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Blog log from R1 of 2017: Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs

Blog log for Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs, R1 of 2017

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Blair roves a Fasolo contest at the hotspot and has White going back to the square but his snap bounces away for a behind. (Q1 3:34)
Cloke picks up a loose footy on the HFF and goes down the flank to Hunter 20m out. Hunter punches through the first goal. (Q1 5:07)
Blair roves a Cox contest near the behind line and shins one into the goal post under pressure. (Q1 8:08)
Roberts gets a free on Moore on the last line and goes up the guts, fast break is on, Crameri has Hunter in the pocket, he tries a running grubber from 20m that skids through! (Q1 10:33)
Varcoe soccers a loose ball 45m out in front to an empty square, it dribbles wide with a leg break. (Q1 11:25)
Adams handballs into trouble under pressure at half back, Johannisen taps to Matthew Boyd who screws through a nice finish from the hotspot. (Q1 12:32)
Big pack at the hotspot after Hunter drops a gettable mark, but it’s Stringer who catches the soap and rides a tackle to snap truly. (Q1 13:59)
Mayne gets behind the Dog defence to mark a White ball to 45m on the flank, but has to go back for the set shot. His shot drops and doesn’t score. (Q1 20:28)
Johannisen is stripped in a Blair tackle at a stoppage 35m out on a slight angle, it bounces up for Sidebottom who snaps quickly around the corner… bounces on the line, through. (Q1 22:23)
Varcoe marks a Mayne ball deep in the pocket and immediately goes back to Fasolo 35m out on the flank. Fasolo misses. (Q1 23:46)
Blair roves a long ball to a pack at the top of the square but chooses to give to Varcoe instead of shooting himself, and it’s spoiled for a behind. (Q1 24:30)
The Dogs to coast to coast from the kick in, Cloke marks 45m out in front. The Pie fans boo lustily as he shoots… the goal ump does not move, Dog fans go ape droppings! (Q1 25:13)
Picken drops a low Dahlhaus snap from CHF, it dribbles for a point. (Q1 27:00)
Murphy runs down the wing on a fast break and has two pairs to aim at at the top of the square, two Pies go up to spoil leaving Johannisen down to crumb and goal with ease. (Q2 5:54)
Varcoe roves a Fasolo centre clearance kick to the hotspot and gives to White who snaps a goal across the body. (Q2 5:54)
Ramsay roves a pack at defensive hotspot but runs into Liberatore who doesn’t let go and earns the HTB free. Libba kicks his first goal of the year. (Q2 10:35)
Fasolo rides a tackle at CHF and gives to Mayne who shoots to an empty goalface… bounces wide. (Q2 11:59)
Mayne gets a free on Suckling for a bump in the back as he tries to mark 45m out near the boundary. He threads the needle with an excellent set shot! (Q2 11:59)
Johannisen roves a Hunter contest on the corner of the centre square, breaks a tackle and rams through a goal from 45m on a slight angle. (Q2 16:56)
Advantage is paid after a free to Pendlebury on Cordy for a trip on the HFF, Sidebottom plays on in the pocket and screws through the goal. (Q2 20:16)
Fasolo earns a free sitting under a high Hoskin-Elliott ball to the hotspot, the hold was by Morris. He misses badly. (Q2 20:16)
The Dogs can’t clear the centre line after the kick in, Fasolo gets another chance with a snap on the run from 45m on a slight angle, this one sails right through! (Q2 22:50)
Fasolo is over the back of Morris this time to mark and goal from a long Phillips ball next to the square. Pies back within a kick all of a sudden! (Q2 26:19)
Jokes aside, the #1-rated Magpie midfield has given its premiership opponents a bath in the engine room so far. (Q2 26:19)
Stringer’s chaos ball to the hotspot is mopped up by Johannisen who gives to Bontempelli to shrug the hips to get clear and snap truly. (Q2 26:19)
Treloar races away from the next centre bounce and gives to Mayne who pokes a pass to Fasolo 45m out on a slight angle. Fas kicks truly, Pies keep coming! (Q2 27:46)
White leaps over Cordy to clunk a long Hoskin-Elliott ball to the pocket 15m out after the Pies again boss the centre bounce. He shoots for the lead… just narrow. (Q2 29:30)
Adams gives to Treloar after a ball up on the HFF, he slams through the first goal of Q3 from 45m, Magpies have hit the lead! (3 Qtr Time)
Dahlhaus roves and grubbers wide under heavy pressure from the hotspot. (Q3 1:54)
Crameri fights for a ground ball in a pack at the hotspot and gives outside to Bontempelli who does the rest off the left. (Q3 5:18)
Jong plays on to advantage for a snap from 40m on a slight angle… falls into the goal post. (Q3 5:18)
Ramsay baulks near the behind line with two Dogs on him but gets claimed HTB. Hunter takes the free and scores his third goal. (Q3 9:06)
Howe marks outside CHF, plays on and gives to Ramsay whose snap from just outside 50m is wide. (Q3 13:28)
After a torrid passage of play around Collingwood’s CHF area, the Dogs finally clear and get a loose man, Cloke has Picken to mark, saunter to 40m on a slight angle and goal. (Q3 16:03)
Again the Dogs have a loose man on a rebound from half back, started by Suckling and ended with Murphy giving a Joe the Goose special to Crameri. (Q3 16:03)
Another rebound from half back where the Dogs are behind their men, Murphy plays on from CHF and hits McLean going back to the square for another one. Dogs back in control. (Q3 18:40)
Moore marks on the boundary 35m out but misses. (Q3 22:00)
Matthew Boyd misses after a stoppage 40m out on the flank. (Q3 26:24)
Varcoe marks at CHF and gives off to Goldsack who roosts a lovely snap from 55m for a goal. (Q3 26:24)
Pendlebury goals from a stoppage in the pocket after roving a Grundy tap. (Full Time)
Stringer bounces through a behind from the HFF. (Q4 5:54)
Picken judges a high Crameri ball better than Pendlebury to mark on his chest near the top of the square. He kicks truly. (Q4 5:54)
Sidebottom runs away down the wing after the Pies dominate another centre bounce, he pokes a pass for Cox to mark over Morris near the hotspot. Cox misses. (Q4 7:57)
Fasolo marks a high, blind kick by Smith to 40m on the flank. He misses as well. (Q4 7:57)
It is the Pies’ turn to have the loose man on a fast break, White has Hoskin-Elliott in the square to mark and goal. (Q4 12:51)
Maynard fumbles at CHB and the crumb falls for Matthew Boyd, but he misses on the run. (Q4 14:17)
Grundy bombs long and hopeful to a big pack at the hotspot, Cox provides the crumb which falls to Pendlebury who makes no mistake. Pies coming again! (Q4 14:17)
Another loose man rebound, Bontempelli has Stringer to mark 40m out on a slight angle, but the Package does have to stop and take the set shot. He misses. (Q4 19:00)
CLoke marks on a short lead to 40m on the flank. Five minutes left, this would be a steadier for the Dogs who are looking a bit shaky… no good, OOB. (Q4 21:16)
Moore is called to play on after marking in the FP and turns it over, Dogs rebound with Johannisen going to Stringer 35m out on a slight angle. Stringer misses again. (Q4 22:22)
Dogs playing tempo on the wing. (Q4 24:45)
Adams draws a free on Cordy to start the rebound but Roberts intercepts on the wing, more tempo, 1:30. (Q4 24:45)
Clock under a minute when Cox gets a free, too much time has passed now. (Q4 24:45)
Varcoe fumbles what would have been a certain goal running to the behind line. (Q4 24:45)

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