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Blog log from R21 of 2016: Western Sydney vs West Coast

Blog log for Western Sydney vs West Coast, R21 of 2016

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Coniglio to Smith, and Devon waited for the opportunity to present itself before dabbing the pass to the leading Cameron. Jeremy shoots from 45 on the flank and misses. (Q1 2:16)
Darling to LeCras, as the Eagles go coast to coast with consummate ease. Mark takes the grab directly in front, 45 out, but the star misses to the left hand side. (Q1 2:44)
Butler bursts from half back to the wing before providing a picture perfect delivery to the leading Kennedy, marking ahead of Davis. From 45 on the flank, Josh hooks it. (Q1 5:35)
Priddis receives it out of the congestion, and throws it on the boot with immediacy from the forward 50 stoppage. The former Brownlow medallist misses to the left hand side. (Q1 9:11)
Patton launches himself at the pill and takes a towering grab from the Ward bomb, flying high ahead of McGovern. Jonathon finishes with ease from 20! (Q1 10:11)
Tomlinson wins the HOTB free kick on Lycett, and then finds Ward. Callan, then Greene and finally Coniglio, all by foot. Stephen kicks from 45 on the sharp angle and misses. (Q1 13:55)
Kennedy sends it long out the back and allows Greene to charge on to the pill without breaking stride.Toby flicks it off and eventually Johnson slots it from the top of the square! (Q1 17:06)
Kennedy darts it under his counterparts arms and finds LeCras on the lead ahead of the trailing Patfull. Mark kicks from 35 on the sharp angle and misses to the far side. (Q1 18:25)
Matthew Kennedy looks inside forward 50 and drills it to the hard running Smith, with Devon marking uncontested. Devon launches from outside 50 and sends it through! (Q1 20:10)
Sheppard hacks it inside forward 50, and it drops the way of Naitanui allowing him to fly and take the grab. Nic kicks from 25 on the slight and slots the goal! (Q1 22:26)
Scully sends it to the hotspot, with Mumford bringing it to ground level as the fliers converge. Ward stays at ground level, kicking the pill and picking out the post from 25. (Q1 28:11)
Coniglio off to Lobb by hand, and Rory immediately shoots for goal, with Shuey apparently having touched it off the boot. The review is required and it is deemed a goal! (Q2 2:29)
Greene dribbles it to the leading Cameron and receives it back again. Toby finds Johnson, and Steve centres it to the unmarked Griffen.Ryan slots it from 45 out, directly in front! (Q2 5:27)
The Giants converge on the forward pocket stoppage, and with the ball bouncing the way of Griffen, he is able to move it wide to Johnson. He kicks from the sharp angle for a minor. (Q2 7:14)
Kennedy belts up the corridor and marks ahead of Davis on the lead, after the drilling pass from Masten. Josh kicks from outside 50 and misses to the right hand side. (Q2 9:36)
Shocking turnover by Smith, attempting to switch it through the corridor. The Eagles pounce and Kennedy finds LeCras, who goals from 25 via the left foot snap! (Q2 10:40)
LeCras receives the 50 metre penalty after Shuey was held post disposal. The Eagle is now well within range and makes no mistake from point blank! (Q2 14:00)
Adam Kennedy now turns it over coming out of defensive 50, managing to pick out Yeo. Elliot found Kennedy who then received a 50 for late contact from Davis. Josh goals! (Q2 15:16)
Ward to Griffen by hand as the former Dog powers through the middle of Spotless. Ryan puts it onto the leading chest of Cameron, but Jeremy misses from 40 on the flank. (Q2 17:30)
Kennedy launches himself at the pill as Sheed provided the pass, with Tomlinson trailing in behind. Josh kicks from 45 on the tight angle and misses to the near side. (Q2 18:46)
Shuey is the latest man to produce a horrible turnover searching for the corridor pass. Whitfield intercepts and moves it forward, but Cameron misses the chance from 45. (Q2 21:30)
Hutchings to Priddis as Kennedy set the play up with a raking central delivery from the wing. Matt receives by hand and notches a major with his kick from 45 on the run! (Q2 22:06)
Greene wins it at the coalface, from the forward 50 stoppage, and flicks it off to the eagerly awaiting Lobb. Rory receives but misses from 40 on the slight. (Q2 25:00)
Lobb now plays the role of provider, launching to the Patton/McGovern contest and Jeremy infringes by pulling down his opponent. Jonathon goes back and goals from the pocket! (Q2 25:30)
Hurn flicks it wide to the charging Masten, enabling Chris to receive in a wealth of space.Masten runs his full measure, but misses the chance from 40 on the flank to the far side. (Q2 30:13)
Masten dabs it out the back and allows Cripps to run onto it, taking the grab at full pace. Jamie kicks for goal post-siren, and misses from 40 on the slight angle. (Half Time)
Sheppard to Shuey to LeCras as the Eagles bound through the middle of the ground, linking up by hand. Mark settles on the option to shoot from 40, but misses to the right. (Q3 3:35)
Shiel turns it over coming out of defence, and it enables Shuey to pick out Kennedy unmarked. Josh marks, kicks and goals from 45 metres out on the slight angle! (Q3 4:11)
Patton wins it through the middle of the ground, and has enough assurity to time his handball to perfection. Smith receives and moves it off to Greene who goals from 35! (Q3 7:43)
Tunbridge darts in an effort to Hutchings after the Eagles won it via a turnover at half back. Mark takes the grab, and slots the 40 metre shot from the flank region! (Q3 10:40)
Johnson dabs the pass inside 50, enabling Patton to run and jump at the pill, taking the strong contested grab. Jonathon kicks from the arc on the boundary and misses. (Q3 11:57)
Kelly bolts in a pass to the leading Greene, who manages to get a step inside the Eagles zone. Toby kicks from 45 on the flank and misses the set shot to the near side. (Q3 14:40)
Hurn begins the play with a dart from half back, and it enables the Eagles to go coast to coast with Darling finding Sheppard. Brad receives and finishes from 45 on the run! (Q3 15:41)
Greene goes low to M.Kennedy by foot, and Matt shows terrific hands to gather at ground level and then feed it off to the speeding Smith. Devon receives and sends it through! (Q3 20:02)
Scully marks out on the lead as the former Dee put in a wealth of work to get on the end of the Smith pass. Tom lines up from outside 50 on the flank and hammers it home! (Q3 20:58)
Johnson darts in and out, before picking out Scully with the perfectly weighted delivery. Tom then delivers out the back to Cameron, who marks, kicks and goals from 40! (Q3 23:28)
Greene receives out of the forward pocket stoppage and moves it further afield to Griffen by hand. Ryan receives and manages to swing it in off the left peg from the sharp angle! (Q3 25:43)
Cameron grabs the ball almost directly on the point-line. He manages to swing one in under the Shuey harassment, but his shot misses to the near side. (Q3 27:58)
Scully plays the role of crumber, waiting front and centre before flicking it off to Lobb. Rory receives and throws it on the boot, slotting the major from 20 out! (Q3 30:14)
Butler, Priddis, Shuey and Luke provides the killer execution, down the throat of the leading Kennedy. Josh marks ahead of Davis and goals from 40 out, directly in front! (Q4 2:10)
Gaff, LeCras and then Priddis in a chain that sees the Eagles move from the wing region to the forward 50. Matt receives, settles and slots the major from 35 with a classy punt! (Q4 15:00)
Kennedy has unfortunately been concussed and has led to a rather long stoppage in play. Adam gives the thumbs up as he’s taken off the ground. (Q4 20:41)
Kelly whacks it in long and Lobb takes the strong mark opposed to McGovern, not really having to fly as the pill lands in his lap. Rory kicks from 45, boundary side and goals! (Q4 21:40)
LOBB takes another towering mark as the Giants move long through Kelly once more. Rory lines up from the sharp angle, 20 out, and he picks out the post with the banana. (Q4 24:06)
Sheed grabs the ground level pill after Masten brought it to ground in the one on one opposed to Lobb. Dom runs through, steadies and goals from 40 on the flank! (Q4 25:26)
Shuey gets taken high in the attempted tackle, although clearly Luke led with the head. Regardless, the dubious decision is paid and Luke hammers it through from 45! (Q4 26:21)
The Eagles man of the moment, Shuey manages to get another head high free kick deep in the attacking forward 50. Luke lines up from 25 on the slight and goals to tie the game! (Q4 32:25)
LOBB! The Giants thank their lucky stars as Masten turns it over in defence, enabling Rory to grab the spillage and goal from point blank range! (Q4 33:39)
Hill powers through and shoots from 45 on the flank, producing a minor score. 5 points the difference with 51 seconds to play! (Q4 38:40)
8 seconds left as the ball is thrown in from the forward pocket! NAITANUI! NAITANUI! Nic grabs it just seconds before the siren and goals! Game over, Eagles win! (Full Time)

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