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Blog log from R3 of 2017: Geelong vs Melbourne

Blog log for Geelong vs Melbourne, R3 of 2017

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Jones sends the pill to the hot spot and a pack of ten converges. Garlett is first to the crumbs and he manages to knick the post with his effort from the boundary side. (Q1 1:47)
Viney chips it in short and finds Neal-Bullen working hard into the F50. Alex shoots from 40 on the slight angle and misses to the left hand side. (Q1 2:16)
Stretch turns it over coming out of defence after Parsons managed to pressure Billy witha a fanatical chase. Dangerfield marks, chips to Henderson and Lachie misses from 35. (Q1 4:58)
Menzel marks at the top of the square after Parfitt drops it in short. Daniel manages to take that grab unopposed and the quality forward sends through his seventh of the season! (Q1 8:00)
Menzel receives front and centre after the harassing pressure of Motlop forced the ball forward. Daniel attempts to dribble one through from 15 but sends it to the right. (Q1 9:52)
Isolated in the one on one, Oscar McDonald failed to move Hawkins and Tom duly took the contested grab. Tom goes back and sends it through from 45 on the flank! (Q1 11:38)
Parsons sends it long to the hot spot. Hawkins flies and brings the ball to ground, McCarthy grabs the crumbs and flicks off to Menzel. Dan off to Blicavs who goals with ease! (Q1 13:37)
Gawn taps down to Petracca, Christian turns in a flash and hammers across his body. Through the ball flies from 45 and that won’t be the last time we see that! (Q1 18:02)
Tyson takes it out of the forward 50 stoppage on the second try. Dom immediately throws it on the boot, but bounces it the wrong side of the post. (Q1 20:53)
Selwood to McCarthy down the middle. Lincoln grabs it off the deck in one swift movement and sends it down the throat of Hawkins. Tom marks, kicks and goals from 25! (Q1 20:53)
Watts assesses the options post marking ahead of Lonergan. Jack sends it to the leading Smith and his perseverance pays off with a major from 35 on the flank! (Q1 24:02)
Hannan sends the ball inside 50 and the pill changes hands more times than you’d care to count. Eventually Watts has ball in hand but his skidding effort from 20 misses. (Q1 27:33)
Gawn takes Menzel down post-kick and Blicavs receives the down the ground free kick. Mark lines up from 30 out with little angle to speak of and he nails his second! (Q1 29:13)
Stewart misses the target by hand in congestion and Petracca feeds off the scraps. Salem receives and chips to the unmarked Watts. Jack slots it from 45 on the slight! (Q2 2:00)
Melksham, Hunt, Jones and then Stretch as the Dees power it from one end of the ground to the other by precise foot skills. Billy shoots from 20 in the pocket and slots it! (Q2 4:44)
Selwood to Dangerfield but the former Crow was unable to take the mark. McCarthy pressures, Patrick follows up, grabs the scraps and sends it through from close range! (Q2 6:42)
Smith receives the free after Stewart pushed him out of the marking contest. Tim lines up from 35 on the slight angle, and misses poorly to the left hand side. (Q2 9:12)
The Dees win it at the coalface and Smith is the recipient, marking out on the lead. Tim wastes no time and finds Jones out the back by foot. Nathan misses to the far side from 35. (Q2 10:45)
Thurlow out of the stoppage to Motlop. Steven finds Taylor who marks and flicks it back to Thurlow. Jackson finds Hawkins at the top of the square and Tom goals! (Q2 13:43)
Viney darts the ball to the leading Kent and Dean marks without having to break stride. The small forward lines up and misses to the far side from 35 on the flank. (Q2 15:30)
Selwood throws it on the boot without second glance and hits opponent Hunt. Jayden lines up and hammers it through from a step outside 50! (Q2 16:55)
Petracca marks outside 50 and assesses the various options at his disposal. He picks out Stretch running into space on the far side. Billy misses from 35 on the slight angle. (Q2 19:15)
Jetta dribbles it to Kent and Dean finds Wiedeman on the lead. Sam shoots from 40 on the slight angle and Sam misses yet another Demon opportunity. (Q2 20:24)
Kent sends it long to the isolated contest between Garlett and Ruggles at the top of the square. Jeff takes the diving grab and sends it through from close range! (Q2 21:07)
Tuohy, Dangerfield and Guthrie manages to throw one on the boot that falls into the gleeful arms of Motlop. Steven sends it through with class from 35! (Q2 22:14)
Dangerfield, Menegola and finally Menzel as the Cats burst from the stoppage to goal in one fluent motion. Daniel takes the mark and sends it through via the banana! (Q2 24:15)
Dangerfield, Menegola and finally Menzel as the Cats burst from the stoppage to goal in one fluent motion. Daniel takes the mark and sends it through via the banana! (Q2 28:26)
Watts kicks a terrific long range major, bouncing it through from outside 60. Jack laid the tackle, forced the turnover, burned off all in his path and he sends it through! (Q2 30:16)
The Demons win yet another centre clearance through Viney and Petracca is the recipient, marking 35 metres out from goal. The former number one pick misses poorly to the far side. (Q2 31:23)
Oliver kicks an incredible opportunistic soccer effort from deep in the forward pocket. Clayton whacks it out of congestion and post review the goal is confirmed! (Q3 1:40)
Scratch that, Neal-Bullen was the one to send that through! (Q3 2:33)
Watts to Jones as the Dees extract it out of the stoppage. Nathan sends it for home from the paint of the arc, but he just misses. (Q3 3:23)
Another opportunity presents with a repeat inside 50 and Kent is the one to take the uncontested mark. Dean shoots and misses from 40. (Q3 3:53)
Jones takes it away from the stoppage once more and sends it to the one on one between Kent and Ruggles. Dean receives the free for holding and hammers it home from 20! (Q3 7:38)
Duncan sends it to the Hawkins side of the one on one between him and Tom McDonald, with the Cat pushing off his namesake and taking the grab. He goals from the snap! (Q3 9:22)
Garlett forces the turnover with a chase, Mackie giving away the deliberate out of bounds. Jeff misses the opportunity from the boundary side, 25 out. (Q3 12:58)
The Cats swing it from end to end and Taylor is the recipient, marking inside 30. He quickly flicks off to the speeding Dangerfield and the reigning Brownlow medallist goals! (Q3 13:55)
Neal-Bullen gathers within the forward pocket under pressure but manages to assess the options and find Viney unmarked. Jack marks but misses the opportunity from 30. (Q3 15:48)
Thurlow flicks it straight into the eagerly anticipating hands of Harmes. Jason flicks off to Jones and Nathan misses a regulation snap shot from 15 out. (Q3 17:19)
The sequence isn’t pretty but Tyson flicks to Oliver out of congestion and another opportunity presents. Jetta receives the handball and hammers it through from 45! (Q3 19:24)
Hawkins flies for the mark sandwiched in between a couple and Motlop eagerly anticipates at ground level. Steven gathers the crumbs and snaps truly from 25! (Q3 21:19)
The Dees push out the back with an adventurous Petracca kick. Kent leads Ruggles a merry dance and Dean sends it through from 30 to the roar of the crowd! (Q3 24:08)
Tyson, Melksham and the former Bomber drives to the top of the square. Harmes wins the free kick after illegal contact in the marking contest and James slots it! (Q3 28:50)
Dangerfield sends it long on the turn out of the coalface. Smith flies and pulls down the mark, ghosting behind the group of keys. Zac goes back and finishes from 30! (Q3 31:04)
Selwood to Menegola by hand and the winger sends it long to the hot spot seconds before 3QT. Menzel pulls down the mark and shoots for the major post siren… (Q3 33:15)
Daniel lines up from 35 on the flank and drills the banana! Three point ball game at three quarter time! (3 Qtr Time)
Turnover in the Dees defence after a questionable back pass by Neal-Bullen. It was forced to ground and Parfitt was the one to find Hawkins by hand, Tom finishing with ease! (Q4 2:17)
Mezel flies at the top of the square as the Cats send it deep into the F50 once more. McCarthy waits front and centre, reading it off hands and sending it through from close range! (Q4 3:26)
Dangerfield receives inside congestion and Patrick needs little time to decide what he needs to do. From 45, he thumps it on the left boot and through it goes! (Q4 5:47)
Lonergan gives it up directly to Hannan after missing the ball to hand. Horrendous error and the third gamer makes them pay from point blank range! (Q4 6:39)
Jetta misses the target and Duncan is there to pounce. He gathers and finds McCarthy unmarked directly in front inside 45. Lincoln shoots but misses the gilt edged opportunity. (Q4 11:27)
Parfitt catches Harmes holding the ball and thus provides the exclamation point to an exceptional game from the youngster. Brandon shoots from 35 on the flank and goals! (Q4 13:57)
Hunt launches to the hot spot and Kent flies once more. Dean pulls down an outstanding mark in the 4 strong pack and the small forward misses to the right hand side. (Q4 18:57)
Story of the day has been the lack of efficiency in front of goals by the Dees. Another chance goes begging with the Kent effort. (Q4 19:19)
Selwood marks and receives the 50 metre penalty after late contact by Tom McDonald. Joel lines it up from 45 on the slight angle and the captain sends it through! (Q4 23:18)
Selwood finds Menzel out the back and Daniel takes the grab. Unopposed the star charges forward and sends it through for his fourth of the day! (Q4 28:48)
Bernie Vince charges into the goal with less than a minute to play. The former Crow dribbles the shot from 30 and somehow manages to miss another. (Q4 31:08)

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