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Blog log from R22 of 2016: Essendon vs Western Bulldogs

Blog log for Essendon vs Western Bulldogs, R22 of 2016

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Matthew Boyd is pinged for a push in the back for a long ball to the hotspot to Daniher, who kicks the first goal. (Q1 2:35)
Dickson is in the right place for the crumb to a Roughead contest at the hotspot, he goals. Credit to Roughead, that was pretty much a tap down. (Q1 4:49)
Dickson marks a Picken ball 20m out on the flank after some hard running on a fast break, and steers through his second goal. (Q1 9:07)
Daniher marks 30m out on the flank and tries another set shot screwing ball, this one goes wide. (Q1 12:03)
Fantasia gives to Cooney who misses as he’s tackled at the hotspot. (Q1 13:39)
Daniel receives and snaps truly from 20m on the flank. (Q1 15:58)
Jong gets a free for a high fend as he tackles Kelly at the hotspot. he goals. (Q1 18:03)
Tom Boyd converts a set shot from half forward to make it official that the Dogs have the jump. (Q1 20:24)
McLean misses off a step from a stoppage 45m out on the flank. (Q1 24:52)
Bontempelli gives to Woods who runs to 45m on the flank and slams through another one for the Bullies. A bit of bullying going on in this one already. (Q1 25:23)
Dickson misses after marking near CHF. (Q1 27:14)
Daniher takes a big grab over two Dogs at the hotspot, but his drop punt skews way right. (Q2 1:17)
Jackson Merrett hits the post with a set shot from deep in the pocket 30m out. (Q2 4:55)
Jackson Merrett intercepts Dunkley and goes long to the square, four Dogs converge but Leuenberger gets a free for front on contact at the top of the square by M. Boyd. He goals. (Q2 9:01)
Stokes misses a set shot from the pocket 20m out. (Q2 10:50)
Jackson Merrett rolls through a goal from a big pack 20m out on the flank. (Q2 13:10)
Tom Boyd clears after the next centre bounce, Cordy clunks the mark in between two tall Bombers. He goals. (Q2 14:12)
Tom Boyd is favoured by a nice centring ball by Dahlhaus from the HFF to the top of the square, he marks but misses from 20m. (Q2 16:59)
McLean gets a free on Kelly 40m out on a slight angle for contact in a marking contest. He makes no mistake. (Q2 21:30)
Daniher leaps high and takes another speccy over a pack 20m out. Again he snaps a screwing set shot from straight in front, this one is good. (Q2 28:06)
Roughead marks 20m out on the flank for the first goal of second half junk time. (Q3 8:06)
Daniel rips the ball out of the arms of Dea as Picken tackles, and snaps truly from the HFF to underline his BOG credentials. (Q3 13:28)
Hunter marks a Bontempelli ball from outside CHF to 20m on a slight angle, too much of a leg rope by McKenna there. Hunter goals. (Q3 20:20)
Johannisen marks 45m out on a slight angle and misses. (Q3 26:20)
Fantasia gets a free for high contact 45m out on a slight angle, and delivers a lovely finish for a goal. (Q4 2:21)
Zach Merrett caps off a decent day’s production with a snap around the corner for a goal from 40m on the flank. (Q4 9:21)
Smith spoils Dea running back with the flight in the Dog FP, roves and goals, the Don fans boo because it looked a lot like Smith chopped the arms. (Q4 12:07)
Stokes passes to the lead of Daniher 30m out on the flank. Daniher’s drop punt is way left. (Q4 17:51)
Smith marks 45m out on a slight angle but misses. (Q4 22:29)
Tom Boyd intercepts a McKenna kick and gives to Dickson to grubber a goal from 30m on the flank. (Q4 23:33)
Laverde marks at the hotspot after the Dogs get in trouble running out of defence. He misses in the last minute. (Q4 25:43)

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