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Blog log from R5 of 2016: Sydney vs West Coast

Blog log for Sydney vs West Coast, R5 of 2016

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Papley roves a Heeney contest at the hotspot but just misses a left foot snap. (Q1 0:14)
Jack passes to Papley again 45m out in the corridor. He has the breeze behind him… but shanks it OOTF. (Q1 0:38)
Naitanui marks a kick in on the boundary 40m out, he tries a slow ball to the square but Richards marks in relief. (Q1 3:52)
Long Jetta ball bounces past traffic at the hotspot to the Eagle pocket, Kennedy beats Grundy to the crumb after Richards falls over and goals from 10m. (Q1 5:12)
Hannebery passes to a lead up the guts by Franklin to 45m. Buddy steers through his first goal. (Q1 7:22)
Gaff misses a quick snap from near CHF. (Q1 8:55)
Josh P. Kennedy assesses his options at half forward then chooses the right one with a long kick to Sinclair in the square, he marks and goals. (Q1 15:28)
Priddis snaps across the face from deep in the pocket 20m out. (Q1 17:31)
Shuey drops the knees to draw a high contact free on Robinson 20m out on the flank. He goals. (Q1 19:29)
McGlynn dithers for agonising seconds at CHB in traffic and is claimed by Cripps, Hill roves the spillage and sails through a big goal! (Q1 22:23)
Hannebery misses a set shot from the HFF. (Q1 26:29)
Yeo sends a high ball to the square, Naitanui draws a free for a push by Tippett 15m out and kicks the first goal of Q2. (Q2 0:43)
Heeney gives to Franklin who has a bit of time to size up a 60m bomb to the square from the centre… hooks wide. (Q2 2:27)
Parker grubbers from a stoppage near CHF to Tippett at the hotspot who snaps quickly… OOTF. (Q2 5:48)
Rain now coming down in serious amounts, scoring will be curtailed. (Q2 5:48)
Papley worries Sheppard out of a ground ball at CHF with excellent pressure, fends and gives to Franklin whose long ball to the square lands in the arms of Heeney for a goal! (Q2 11:14)
Mitchell snaps across the face from near the hotspot under pressure with a teammate waiting for a give in a better position. (Q2 13:13)
Josh J. Kennedy dives and marks a Masten ball near the boundary 45m out. Very tough shot from there… and it’s OOTF. (Q2 14:57)
Josh J. Kennedy roves a Butler ball to the pocket and snaps from 25m but it’s OOTF again on the other side. (Q2 15:58)
McGlynn gives outside a pack on the HFF to Richards who loads up for bear off a step with a very heavy ball… and hoofs it just over the line into the wind for a big goal! (Q2 17:15)
Parker goes long to Heeney at the top of the square, spoiled in front, mad scramble with the ball pinging off half a dozen players ending up with Papley volleying home from 5m! (Q2 19:53)
Franklin marks a long Hewett ball behind Wellingham in the pocket 20 out after a Josh J. Kennedy turnover at half forward. Buddy gets his second goal. (Q3 2:05)
Cripps passes to a double lead by Josh J. Kennedy to 40m on a slight angle. JJK boots his second goal. (Q3 4:56)
Naitanui bundles the ball through CHF from the next centre bounce, LeCras gathers under heavy pressure and gives wide to Redden who wobbles a left footer through for another one! (Q3 5:56)
Robinson is stripped in a LeCras tackle after a stoppage in the Eagles FP, Yeo crumbs and snaps around the corner from 25m… another one! Eagles hit the lead! (Q3 9:12)
Wellingham turns the ball over by foot on the HBF, Lloyd finds Franklin just outside 50m on a slight angle. Buddy can only manage a behind off hands on the line. (Q3 14:05)
Heeney drops a mark after beating Mackenzie at the hotspot, then butters up and gives to Lloyd who misses. (Q3 17:45)
The kick in to the HBF comes off hands to Josh P. Kennedy for a give to McGlynn who sails it right back over the goal umpire’s peaked cap! (Q3 18:22)
Naitanui is pinged for deliberate OOB for a blind kick to 60m out from the Swans goal, McVeigh finds Franklin on the boundary 30m out but Buddy misses. (Q3 19:56)
Robinson gives outside a pack at the hotspot after a Mitchell inside 50, it’s McVeigh who has time enough to measure a snap across the body from the flank 25m out… it’s good! (Q3 21:54)
Hewett receives from Franklin under pressure and goes short to McGlynn 40m out on the flank. McGlynn misses. (Q3 25:37)
The Eagles can’t clear their back 50 with Duggan turning it over on the HBF, Tippett gives to McVeigh who finally puts it through from the hotspot. (Q3 27:37)
McGlynn is released by Jack to gallop up the wing and go long to Hewett to mark behind McGovern 20m out in the corridor. He goals. (Q4 2:09)
Richards takes a screamer over McInnes in the centre and gives off to Franklin for a 60m bomb… just wide. (Q4 5:54)
Sheppard misses a long range set shot. (Q4 7:24)
Jetta gets the boos of the crowd as he lines up from nearly point blank range, and it works because he sprays the soda all over the shop. (Q4 9:23)
Josh P. Kennedy goes long to Sinclair, he’s spoils 20m out but taps the ball to the top of the square where Papley volleys a goal under a tackle! (Q4 10:24)
Yeo goes third man up at a ball up at the Swans CHF position, but it’s straight to Lloyd who bounces through another goal! (Q4 14:24)
Hannebery to McGlynn at a ball up in the pocket, the snap over the shoulder is narrow. (Q4 16:25)
Butler marks 50m out on a slight angle but doesn’t score. (Q4 19:42)
Franklin hits the post under a tackle from 35m on a slight angle after receiving at a stoppage. (Q4 21:54)

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