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Blog log from R7 of 2016: St Kilda vs North Melbourne

Blog log for St Kilda vs North Melbourne, R7 of 2016

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Dal Santo kicks hurriedly from a big pack in the Saint goalsquare to CHB but Savage chips in to mark 45m out and kick the first goal of the game. (Q1 0:48)
Gilbert dives and puts Higgins off a snap from 40m near the boundary after a give from Brown. (Q1 2:18)
Brown contests in the air near the behind post, the crumb falls perfectly for Petrie to gather and goal from the square, and easy one in his 300th game. (Q1 5:32)
Goldstein turns rover for a long ball to the square with Brown contesting, Riewoldt challenges and forces it wide from 15m. (Q1 7:05)
Dal Santo chips in after the kick in but also misses from long range. (Q1 8:23)
Riewoldt outpoints Thompson on the wing to mark, and releases Ross to run up the wing and pass to Weller at the hotspot. Weller goals. (Q1 10:09)
Montagna smothers a Cunnington snap near the hotspot to prevent a score. (Q1 13:52)
Harvey sharks a big pack at 40m on a slight angle but his right foot snap across the body is across the face. (Q1 17:13)
Weller marks a Montagna short pass 50m out on a slight angle, goes quickly but misses. (Q1 17:34)
Bruce marks 35m out on the flank, Thompson smashes him late but the ump lets it go as he has consistently today. Bruce misses. (Q1 19:48)
Newnes roves the kick in on the HFF and goes quick and short to Billings at 40m on a slight angle. Billings misses as well. (Q1 21:04)
Petrie passes to Brown 40m out in the corridor who levels the scores with his first goal. (Q1 23:34)
Brown grubbers another one from the pocket 20m out after roving a Higgins contest! (Q1 25:06)
Jacobs clears from the next centre bounce to the HFF where Petrie marks 45m out with Webster all over him. Petrie misses. (Q1 26:05)
Nahas smothers Riewoldt in the FP, the Saints try three times to rebound but eventually a chaos ball back into the hotspot from Waite, it falls for Cunnington to gather and goal! (Q1 27:52)
The Saints did well early but the Roos bossed red time in Q1 with stoppage dominance and a high press forcing repeat inside 50s to kick out to a decent lead. (Qtr Time)
Geary misses around the corner with a snap from the hotspot after a ball up. (Q2 1:38)
Wood marks just inside CHF after Riewoldt is spoiled on the wing to start a quick turnover opportunity. He runs left and kicks way left. (Q2 5:11)
Membrey contests at half forward, runs to receive from Weller, sprints to near the hotspot and nearly stuffs up an easy running snap, just inside the right goalpost. (Q2 9:41)
Jacobs runs to a similar spot up the other end but misses. (Q2 10:27)
Harvey gets a very soft hands in the back free on Montagna deep in the pocket 15m out, much to the voluble disgust of the Saint fans. Boomer checksides the goal. (Q2 11:26)
Acres kicks OOTF from the HFF. (Q2 14:11)
Harvey marks a Ziebell ball on the HFF, plays on but misses. (Q2 16:12)
Savage marks a ball around the arc by Dunstan, baulks and runs to 50m on a slight angle, shoots very high… into the goalpost. (Q2 19:41)
After a long period of fruitless repeat inside 50s for St Kilda, North rebounds up the guts after a Hickey ruck infringement, Waite roves Petrie at CHF, baulks and goals. (Q2 22:52)
Riewoldt marks forward of the wing and waits, wait and waits some more, and finally goes to Hickey just inside 50m on a slight angle. Hickey misses. (Q2 24:37)
Membrey marks a careful ball down the flank by Acres to 30m in front of a Riewoldt contest. He goals. (Q3 1:42)
Ross kicks high from the wing, another big pack forms but it’s Riewoldt in the middle of four Roos who marks on his chest. Rooey kicks truly, Saints back in it! (Q3 2:00)
Long ball to the North goalsquare, Fisher is out of position and gives away an obvious free for a scrag to Petrie for a North goal. (Q3 3:42)
Gibson has Nahas on his own on the wing on a fast break, he bounces his way to 50m on a slight angle but hits the post. (Q3 7:16)
Riewoldt marks at CHF and sails through another one for the Saints. Back within single figures! (Q3 10:55)
McDonald clears from the next centre bounce, Wood marks on the lead 35m out on the flank. He makes no mistake. (Q3 10:55)
Petrie taps outside a pack in the goalsquare for Gibson to gather but his quick snap is wide from 10m, probably should have done better there. (Q3 12:43)
Higgins picks up a loose ball on the flank 30m out in traffic, spins out of it and bounces through another one! But gets a knock in the process. (Q3 14:09)
Dunstan passes to Riewoldt at 25m on the flank on the end of a fast break up the guts, with Firrito out of position. Rooey hits the behind post OOTF, like the old yips period. (Q3 17:45)
Bruce marks on the HFF and sails through another quality finish from 40m. (Q3 21:28)
Wood bounces a behind under a tackle from 40m on the flank. (Q3 28:16)
Higgins marks on the lead 35m out on the flank, after recovering from a knee knock in Q3. The goal umpire does not move. (Q4 1:00)
Nahas bounces off Savage but snaps wide from near the hotspot. (Q4 4:18)
Ziebell misses a running snap from 45m on the boundary. (Q4 6:01)
Macmillan passes to Higgins at 50m on a slight angle, yet another repeat entry for the Roos in Q4. Higgins hits the post. (Q4 7:47)
Billings passes short from the HFF to Riewoldt at 40m on a slight angle. Rooey goals again, that’s three for him. (Q4 9:30)
Billings bangs through a lovely finish from a set shot 50m out on the flank. (Q4 14:19)
Dunstan snaps off a step from CHF, the ball drifts towards the behind line but it’s Membrey who marks and goals. Saints back to a couple of kicks behind. (Q4 15:48)
Acres passes to Bruce who marks on the lead to 40m on a slight angle despite a despairing lunge by Thompson. Bruce goals, Saints within a kick, 6:13 to go! (Q4 18:32)
Dunstan misses from a ball in 30m out. (Q4 20:01)
The clock ticks under 5:00. (Q4 20:01)
Acres centres from the HFF, pack flies and it’s rushed. Scores level, 3:58! (Q4 22:03)
Saints are forcing repeat inside 50s, Gilbert cuts that one off on the HFF, ball up. (Q4 23:48)
Stoppages on the wing, 3:28. (Q4 23:48)
Webster catches Waite HTB on the HFF for the Roos to prevent an inside 50, 2:47. (Q4 23:48)
Ziebell is pinged for deliberate OOB on the wing, but the Saints play on and Wells smothers Ross, another ball in, 2:21. (Q4 25:14)
Swallow long to the HFF, Petrie contests but Savage roves and clears, Tarrant eventually cuts it off on the wing, 1:42. (Q4 25:14)
Savage under a pack at CHF for North, ball up, 1:31. But Goldstein gets a ruck free on Hickey! Goldie misses, 56 seconds left! (Q4 27:01)
Gilbert kicks into the HBF to Membrey, he plays on, Gibson drops it on the wing, Billings kicks it OOTF, Harvey takes it, that’s probably the ball game, 0:31. (Q4 27:57)
Wood catches Newnes HTB in the pocket 20m out, and waits for the countdown clock to wind down and the siren to go. He goals after the siren. Roos win! (Q4 29:16)

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