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Blog log from R13 of 2016: North Melbourne vs Hawthorn

Blog log for North Melbourne vs Hawthorn, R13 of 2016

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Ziebell gets late to Mitchell marking on the HBF and clocks him high, melee forms but Mitchell plays on to create a fast break, Smith is released, two bounces through CHF, goal! (Q1 3:18)
Lewis misses a set shot from 40m on the HFF. (Q1 5:28)
Thomas draws a holding free on Stratton 40m out on the flank, he doesn’t score. (Q1 7:48)
Petrie has Thomas over the back of the Hawk zone to mark 20m out in the pocket, play on and goal. (Q1 9:33)
Lewis drops a centring ball to the point of the centre square that was touched anyway, Ziebell roves and shoots from 55m as Smith chooses to bump not tackle… bounces through! (Q1 15:49)
Dal Santo runs from the next centre bounce and hits Thomas leading in front of Duryea at 40m on the flank. LT misses badly again. (Q1 16:32)
Brown plays on to advantage from a free on the wing and targets Petrie who juggles a mark in front of Stratton next to the hotspot. The Dish serves up goal number one. (Q1 19:39)
Gibson is pinged for a throw 25m out on the flank, Wood takes the shot but misses badly. (Q1 24:49)
Birchall touches a low, hard snap from Mullett from CHF for a behind. (Q1 25:21)
Mullett marks 50m out on a slight angle after another Wells stoppage clearance on the wing. He misses. (Q1 27:05)
Brown misses another flying snap from CHF after the Hawks stuff up the kick in. (Q1 28:03)
Harvey roves a stoppage 40m out on the flank and gives to Wood who snaps wide. (Q2 2:49)
A downfield free from an incident off the ball is given to O’Brien 35m out on a slight angle as he fights for a ground ball. O’Brien steers through a much needed Hawk goal. (Q2 7:16)
Brown flies in front of a pack 40m out on the flank and marks to beat the McEvoy spoil. He misses, disappointingly. (Q2 9:35)
Howe kicks high and hopeful from the HFF to the square, big pack but it’s Rioli who hits the crumb at speed, bursts free and runs into the open goal! (Q2 13:50)
Wood roves a loose ball in the pocket and gives to Thomas who snaps instinctively from a tight angle, very high… and through from 15m! (Q2 16:00)
Bruest roves a long Gibson ball to a huge pack 35m out on the flank and gives to Puopolo, he is corralled and gives to Sicily who goals off a step! (Q2 19:58)
Mitchell clears after the next centre bounce and is flattened by Ziebell, downfield free to Rioli at 30m on the flank. Cyril goals, scores level! (Q2 21:50)
Mitchell kicks from half back to half forward, the ball flips over the back to Rioli who can turn and run, he has two bounces but dithers, McDonald dives and forces a poster. (Q2 23:03)
Wagner gives to Ray for a pressured behind from 35m on the flank. (Q2 25:45)
Wood marks a short pass 45m out on the flank. He misses again, just. (Q2 28:31)
Harvey passes wide from the wing to Ziebell just inside 50m on the flank. The captain’s kick comes off the pack to Petrie who turns and goals from 20m! (Q3 2:33)
Hill taps a crumb from a McEvoy contest on the HFF forward of congestion, O’Brien roves and baulks clear… but misses off the left from 20m. (Q3 5:45)
Daw stands tall in front of Howe and clunks a long Dumont ball 30m out on the flank. He misses. (Q3 9:01)
Wood passes to Brown leading back in front of Gibson to mark near the boundary 40m out. Brown misses, just. (Q3 11:16)
Sicily roves his own contest near the behind post and is caught high by Thompson. He kicks his second goal. (Q3 14:16)
Breust roves a ball up near the hotspot and centres, the crumb falls for Hartung who snaps truly from 20m! (Q3 16:19)
Ziebell clears long from the next centre bounce, Brown storms onto the fall to mark near the hotspot. He goals. (Q3 17:31)
Stewart taps down a rebound kick on the wing, Stratton gives back to him and he drives a long ball to the flank 30m out for Sicily to mark and kick his third major. (Q3 21:42)
Wagner roves a stoppage at the hotspot but misses. (Q3 25:03)
Hospital ball to Ziebell on the wing, McEvoy gets there in time to spoil, Hartung roves and runs through CHF to bounce through a big turnover goal! (Q3 26:42)
Dal Santo receives from Ziebell at CHF, ducks a Lewis challenge and shoots… Wood marked on the behind line and goals! (Q3 28:02)
Harvey bounces through a behind from a stoppage near the hotspot. (Q3 29:20)
Fast break by Hawthorn down member’s wing, Rioli goes long to the square where Breust marks and goals after the 3QT siren! (Q3 30:16)
Sicily works Thompson under the fall of a long Puopolo ball from the HFF to the hotspot to mark and kick the first goal of Q4. (Q4 2:04)
Mullett storms onto the crumb from a stoppage 20m out on the flank but wobbles the snap into the goalpost. (Q4 3:46)
Thomas roves a Brown ruck tap 20m out in the pocket and repeats the dose from Q2 for his third goal, two from that exact spot. (Q4 5:41)
Correction, it was Daw not Brown. (Q4 5:56)
Sicily drops the knees and draws high contact by Thompson 30m out on the flank. He steers through his fifth major. (Q4 8:31)
After a few fast rebounds to either side, O’Brien marks on the HFF and centres to Howe 45m out in the corridor. Howe misses badly to the left. (Q4 11:46)
Tarrant’s pressured handball goes to ground and bounces to Lewis who baulks and shoots from 35m on the flank… wide. (Q4 13:08)
Daw releases Harvey for a gallop up the wing on a fast break, he has Petrie for a long ball over Frawley to the hotspot. Petrie kicks his second goal. (Q4 14:01)
Third, actually. (Q4 14:01)
Burgoyne roves a Goldstein fumble at a stoppage 25m out on the flank but misses with a quick snap off the right boot. (Q4 17:17)
Ceglar marks the kick in and pumps it right back to the square, Rioli locks it in and feeds it out, Burgoyne to Mitchell to Lewis for the goal from 20m! (Q4 17:44)
Ceglar taps behind from a throw in, the ball sits up at the hotspot for Harvey to rove and goal like the champ he is. (Q4 21:09)
6:24 left, North still has time to win this.
Harvey to Thomas who falls as he snaps from the hotspot, just wide. (Q4 22:40)
Dal Santo taps a loose ball to Wood who snaps on the turn from 30m on the flank… that’s good! 5:13 to go and a kick in it! (Q4 23:26)
Stewart goes short to Gunston on the lead 45m out on a slight angle after getting a free outside CHF after the next centre bounce. Gunston, who had been scoreless, misses badly. (Q4 24:57)
Clock ticks under 4:00. (Q4 25:30)
Clock under 3:00, stoppage in the North forward 50 after Brown pumps it in. (Q4 27:17)
Shiels clears but to Mullett, his long ball ends in another stoppage, 2:33. (Q4 27:50)
Ziebell to Dumont at that ball up, he checksides wide from 30m on the flank. (Q4 28:17)
Hawks rebound from the kick in, Atley keeps it alive on the wing but to Smith, he goes to Rioli at 40m on the flank. Rioli starts some tempo. (Q4 29:12)
Lewis has it on the wing, he goes to the pocket, Puopolo roves and gives to Breust who misses from near the behind line! (Q4 29:25)
Kick in to CHB for Hawthorn, Ceglar roves, stoppage, 1:05. (Q4 30:02)
Secondary stoppage, 0:57. (Q4 30:02)
Mitchell clears, Sicily roves but Dal Santo sharks, series of handballs, Macmillan has it in the pocket and plays for a free, ump says HTB free to Puopolo! (Q4 30:59)
Puopolo has the set shot from 30m on the flank, and makes no mistake! Hawks home, six seconds to go! (Q4 31:12)

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