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Blog log from R6 of 2016: Adelaide vs Fremantle

Blog log for Adelaide vs Fremantle, R6 of 2016

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Lynch snaps a scrubber across the face from 10m near the behind line for no score, what should have been the first goal. (Q1 2:36)
Pavlich runs back with the flight and busts a pack with a classic contested grab from a long Ballantyne ball to 40m on a slight angle. He misses, though. (Q1 3:21)
Wind coming from the north today meaning goalkicking will be tricky, favouring the Crows’ end in Q1. (Q1 3:45)
Mayne marks at 35m on the flank but shanks it for no score, tough side for the shot though. (Q1 5:06)
Mundy marks 35m out on the flank but he too can’t kick straight, the wind takes that one wide. (Q1 6:33)
More repeat inside 50s for Fremantle, Taberner marks on the boundary 35m out and threads the needle! (Q1 7:06)
The Crows get a few repeat inside 50s, but the quality of delivery is thus far not good enough. (Q1 9:48)
A 50m penalty on Grey for encroachment takes Jenkins just inside CHF. With the strong wind behind him, Jenkins has no problem steering through his first goal of the afternoon. (Q1 12:01)
Walters snaps wide from a stoppage 30m out on the flank. (Q1 15:45)
Mackay marks and/or is paid a free for contact by Weller 45m out on a slight angle. He misses. (Q1 17:01)
Dawson bounces a hospital handball to Alex Pearce on the last line under pressure from Betts and McGovern, the Crows pounce with Douglas snapping truly from 10m under a tackle. (Q1 19:32)
Jacobs to Douglas to Sloane at a stoppage on the HFF, he shoots despite a diving attempt at a smother but it’s wide from 45m. (Q1 22:45)
Betts baulks and misses a snap from a similar spot. (Q1 23:17)
Alex Pearce fumbles a loose ball in the pocket, Cameron roves but snaps off balance into the near goalpost from 15m. (Q1 24:27)
Crouch wins a HTB free in a pack on Spurr 35m out on a slight angle. He shanks it horribly, OOTF on the opposite side. (Q1 26:03)
Fremantle can be well pleased with that quarter, but it will all be for nought if they can’t capitalise on having the wind in Q2. Neither side kicking well at all. (Qtr Time)
Pavlich snaps wide under heavy pressure from the hotspot after a Talia clanger by foot in midfield causes a fast break around the outer wing. (Q2 1:34)
Barlow has time and space on the wing to hit Pavlich on the lead 40m out on the flank. Now comes the hard bit, the set shot… the wind pushes it into the post! (Q2 4:26)
Blakely pounces on a loose ball at the end of a fast break that Barlow almost stuffs up, Clarke gives outside to Crozier who goals off the left from 20m on the flank. (Q2 7:57)
Sutcliffe dives and puts Lynch off a snap near CHF, no HTB free paid so Cameron roves and finds Betts at 40m on a slight angle. Eddie makes no mistake. (Q2 13:02)
Lynch roves a Walker contest near the hotspot, blind turns away from a tackler and screws through a lovely goal! (Q2 14:37)
Crouch slings Neale around the neck at a stoppage 50m out on a slight angle. Neale misses. (Q2 16:24)
Crozier tackles Lever and wins a HTB free 40m out on the flank, with Lever trundling off with his shoulder hanging loose. Crozier misses as well. (Q2 17:52)
Douglas uses the body on Grey to mark a high Laird ball 40m out in front. But his helicopter kick wobbles wide. (Q2 19:42)
Brown passes to Atkins 40m out on the flank, but as he lines up Spurr drops Betts at the top of the square, 50m penalty, easy goal for Atkins! (Q2 20:46)
Danyle Pearce passes to Walters on the boundary 25m out, Son-Son plays on but hits the post. (Q2 22:55)
Pavlich draws a fairly soft free on Hartigan for an arm chop for a ball that cleared his head comfortably. Pav lines up from 35m in the last minute before HT… and misses. (Q2 27:23)
Betts plays for a free chasing a ground ball as Danyle Pearce tackles him, ump says no, Freo sweeps on the rebound with Ballantyne marking 40m out in front… for another miss. (Q3 2:03)
Jacobs intercepts Mundy in midfield starting a Crow fast break, Lyons receives a Joe the Goose special from Sloane for the turnover goal. (Q3 2:59)
Grey roves a Taberner contest in the pocket and tries a low percentage snap from 25m… OOTF across the face. (Q3 4:14)
Mundy drops a Walker inside 50 at half forward, Lynch roves and gives to Betts on the boundary 30m out, Betts sizes up his options and goes himself… fine goal! (Q3 6:33)
Smith intercepts on the HFF, plays on and bangs through another one using the wind to full effect from 55m! (Q3 8:33)
Betts misses a set shot from the pocket 20m out. (Q3 10:49)
Mayne marks near CHF and misses again. Pavlich, Walters, Ballantyne and Mayne have combined for zero goals and eight behinds today. Not good enough, even in fluky wind. (Q3 14:46)
Taberner gives to Clarke for a snap after a stoppage near the hotspot, that one wobbles wide as well. (Q3 17:49)
Neale long from the HFF to the top of the square, the crumb from the Taberner contest falls perfectly for Pavlich to run into the open goal. Finally! (Q3 18:19)
Lynch marks 40m out on the flank and splits the middle with a quality finish, using the breeze to perfection. (Q3 22:38)
Smith runs with a couple of bounces down the wing and lets fly from 45m on a slight angle, but it just veers the wrong side of the left goalpost. (Q3 24:33)
McGovern gives to Mackay for a very quick snap from much the same spot, he also misses in the same area. (Q3 25:50)
Cameron also misses a snap from the same area. (Q3 27:33)
Atkins baulks a tackler at CHF and pokes a pass to Cameron near the hotspot. Cameron misses as the 3QT siren sounds. (Q3 28:26)
Walker goes long from the HFF to the square, the ball falls short into the wind, Dawson falls into Jenkins to unluckily concede a very soft free and easy goal. (Q4 2:25)
Walters belatedly sails through a nice finish from the hotspot after receiving from Barlow who had roved a Danyle Pearce ball. (Q4 4:45)
Jenkins clunks a Thompson centre clearance kick in front of Dawson at 30m on the flank. He misses. (Q4 5:26)
McGovern marks just inside 50m on a slight angle, and misses. (Q4 9:10)
Sloane slams through a snap for a champagne footy goal from CHF. It’s junk time now. (Q4 10:18)
Mayne soccers through a goal like he’s Leo Messi after a ground battle with Cheney in the pocket. (Q4 12:51)
Betts marks on the boundary 40m out, is called to play on and snaps into the near goalpost. (Q4 15:26)
Jenkins marks a Cameron ball and gives a Joe the Goose special to Betts to give the home crowd something to cheer. (Q4 15:26)
McGovern outmarks Mundy 15m out in front and kicks his first goal. Not much of a contest at this point, Crows are gathering speed downhill. (Q4 15:41)
Walters gets collected high 40m out on a slight angle, Hartigan bumping him in the head. Son-Son gets up and boots his second goal of Q4 garbage time. (Q4 16:54)
Pavlich passes to Griffin over the back of Talia near the square. He goals, to general disinterest. (Q4 23:23)
Walters leaps high and marks a Barlow ball 30m out on a slight angle for his third goal, all in Q4. (Q4 25:47)

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