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Blog log from R18 of 2016: Port Adelaide vs Western Sydney

Blog log for Port Adelaide vs Western Sydney, R18 of 2016

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Very wet at the Adelaide Oval as we kick off. (Q1 0:41)
Johnson roves a Patton contest 20m and tries a left foot snap around the corner running sideways on the flank… across the face. (Q1 2:22)
Butcher marks on the HFF, plays on ahead of Himmelberg and scrubs a terrible snap from 45m for a behind. (Q1 5:25)
Young forces a turnover in a tackle on the HFF, the ball goes long from Hartlett to the square, Wilson gives away a holding free to Robbie Gray for the first goal. (Q1 17:22)
Wines gets a free under a pack at the hotspot for a push in the back by Haynes. His set shot is low and ugly, called touched off the boot, video review inconclusive, behind. (Q1 22:55)
Westhoff soccers from the wing with a chaos ball to the hotspot, Shaw spoils but up the guts straight to Ebert who mops up and snaps truly from 40m. (Q1 25:12)
It’s a greasy ball and the wind is fluky, plus Port is putting great pressure on the ballcarrier. It all adds up to a large amount of repeat inside 50s for the Power. (Qtr Time)
Port hasn’t quite gotten the reward on the scoreboard that the flow of general play would suggest. If things don’t change, though, the Giants will struggle to get back into it. (Qtr Time)
Scully sharks an Ebert handball after a stoppage 35m out on the flank but misses off the left boot. (Q2 1:01)
Westhoff is behind Shaw to collect a long speculator to the pocket, he gathers and is tackled but gets a left foot pass away to Wingard 20m out on a slight angle. Chad goals. (Q2 2:01)
Coniglio receives from Tomlinson at half forward and snaps, Patton contests on the line, the crumb falls for Greene who snaps the first Giants goal! (Q2 10:09)
Impey beats Patfull in a ground battle and gives a Joe the Goose special to Ebert for a goal. Port is holding its lead. (Q2 17:56)
Cameron gets to a crumb in the square first to volley it home, but did Byrne-Jones touch it off the boot? Video review says no, ruled a goal. (Q2 22:30)
Butcher roves on the wing and sends a quick, long ball to the advantage of Robbie Gray who runs into the open goal! (Q2 28:32)
The Giants have lifted this quarter but it’s Port who have converted better, finally getting reward for previous dominance. (Q2 28:32)
Ebert marks on the wing just before the HT siren, the ump pays 50m against Cameron for encroachment, Ebert goals from near the hotspot as a melee rages on! (Half Time)
Wines marks a Boak ball on the HFF and gives to the onrushing Polec, who kicks OOTF from 40m. (Q3 2:38)
Heavy rain still falling in Q3. (Q3 2:38)
Smith hits the post with a snap around the corner from the pocket 20m out. (Q3 4:49)
Scully runs onto a bouncing Greene handball at the hotspot and bangs through a much-needed goal for GWS. (Q3 10:04)
Reid roves a long centre clearance over the back of a pack, turns and runs into the open goal! Giants right back in it! (Q3 10:48)
Mumford it was who released Shiel for the centre clearance bomb for that score. (Q3 11:19)
Smith delivers a lovely centring ball from the wing to Johnson 40m in front, he’s called to play on so torpedoes a chaos ball to the square, Scully flips to Patton who goals! (Q3 15:04)
Patton drops a mark at CHF on a fast break but has time to gather and baulk clear, he sends a short ball to Cameron to mark 25m out on the flank. Cameron misses, scores level. (Q3 16:50)
Port can’t get past the centre from the kick in, Coniglio marks 40m out on a slight angle. He goals, Giants lead! (Q3 17:45)
A lot of play in the Giants half, Port not looking at all like scoring. (Q3 23:20)
Coniglio misses from a left boot snap near the hotspot after another stoppage. (Q3 23:20)
Impey roves a Butcher contest on the HFF and goes to the hotspot where Robbie Gray sits under it and marks despite a heavy challenge from Kelly. He goals. (Q3 27:45)
Shaw spoils a long Boak ball to the hotspot but goes to ground, Robbie Gray pounces but misses around the corner. (Q3 28:49)
Wingard snaps just wide from congestion at half forward. Port have finished the quarter strongly and now lead again. (Q3 29:33)
Trengove slings Smith around the neck after a stoppage 25m out on a slight angle, he goals, GWS back in the lead just before 3QT. (Q3 32:11)
Shiel bursts away from the next centre bounce and bombs long from 55m, but it bounces for a behind. (Q3 33:17)
Johnson gathers a clearance ball at CHF and gives to the onrushing Shiel who avoids Ah Chee and snaps truly from the hotspot! (Q4 0:39)
Cameron beats Clurey one on one running back with the flight to mark a long ball to the square after Polec turns the ball over at half forward. Cameron goals. (Q4 3:50)
Crowd are deathly quiet, Port have been steamrolled in the second half and aren’t looking anywhere near getting back into it. (Q4 4:22)
Ebert draws a free for a push by Davis in a marking contest at the hotspot going for a short Mitchell ball after a stoppage. He kicks truly. (Q4 15:10)
Smith snaps truly from deep in the pocket 15m out after Cameron wins a hard footy and gives outside. That’s the sealer. (Q4 17:23)
Smith misses a snap from half forward. (Q4 17:54)
Hartlett bounces a behind from 60m. (Q4 24:28)
Smith intercepts Clurey on the HFF and gives to Shiel who steers through his second goal from 40m. It’s junk time now though. (Q4 26:54)
Boak goes short to Schulz 40m out in front for a classic garbage time goal. (Q4 28:01)

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