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Blog log from R1 of 2016: West Coast vs Brisbane

Blog log for West Coast vs Brisbane, R1 of 2016

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Rockliff marks a short Taylor ball on the wing and gets a 50m penalty for encroachment to put him near the hotspot for the first goal. (Q1 2:09)
There were two Eagles on the mark, take your pick who the 50m was against. (Q1 3:09)
Gaff goes long from the next centre bounce to the hotspot, Darling roves and gives to Cripps who snaps wide off the left. (Q1 3:41)
Naitanui rises unopposed and clunks a quick Priddis ball up the guts 20m out, and makes no mistake with the set shot. (Q1 4:43)
LeCras has Kennedy over the back on a fast break but misses the target, JJK mops up in the pocket and has two Eagles running to the square, Bennell receives and goals. (Q1 7:04)
Shuey roves a stoppage on the wing and pokes a short pass to Kennedy just outside true CHF. JJK shanks it for a behind. (Q1 8:39)
Kennedy marks a quick Darling ball over McStay just outside the hotspot, and steers through the first of what looks like a big bag of goals. (Q1 11:00)
Walker beats Schofield one on one to mark a Hanley centre clearance kick 20m out, he goals with no problem. (Q1 12:55)
Naitanui down to Priddis at a ball-in on the HFF, the short kick down the line is juggled by Kennedy 25m out on a slight angle. He gets goal number two. (Q1 14:50)
Hill roves a ball up at half forward, baulks clear and bounces a behind from 50m on a slight angle. (Q1 20:14)
Lycett gets mobbed and dispossessed by three Lions on the wing, the fast break ends with Martin passing to Walker on the HFF, who shanks… to Freeman 20m out! But he misses. (Q1 22:05)
Christensen drops the knees at a stoppage 15m out and draws a free on Nelson. He goals. (Q1 23:41)
Hill gives to Gaff streaming from the next centre bounce, but he skews a snap from 50m on a slight angle across the face. (Q1 24:41)
Hurn picks his way through the Lion zone to pass to Kennedy at 30m on the flank. Three for JJK, and it’s still early. (Q1 25:41)
Martin roves his own tap at the next centre bounce and bombs long, the Walker contest produces a crumb over the back for Christensen to mop up and gives to Taylor for the goal. (Q1 26:43)
Hill roves a Yeo contest at the hotspot, another easy goal. (Q1 30:11)
Long ball to the Eagle square, the hapless Andrews spoils but it’s over the back for McGovern to turn and volley home. (Q1 31:11)
Harwood is pushed as he kicks by Shuey to gift Schache a downfield free 20m out. Schache makes no mistake, the Lions get around him in great numbers for his first. (Q1 34:12)
Rich picks up a Lester give on the HFF and snaps off a step off balance… just bounces wide. (Q2 1:14)
Bell fumbles on the HBF and the Eagles are away down member’s wing, Kennedy has Bennell in the square by himself for the easy counterattack goal. (Q2 2:13)
Hanley burns the ball horribly straight to Hurn at CHB, he has Kennedy over the back to mark and stroll into the open goal. (Q2 6:13)
Cripps dives and marks 35m out in the corridor after another flowing Eagle move through an open midfield. He joins the party with his first goal. (Q2 9:21)
Redden baulks a man on the HFF and finds Cripps in between Lions at the hotspot, he plays on and goals. (Q2 12:13)
Kennedy to Cripps to Darling to Redden for a Joe the Goose special, it’s just too easy for West Coast at the moment. (Q2 15:14)
Bennell gives to Yeo who hits the post from 45m on a slight angle. (Q2 21:42)
Bell has Christensen over the back on a rare Lion fast break but the kick’s errant, Christensen mops up and draws a free on Mackenzie with another duck at the hotspot. He goals. (Q2 23:40)
Kennedy marks in front of McStay just inside 50m on the flank, but doesn’t score. (Q2 24:55)
Sheppard is smothered on the wing, three Lions pounce, Taylor runs down the HFF and goes long to the square for Walker, who allows it to bounce through. (Q2 26:27)
Another fast break for the Eagles, Hill goes from CHF to Darling at 40m on a slight angle. Darling kicks truly. (Q2 28:56)
Bennell roves a Naitanui contest at the hotspot but misses under Beams pressure. (Half Time)
Cripps intercepts the Gardiner kick in at 40m on a slight angle, and kicks off the second half junk time goalscoring. (Q3 0:17)
Correction, Cutler’s kick in. (Q3 0:51)
The Lions rebound up the guts and manage to pick their way through the Eagles, Rich passes to Rockliff 15m out in the pocket, who misses. (Q3 2:51)
A reversal of a free at CHF for Brisbane against Lycett for dropping Robinson off the ball gives Rockliff a chance, which he duly accepts for his first goal. (Q3 6:51)
Bell turns the ball over by hand in the midfield and there are loose Eagles everywhere, Kennedy has Yeo in the square on the own for a goal as easy as you like. (Q3 9:52)
Schache marks a quick Paparone ball in front of McGovern at 45m on a slight angle. He kicks long and straight. (Q3 11:51)
Rich gathers a bouncing ball at half forward, has Butler on his hammer, looks for an option but goes himself from 55m on the flank… and squeezes it home! (Q3 14:52)
Ellis runs into the open goal on the back of a rebound from defensive hotspot through a forest of traffic cones. (Q3 16:51)
LeCras, who loves a junk time goal, gets a 50m penalty to bring him from the pocket to the goal line for an easy one. (Q3 19:18)
Naitanui marks on the lead 25m out on the flank and pops through another one, to polite applause. (Q3 21:22)
Hanley releases Taylor to run around the boundary to 45m, but he misses. (Q3 22:52)
Martin kicks OOTF 40m out from the Eagles goal, Cripps centres, Hill roves and goals with laconic ease. (Q3 27:02)
Lester passes to Walker at the hotspot for a goal with Schofield out of position on a fast break down the outer wing. (Q3 30:03)
Rockliff to Rich for a flying snap from 55m in front… off Mackenzie’s hand into the post. (Q3 30:36)
Redden passes to Kennedy behind McStay at 20m on the flank. JJK boots goal number five. (Q4 0:44)
Kennedy marks just outside 50m on a slight angle and gets 50m to ensure his sixth major. (Q4 2:15)
Kennedy snaps number seven from 25m after receiving from Naitanui. (Q4 6:46)
Rich kicks high to the square for Lester, he is spoiled but Taylor volleys home to general disinterest. (Q4 9:17)
Rockliff goes quick and low down the flank, Schache rises behind the pack to mark 25m out. He misses. (Q4 11:44)
Walker sails a hospital ball to Christensen running back to the hotspot, Bundy gets sandwiched between Schofield and Nelson but he gets up and goals like a champ. (Q4 14:15)
Bell roves a Schache contest and gives to Hanley who snaps around the corner from 30m on the flank, just inside the near goalpost. (Q4 15:33)
Lycett passes to Kennedy 25m out on the flank behind two Lions, he gives to LeCras for a trademark junk time score. (Q4 16:47)
Bewick roves a Walker contest outside the hotspot and misses. (Q4 18:17)
Yeo has Kennedy over the back once again, but he plays on from 25m and misses. (Q4 19:46)
LeCras gives Hill a Joe the Goose special. (Q4 20:17)
LeCras pokes a pass to Kennedy at 40m on a slight angle, who does boot number eight, his fourth in Q4. (Q4 22:46)
Lester feeds Christensen at 40m on a slight angle for a miss. (Q4 23:48)
Bennell gives Darling a Joe the Goose. It’s a goose farm out there. (Q4 25:47)
Christensen draws yet another high contact free on Schofield 20m out in front, but shanks the set shot to the delight of the rollicking Eagle crowd. (Q4 28:49)
Rich goals from a stoppage at half forward in the last 15 seconds. (Q4 29:14)

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