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Blog log from R7 of 2017: North Melbourne vs Adelaide

Blog log for North Melbourne vs Adelaide, R7 of 2017

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Talia is forced into the rash disposal by the oncoming Wagner, with Daniel landing his kick out on the full. Ben takes the shot from 30 and splits the middle from the tight angle! (Q1 3:34)
Wood darts the effort inside 50 and finds Waite on the lead up ahead of the desperate Hartigan. The former Blue shoots from the sharp angle, 45 out, and he finishes truly! (Q1 5:04)
Make that two in a minute for Waite! Turner sends it long from the centre stoppage to Brown. Hartigan misses his attempted spoil, allowing Jarrad to run onto it and finish truly! (Q1 6:15)
McDonald wins it at the coalface and flicks it off to Waite. Jarrad moves it wide by hand to Goldstein. Todd shoots from 30 on the slight and pulls it to the near side. (Q1 8:05)
Clarke takes it out of the stoppage after Brown knocked it his way. Ryan throws it on the boot with immediacy, splitting the middle from 30 out! (Q1 14:03)
Make that the first five for the Roos! Higgins marks ahead of Lever on the paint of 50. Shaun shoots from 55 on the flank, judges the wind perfectly and sends it through! (Q1 15:00)
Turner wins the free kick inside 25 after receiving the free kick for being held by Talia. Kane shoots from the slight angle and splits the middle to extend the margin to 37! (Q1 17:45)
Wood launches from the arc after having dropped the lead up mark. Mason shoots with the snap and manages a minor score to the right hand side. (Q1 18:59)
Brown takes Lever and Hartigan once more, allowing the crumbers to work their magic when the ball hits the deck. It bounces out to Waite, who pounces and finishes from close range! (Q1 20:33)
The Roos work it forward through Thompson, darting the pill onto the chest of Dumont. Trent marks on the arc and hammers it through from 55 via the set shot! (Q1 27:32)
Wood takes another lead up mark, this time through the chip pass from McDonald. Mason marks and hammers it through from 40 on the flank! 9 in a row for North Melbourne! (Q1 29:01)
Lever takes Ziebell high in the congestion and Jack receives the free. The captain trots in and makes it 10.2 to nothing from 20 on the slight angle! (Q1 31:11)
I see, but I don’t believe. (Q1 31:11)
Waite marks just inside of the boundary as the Roos pour forward once more. Jarrad shoots from 40 on the sharp angle and misses to the near side. (Q1 33:50)
The siren sounds to signify one of the most dominant quarters AFL has witnessed. The large outsider, North Melbourne, hold a 64 point lead at quarter time. (Qtr Time)
Cameron receives the down the field free kick after Betts was dumped off the ball. Charlie shoots from directly in front, 25 out and he notches the Crows first! (Q2 2:48)
Hansen gets caught holding the ball with a strong tackle by Walker. Jenkins played on with immediacy and sent it goalward from 55 on the flank, but he misses to the near side. (Q2 5:46)
Hansen gets caught holding the ball with a strong tackle by Walker. Jenkins played on with immediacy and sent it goalward from 55 on the flank, but he misses to the near side. (Q2 6:39)
Betts soccers from the goal mouth and sends through his 500th! Sloane worked it forward through relentless pressure. Eddie was opportunistic and makes the most of his chance. (Q2 7:48)
Thompson then bumps Betts during his celebration and Eddie takes the bait. The free is paid and Eddie sends through another from the top of the square! Stupidity proves costly. (Q2 8:34)
Make that four in a row for the Crows now! Lever marks on the wing and then receives a 50 metre penalty for encroaching of the mark. Jake sends it through from 50 on the flank! (Q2 10:33)
Higgins bounces through an awfully fortuitous shot, running his full measure and sending it home from 55. The former Bulldog has his second of the afternoon! (Q2 12:28)
The Roos pounce forward once more and release Higgins inside 40. Shaun bounds away and shoots from the slight angle but hooks his attempt to the right hand side. (Q2 14:18)
Walker receives an off the ball free kick after Tarrant held Jenkins in the goal square. Stupidity has gifted the Crows two vital goals this term as Taylor makes no mistake! (Q2 17:21)
The Crows win a rare centre stoppage and Brad Crouch pinpoints the delivery to the one handed marker in Walker. Taylor shoots from 50 on the flank and misses to the near side. (Q2 18:48)
Dumont sends through another to the difficult end. Waite smothers Laird and forces the turnover. Hrovat flicks out to Dumont and Trent snaps it truly across the body from 40! (Q2 20:17)
Laird, Lynch and Jenkins utilise precise kicking to gain a mark inside 20, with Josh pushing off Thompson to take the strong grab. He shoots from the sharp angle and sends it OOTF. (Q2 25:18)
Lever takes the contested mark after intercepting from the Williams kick in. Jake shoots from 55 on the flank region and sends through his attempt for a minor score. (Q2 27:05)
Atkins pounces out of the coalface with ball in hand and sends it long to the isolated one on one between Betts and Thompson. The ball bounces out the back and through for a minor. (Q2 28:39)
Hrovat, Gibson and over the top to Brown. Ben has all of the time in the world to assess the options and he decides on the shot from 35. He floats it to the wrong side of the post. (Q2 30:06)
Turner sends it down the throat of Hrovat by hand. The former Bulldog spins on a dime but misses the opportunity from 45 on the flank. (Q3 2:02)
Atkins darts the effort to Jenkins who marks ahead of his opponent in Thompson. Josh lines up the set shot from 50 on the slight and splits the middle! (Q3 2:02)
Thompson marks ahead of Walker and the Crows captain throws his opponent into the fence and gifts the 50. Scott shoots from 20 on the slight and manages to hit the post. (Q3 6:17)
Long bomb to the isolated contest between Cameron and Macmillan and Charlie receives the free for high contact in the marking contest. Charlie shoots from 35 and goals! (Q3 11:17)
Hartigan makes the fatal error, failing to force the ball forward when playing loose in defence. Brown runs onto the scraps and soccers it through from 35! (Q3 14:17)
Ziebell bounds away from Hampton with a sold piece of candy before darting the effort to the leading Dumont. Trent marks and misses to the right hand side from 45 on the slight. (Q3 15:47)
Hrovat dabs the pass to the powering Wood and Mason marks running back to goal with Laird trailing. Mason shoots from 50 on the flank and misses to the near side via the set shot. (Q3 17:26)
Cunnington uses the pill after Walker gave away the free and Ben finds Anderson with the inside 50 pass. Jed flicks off to McDonald who uses his superior foot skills to goal! (Q3 19:02)
The star small forward of the competition receives the free kick after Williams held him in the one on one. Eddie punts through his 502nd major from 35 on the slight! (Q3 20:06)
Hampton keeps on the move in congestion and finds the pill through work rate, moving it outside to Sloane. Rory finds Douglas running back to goal by foot. Richard goals from 30! (Q3 21:09)
Wood utilises his fantastic work rate to speed onto the Otten/Brown contest and take the strong mark coming over the top. Mason finishes truly from close range! (Q3 24:02)
Wood forces it forward under pressure from Otten by hand. Cunnington sends it inside 50 with the dribbler and Waite splits the middle with an audacious attempt from the boundary! (Q3 25:52)
Macmillan sends it to Waite in the contest against Hartigan and Jarrad takes the strong mark. The former Blue slams it through post high from 45 on the slight for his fifth! (Q3 28:20)
Waite dabs the pass to Brown who marks a step inside 50. Ben hammers it from 55 and the Tasmanian has split the middle for his second of the day! (Q4 2:15)
Cameron to Walker over the top to Jenkins by hand as the Crows enjoy a rare transition out of defensive 50. Josh settles on the shot and punts it through from 35 on the slight! (Q4 6:03)
Wood takes yet another lead up mark as the Roos continue to create opportunities. Mason shoots from 55 and sends it through for the minor score. (Q4 8:01)
Douglas grabs a consolation prize for the besieged Crows. Walker gathers off the deck and flicks the ball out the back to Cameron. Charlie flicks it to Richard and he goals! (Q4 10:39)
Hrovat receives after Higgins and Atley link up by hand on the HF flank. Nathan runs in and finishes truly from 40 out, directly in front! (Q4 10:39)
Waite receives the free kick after a dubious decision foes his way for holding against Jenkins in the ruck contest. Jarrad nabs his sixth from 30 on the slight! (Q4 12:38)
Make that 21 goals for the day for the rampant Kangaroos! Hampton turns it over under pressure. Dumont flicks it off to a speeding Atley and Shaun drives it through from 40! (Q4 17:53)
Clarke forces the turnover with a diving smother on Douglas and then he forces it out by hand. Cunnington receives and snaps truly from 35 on the sharp angle! (Q4 22:38)
Jenkins marks out on the lead with just over 3 minutes left to play. Josh shoots from 55 on the slight angle and just floats the ball the wrong side of the post. (Q4 26:08)
Atkins, Talia and Daniel finds Jacobs on the lead with a precise pass to the leading ruck. Sam marks, kicks and goals from 35 on the slight angle! (Q4 26:54)
Knights flicks to Atkins by hand with Rory receiving at pace. The winger steps away from Macmillan and dribbles it through from 20 on the sharp angle! (Q4 29:54)

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