)
Motlop roves a Sheed contest 35m out on the flank from the Eagles goal but Sheed catches him HTB… Jetta plays on to advantage and kicks the goal, somewhat flukily. (Q1 29:09)
LeCras has Darling over the back on a quick rebound, his ball is aimless and Henderson strips Darling of it near the behind line, the cavalry arrives, Vardy gives to Duggan, goal. (Q2 2:02)
Duncan clears long from a stoppage on the wing, Taylor marks in stride on the HFF and hits Menzel with another lovely delivery over Mackenzie to the hotspot. Menzel goals. (Q2 5:32)
Menzel marks a quick Joel Selwood stoppage kick at true CHF, goes back for the set shot but his set shot falls on the behind line and does not score. (Q2 7:36)
Cripps has time to gather a bouncing ball behind the Cat defence in the pocket, steady and shoot from 30m… but he hits the goalpost. (Q2 11:17)
The Cats rebound coast to coast from the kick in around the outer wing, Smith marks behind Vardy leading back to 25m out on a slight angle. Smith misses, disappointingly. (Q2 12:02)
McGovern gets a 50m penalty for encroachment by Menegola after marking on the wing to put him 35m out on a slight angle, but shoots OOTF. (Q2 13:48)
Vardy misses a snap from a stoppage on the HFF. (Q2 17:31)
Dangerfield turns the ball over to Mitchell in the centre, who goes to Cripps who draws a holding free on Henderson just on 50m out on a slight angle. Cripps hoofs it home! (Q2 19:28)
Darling has Cripps over the back on a fast play but Cripps runs out of petrol tickets and his snap from 50m on a slight angle to an empty goalface is barely a behind. (Q2 24:05)
McGovern wins a hard ball get after a stoppage in the pocket, draws two tacklers and gives to Sheed to run into the open goal. West Coast in full control. (Q2 26:48)
Yeo runs away from the next centre bounce and hits McGovern at CHF, who dithers and eventually has to go back for the set shot… wide. (Q2 28:05)
Mitchell misses after the HT siren from the HFF. (Q2 30:19)
Menegola feeds Taylor for a snap from 35m on a slight angle off his left boot, both players had a quiet first half, but they combine for the first goal of Q3. (Q3 3:01)
LeCras roves deep in the pocket 20m out and tries a very low percentage snap running sideways from goals, and predictably misses. (Q3 4:05)
Taylor beats Mackenzie one on one to juggle and mark a long Guthrie ball 15m out in the pocket. He misses. (Q3 6:21)
Parsons marks 45m out on a slight angle, runs in slightly right and shoots slightly right. (Q3 8:27)
Jetta receives from Darling and goes long from the HFF to the opposite side for McGovern to mark 40m out on a slight angle. But McGovern misses. (Q3 10:18)
Vardy gives to Murdoch at CHF to scoot past traffic and shoot on his right boot from 40m, but it’s well wide. (Q3 10:53)
Stanley flies in a pack in the square for a long, high Taylor ball from half forward and marks untouched, Vardy didn’t get body on him. He goals. (Q3 12:37)
Cole is pinged for a throw under a Parsons chicken wing tackle 25m out on the flank. Parsons shanks it OOTF. (Q3 14:18)
Duggan feeds Priddis for a miss from near CHF. (Q3 17:08)
Hutchings misses from a stoppage in the pocket. (Q3 18:53)
Jetta zooms onto a loose footy at half forward, turns on a thrupenny bit and hits Sheed on the opposite side 40m out on a slight angle for a steady goal for West Coast. (Q3 22:15)
Duggan passes to Cripps 40m out on the flank, another good decision by an outside Eagle player at half forward. Cripps misses though. (Q3 23:38)
Motlop makes good on some Cat frontal pressure after a kick in with a trademark quality finish from the pocket, after pushing off the chest of Gaff. (Q3 27:18)
LeCras cheats out the back on the wing on a rebound and receives from Darling, he runs with a couple of bounces to the HFF but misses from 50m. (Q3 29:20)
Taylor takes a big contested grab with Barrass draped all over him next to the hotspot. He kicks truly to give the Cats some hope at the start of Q4. (Q4 1:01)
Stewart gathers a blind kick from defence to the centre and goes to Dangerfield who leaps in front of Yeo to mark 40m out on a slight angle. He goals, Geelong right in it now! (Q4 3:59)
Parsons marks at half forward and plays on with a handball to Menegola who spins out of a tackle and shoots from the hotspot… wide, with Taylor running free to the square. (Q4 8:09)
Priddis marks 35m out on the flank and misses what would have been a nice steadier for the Eagles. (Q4 12:30)
Darling is somehow able to mark a long Vardy ball from midfield untouched 25m out on a slight angle, Mackie and Stewart out of position. He goals, that’s the steadier. (Q4 13:41)
Mackenzie dives and touches a Taylor dribbler from the top of the square on the line. (Q4 15:58)
Cole catches Taylor HTB in the Geelong FP to stop an attack, as the clock ticks under 8:00. (Q4 18:00)
Tuohy goes long from outside CHF, Taylor gets first touch in a contest with Cole in the square but juggles it over the behind line for a point. (Q4 18:36)
Bews centres from the HFF to the top of the square, Cole spoils Stanley but gives away a free for an arm chop, Stanley puts the Cats back within two kicks with his second goal. (Q4 20:01)
Darling gives to Yeo on the HFF for a left foot snap off a step from 50m… bounces across the face. (Q4 21:35)
Hurn roves a Stanley fumble on the wing, runs to the HFF and goes long from 50m… off Tuohy’s hands for a behind. (Q4 22:02)
Mitchell centres from the HFF, McGovern contests to set up the crumb from Gaff who throws the ball on boot 25m out on a slight angle… takes a beautiful leg break for a goal! (Q4 23:02)
Schofield rushes a long ball to the square while wrestling with Menzel. 4:19 at the next kick in, almost home are the Eagles. (Q4 24:47)
Gaff passes to Jetta near the boundary 25m out to mark behind Duncan. Jetta knows the score and takes his full allotment of time… then seals it with a goal. (Q4 26:17)
Stanley is over the back to goal from the square in the last minute, but it’s way too late now with less than a minute left. (Q4 29:31)
Stanley gives to Menzel who snaps truly from 15m in the pocket to make the scoreboard a bit flattering for the Cats. (Q4 31:01)

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