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Blog log from R10 of 2016: Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs

Blog log for Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs, R10 of 2016

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Macrae sends a low ball into the hotspot which bounces to Redpath. With pressure from Sidebottom he gives off to a passing Dickson who puts it through from 20. (Q1 1:28)
A Cox v Roberts contest on the wing brings it to ground. Greenwood finds it and puts one around the body, finding Fasolo on his own 40 out on the flank. He splits the middle. (Q1 3:48)
A quick centre clearance from Sidebottom goes inside 50. The ball comes down and Varcoe finds it. His quick snap under pressure from 35 out misses. (Q1 5:25)
A free kick is paid to Crocker after he catches Hunter HTB. Pies switch and a loose Sidebottom finds Moore in the pocket. From 20 out he goals. (Q1 10:08)
Sidebottom takes too long inside defensive 50 and is caught HTB. Dickson then goes over the top to Redpath who is alone in the square for an easy goal. (Q1 12:27)
Bontempelli gets pressured out of it from a throw in in his defensive pocket. Collingwood regain possession and it comes to Pendlebury who side steps and goals from 20. (Q1 19:54)
The Dogs rebound quickly out of defence. Stringer marks at half forward and sends it to the square where Campbell marks going back with the flight vs Toovey. He puts it through. (Q1 25:50)
Morris turns it over in the middle and it leads to White finding De Goey in the pocket. His shot from 40 out on a tight angle misses. (Q2 6:41)
Suckling finds Wallis in front of Adams with a darting pass. From 40 out in the pocket he misses to the near side. (Q2 7:56)
Adams is caught high by Picken after taking possession 45 out from goal. With little angle to contend with he misses. (Q2 9:06)
Reid fires a low one inside 50 after a turnover coming out of defence from the Dogs. Moore takes a juggling mark against Hunter. From 35 out he goals. (Q2 11:59)
Daniel gets the clearance and his long kick finds Dunkley who marks against Frost. His shot from 30 out hits the post disappointingly. (Q2 13:56)
Moore receives a free kick for chopping against Adams. From 30 out on the flank he misses. (Q2 14:26)
After some tight contested footy in the centre Collingwood run away with it. It comes to Pendlebury whose shot from 40 out on the flank also misses. (Q2 17:07)
The Dogs catch Collingwood out this time with numbers over the back. Dahlhaus marks at half forward and goes over to Dunkley. From 30 out in the pocket he slots it this time. (Q2 18:51)
The Pies’ forward pressure causes Wood to cough it straight up to Fasolo. His quick snap from 30 misses. (Q2 20:55)
Collingwood win the 50-50 on the wing and Pendlebury switches it to Sidebottom. He finds Blair in space 40 out on the flank. He goes back and kicks the goal. (Q3 12:33)
Crocker has a couple bites of the cherry and marks against Adams at half forward. From 40 he steers it through. (Q3 14:15)
Dahlhaus sends a tumbler inside 50. It goes over the rising Redpath for Bontempelli to mark largely uncontested. His shot from 30 out is a goal. (Q3 18:30)
Play opens up and the Dogs link up down the wing. Dickson centres from the pocket and finds Dahlhaus who takes a diving mark just inside play. He bends it through from in close. (3 Qtr Time)
Suckling hoofs it long inside 50. A pack rises but no one can grab it. The ball falls to Picken who snaps from 20 with Varcoe falling over him. He misses. (Q4 3:22)
Crocker spots up White sitting in the hole and he takes an uncontested mark. From 50 out he launches it but it falls short and hits the bottom of the post. (Q4 4:26)
The disputed ball goes to the Dogs at half back. Redpath gets on the end of it at half forward and pops it over to Dunkley in acres of space. He runs in to a open goal. Dogs lead! (Q4 6:29)
Some great desperation from the Pies push the ball forward. Moore contests against Adams in the hotspot and it spills to Crisp. He snaps from 30 but puts it across the face. (Q4 8:49)
Collingwood win it in the centre and clear. Pendlebury gives it to Treloar who lets it go from outside 50 and it’s a huge goal! (Q4 9:34)
The Dogs get the instant reply. A quick clearance goes inside 50 and the ball goes to ground due to some sloppy defending. Dickson spins and puts it through from point blank! (Q4 10:54)
A chain of handballs by the outnumbering Dogs on centre wing lets them send it to the HFF. Wood finds it and gets past 2 defenders to launch a long bomb that clears the line! (Q4 13:35)
Pendlebury gets a quick kick from a stoppage deep inside defensive 50. It goes straight to Suckling who marks 50 out on the flank. He kicks a Suckling special! (Q4 19:19)
Redpath marks strongly over a mismatched Smith on the tip of the square. He goes back and kicks the goal. (Q4 21:35)
The Dogs are caught holding the ball on the wing. Pendlebury sends inside 50 to Blair. From 40 he kicks a behind. (Q4 28:33)

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