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Blog log from R6 of 2017: West Coast vs Fremantle

Blog log for West Coast vs Fremantle, R6 of 2017

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Kennedy marks a Wellingham ball from the wing to the hotspot for the first goal. (Q1 0:49)
Chain of handballs at Eagle half forward after a stoppage win on the wing, Duggan receives last and goals from the hotspot. (Q1 4:32)
Johnson passes to Crozier 30m out on the flank after the Eagles fail to rebound past the centre. Crozier shaves the outside of the goalpost. (Q1 5:06)
Hamling is pinged for deliberate OOB in the pocket 20m out, fumbling under no pressure. LeCras takes the free but doesn’t score, Freo clears. (Q1 8:51)
Kennedy is behind Spurr to mark a Le Cras ball with ease on the end of a fast rebound from the last line around the outer wing. JJK lines up from 40m on the flank, and kicks truly. (Q1 10:46)
Darling draws an obvious holding free on Ibbotson just inside 50m in the corridor after a Mitchell centre clearance, he sails through an excellent set shot for his first goal. (Q1 12:37)
Johnson marks 45m out on a slight angle after Wellingham kicks OOTF on the HBF. His set shot produces a crumb near the goal line but Butler rushes it before Logue gets a boot in. (Q1 14:51)
McCarthy beats Barrass to mark near the behind post and belatedly kicks the first Fremantle goal. (Q1 16:49)
Josh Hill baulks and snaps his first goal after a stoppage at the hotspot. (Q1 18:05)
Hughes is pinged for a push on Darling as they sit under a very high Mutimer ball 35m out on the flank. Darling misses with a shank. (Q1 19:56)
Josh Hill roves a pack and snaps goal number two from 25m on the flank. He would be an unlikely medallist in this game given recent form! (Q1 21:46)
LeCras marks 30m out on the flank and misses. (Q1 26:05)
Ibbotson block Darling’s lead 20m out in front, the ump sees it, easy goal from another free. (Q1 28:32)
Kennedy marks deep in the pocket 20m out and misses. (Q2 2:33)
Shuey centres from the pocket to Kennedy at the hotspot with trademark timing and quality disposal. JJK doesn’t miss this one. (Q2 5:09)
McCarthy roves a Mundy contest 20m out to which three Eagles went up, he goals with ease with no one on him. (Q2 7:09)
Josh Hill roves a Hamling spoil from the square to near the behind post, he has two to baulk but manages to squeeze his second goal from 10m. (Q2 9:23)
LeCras marks on the HFF then dithers, Spurr on the mark is pinged for encroachment to gift the Frenchman an easy goal from the square. (Q2 11:54)
McCarth gathers a bouncing inside 50 kick at the hotspot running at full pace, and snaps across his body off his left boot for a bouncing goal, his third. (Q2 13:34)
Mitchell marks in the centre and waits on a slow play… somehow he sees a hole at the hotspot and hits Darling leading up to it. Darling misses. (Q2 15:05)
Yeo goes long from the wing, Kennedy marks but the ump pays a free to Giles against Logue off the contest 40m out on a slight angle. Giles misses (Q2 24:55)
Grey marks on the HFF, Wellingham is pinged for encroachment to ensure the goal from the square, exact carbon copy play of the LeCras/Spurr goal last quarter. (Q3 5:01)
Kennedy marks a Shuey ball to 45m on a slight angle and strokes through his fourth goal as is he’s shelling peas. Does anyone still shell peas any more? (Q3 10:31)
LeCras brings the Eagle fans to their feet with a Daicos special from the boundary 30m out after a stoppage. (Q3 13:35)
Kersten goals after marking a Weller ball 30m out on the flank, but we are well into junk time and there isn’t a whole lot of reaction from the remaining Freo fans. (Q3 15:18)
Kersten snaps his second goal from 20m after the crumb from a Walters contest at the hotspot ricochets luckily to him. (Q3 18:31)
Kennedy marks on the lead 35m out wide on the flank for his fifth goal. It has long since turned into a procession. (Q3 19:28)
Hamling again can do nothing about the Eagles streaming through midfield and finding Kennedy 40m out on the flank. JJK misses that one. (Q3 24:13)
Neale intercepts a Josh Hill kick from the BP to 35m on the flank, he goals. (Q4 5:47)
Kennedy marks at the hotspot after getting rid of Sheridan for his sixth goal, way too easily. (Q4 9:21)
Balic is paid a goal for a grubber that almost shaves the goalpost on the way through from 5m out. (Q4 12:13)
Kersten blazes wide from the pocket 15m out. (Q4 19:54)
Neale gives away a 50m penalty to gift Priddis a goal after Fyfe gets caught HTB. (Q4 23:28)
After Fyfe drops a relatively easy mark at the hotspot under Wellingham pressure, Crozier snaps wide. (Q4 25:41)
Mitchell is pinged for encroachment to bring Johnson from midfield to the hotspot for a goal. Not much reaction. (Q4 27:58)
LeCras kicks a trademark junk time special with a snap from close range after a clanger by Sheridan kicking into LeCras on the mark from the BP. (Q4 29:53)
Ibbotson marks at half forward and misses. (Q4 31:18)

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